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Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 1163 - Alf in Warsaw... taking it on the chin (Unpublished) November 26th 2014

(This blog entry was originally written on November 3rd, but not published until Nov 9th 2015)

November 26th 2014

It wasn't only Broken who appeared in The Arms on Wednesday evening, but AlfsButton arrived too, and it was he who suggested that it was the word "fluffer" was used at the abandoned concert of that evening. Here are his words:

"I thought he called me an old fluffer."

In reply to Kerry asking, "did you get it wrong?": "I'm never right"

In reply to Kirky suggesting fluffing as "an interesting alternate career": "Perhaps it is my Weekend job"

In reply to Kirky stating "I'm wanting a career move, perhaps this would be a better one": "It's a messy business you know.... But perhaps you can take that on the chin?"

On reading that last line, I laughed..... A LOT. Moz may have been distraught by the comment he heard on stage in Warsaw, but three hours later, he had his sense of humour back.

Alf also posted this:

"Idiots spoil it for the masses. Are my concerts the new parliament?"

*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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