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Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 1146 - "Keep bringing them" - Alf returns (Unpublished) November 4th 2014

(This blog entry was originally published on Monday November 4th 2014, but for some reason I 'unpublished' it along with a number of other entries, and now it shows as being published on Nov 9th 2015!)

November 4th 2014

Yesterday I wrote an unpublished blog entry about Fifi, and today it is the turn of AlfsButton, who returned to Twitter yesterday, just a few hours after Fifi; a coincidence, of course! Both have subsequently disappeared again. I have had to refer to Alf as 'Fake Mozzer' in my 'official' blog entry of today, as I have been banned from mentioning his name by Broken. I obviously can't mention Alf's twitter offerings on my published blog, so here for the record, are Alf's twitter highlights from yesterday, which can be read by the public when FollowingTheMozziah is released as a book in 2035:

First of all, Alf posted this in my DM box:

"Hello Rat. I feel the blog is very good these days. You must be congratulated. A very good JB piece."

I wasn't around to respond to Alf's message. Here are the highlights from the main bar:

"Influenza = Broken fingernail"

"Lausanne is where the beautiful people turn ugly."

"One of the sponsors for the Basel show condone and promote animal testing."

In response to @MadAlix14 asking, "are they Chinese?": "I can see your logic. But no."

As to whether the statement about the sponsors is true or not, I have no idea, but it would be an odd thing to make up. The question is, was that the reason for the concert being cancelled?

"I always judge a book by its cover. I have never been wrong."

"We will probably make it to Germany."

"We have felt re-invigorated. This has been a crushing blow."

"Reports of my death have been la.. etc etc. I have no social life, here or in "reality""

In response to @AmIMoving2Fast tweeting, "No way- we've seen your pictures out and about in Europe": "Out and about? Probably having my nails done."

In response to @MozFiend tweeting, "I have been so sad without your presence here": "Have you been on the gin? I have been elsewhere! With fashion choices fit for the blind."

"I have never had a social life. There was a time when I thought it was possible. Now I just prefer tea."

"I guess you all missed the other account?" 

A re-tweet of @ParodyMorrissey was then posted.

"Greed is the modern malady. We are all guilty."

"Why am I here? Why are you here? Why is anyone here? Is it the absence of a cause?"

In response to @SimonOCnaimhsig tweeting, "then the fuckers will rue the day!": "A Withnail and I quote? That film speaks to me in my darkest hour. The Hamlet soliloquy is a fine piece of art."

"The only thing we should be concerned about is if we are going to be blown to pieces. Also, does red really suit me?"

"The next "royal" baby should be drowned at birth."

"Fuck One Direction."

"Lausanne cancellation hurt. A blue rose would have been accepted. If one had been offered. I did mention Switzerland as a place I would accept one. The invitation was there."

"Keep bringing them."

In response to @MozFiend tweeting, "I shall bring you whatever it is you ask": "The head of elton john?"

And then he was gone.

*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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