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Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 1166 - "Come and join the girls" (Unpublished) November 24th 2014

(This blog entry was originally written on November 24th 2014, but not published until Nov 9th 2015)

November 24th 2014

AlfsButton popped into The Arms at 1.40am (German time) this morning, to tweet, "Come and join the girls." Kerry replied, "Nope too lazy", to which Alf then stated, "The modern malady" before disappearing.

I can't help but wonder if Alf is hinting that All the Lazy Dykes may be added to the set list, or at least to Saturday's set list. Earlier this year, I requested that Dykes be sung, so to have it included would be a personal gift to me. I won't hold my breath, it ain't gonna happen!

I also had a message left for me by Alf in the toilets of the Arms. I had left him a message to tell him how funny his one liner to Southkirk was, and to inform him,  "You are a very funny man, do you know that?" His response was, "It has been said once or twice. By myself to myself."

*Eventually published Nov 9th

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