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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Day 1516 - And most certainly least

Astra made a number of appearances in The Loveless Go-Go bar yesterday, firstly at around 4pm, and finally just after 1am this morning. The visits were mainly to exchange a few pleasantries and nothingnesses with The Loveless regulars, and Astra also played some songs on the jukebox. Here are her highlights:

"I am only and ONLY ever, full of self-deprecation. However the self-deprecation... still comes with LEGS. So it could always still be alternatively worse."


"I'm all the go-go dancer that anyone around here could ever handle! My angles are TOUJOURS uncovered! And always all of yours @heathercat222".... "That was one of my finer garbled tweets. Again, one of many attributes. I thought I typed 'And toujours, I am all of yours'."

"(modesty) One of my many, many fine attributes. Very many! Many modest. Most very! Oui?OUI!"

"I know nothing... just the sound of my own vagabond heart. Beat beat beat beat BEATING"

Astra played four songs, one in the early evening: She Said by Eve Boswell, and then at 1.20am Astra returned and tweeted, "Beauty comes in threes. Don't forget to breathe. ODETTA", before then playing; Deep Blue Sea, If I had a Ribbon Bow, and my favourite of the three, All the Pretty Little Horses:

Needless to say, I had never heard of either Eve Boswell or Odetta before, but as the Eve Boswell clip featured the song on the Odeon record label, I tweeted back a clip of I Call Your Name by The Beatles on Odeon, which Astra subsequently retweeted.

The @Morrissey59 instagram account has removed it's 'official' tag, which has led to the sand & arse brigade on twitter; such as @RosyMires and @HoldenMorrissey (who is thought by some to be the current owner of the, now homophobic, MW blog), giving each other high fives for being so clever in seeing through the faker. Rosy tweeted, "@HoldenMorrissey Now look at it... like the fakery never happened... Probably got scared & deleted. Bizarre behaviour isn't it?!"

Rosy even took the time to tweet me to say, "It's a bit of a fail by Morrissey59 using the original Amazon date. Lol. MustTryHarder." This is a reference to the fact that M59 has stated that the audio version of List of the Lost will be coming out on November 12th, which was the original date given by Amazon; which Amazon has now been changed to June 30th 2016. Rosy and the Solowers choose to believe Amazon ahead of a Morrissey instagram account, purely on the basis that Amazon are a big corporate company. David Ca-moron, Mrs Battybird and Barrack O'Banana would be so proud of them - it's exactly how they want it to be.

Rosy and co have chosen to completely ignore the Morrissey-esque humour of M59, which when it posted a picture of the band, wrote, "Meet the List of the Found", before adding the band member names, concluding with, "& last and most certainly least, Boz Boorer."

Embedded image permalink
If the audio version were to come out on next Thursday, as stated by M59, then Rosy & her denial chums would have nowhere left to run, especially after such a vehement denial on TTY, although come to think of it, how did they continue to run following the vehement denial on TTY about the Facebook account being anything to do with Morrissey, when it so obviously is? Oh yes, I forgot, they aren't on the run, their heads are in the sand (Rosy) and up their arses (Holden, Skinny, and the So-lowers). No matter what happens, some people will NEVER believe, because they don't WANT to believe, they are sleeping.... in fact, they are comatose.

True-To-You yesterday posted a picture of A Wall In Ecuador, with the photo credited to Morrissey's tour manager, Donnie Knutson.

It is a beautiful and artistic photo on many levels; with it's mixture of crumbling buildings, green trees, and graffitied wall. The graffitied wall is the main focus of the photo, as it has three Morrissey tour posters on it, but the wall also has the 'all seeing eye', and the posters themselves have been graffitied with blue paint. Was someone attempting to draw a rose?


The photo does of course mean that Knutson is already in Ecuador ahead of Saturday's concert, and both crew member Jay Joannides, and band member Boz Boorer, tweeted yesterday to say they were on their way.

It is always exciting when Morrissey starts another tour, but following a recent interview with Chilean website La Tercera, I don't think we'll be seeing/hearing Smiler with Knife anytime soon. Morrissey stated in the interview, "a song like Smiler with knife is so meaningful to me that I cannot even sing." Smiler hasn't been in the set since the concert in Hull in September.


In the same Chilean interview, Morrissey also spoke about the record industry saying, "I feel that charts became ridiculous when downloading music was accepted. They should not be classified as sales, because people want to own a piece of art, such as a cd or vinyl. Major labels wanted to get rid of the physical to save money and space."

Morrissey's observation is so true, but hopefully the tide is turning back the other way, with even artists such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber now issuing their albums on vinyl; although very very few artists are releasing 7 inch singles, with Sam Smith's Writing on the Wall being one of only two UK No.1s issued on 7' vinyl in the whole of 2015.


There have also been very few chart songs released as cd singles in the past couple of years, and there would appear to be very little appetite from either artists or labels to resurrect the single in physical format, which is a crying shame.

I intended to write about my latest twitter exchanges with Joe Dallesandro today, but I have already written way too much, so will leave it for another time.


  1. well, looks like next Thursday is well and truly D Day, may the line be drawn in the sand.. forgive the pun

    1. Not really. If the audio does comes out next week, then Rosy & Co will go back to saying it's an insider (as they did with MW, the ItsMorrissey twitter, Facebook etc), and if it doesn't come out, we DDD will just say it's Moz being contrary. It's win, win.

      What doesn't quite sit right, is the fact that in the TTY statement this week about the instagram account, Morrissey stated, "As previously mentioned on this site, Morrissey has no connection with any online/Facebook accounts even though some use his name and are listed as official." If this is the case, then WHY oh WHY would Morrissey allow a Facebook account to claim that it is official, when he states he has "no connection" to it? And HOW is this Facebook account bringing breaking Moz news before TTY?

      Hold that thought; I will pop into The Loveless and ask Rosy to come here to explain it to us, after all, there MUST be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

  2. Dear Rat,
    Possibly Moz can't be arsed with the mundanity of online promo and merch sales. The FB account is not pretending to BE Moz and it's not exactly doing him any harm by promoting his brand, so why not let it carry on?.. Even with the 'official' tag. Does it really matter?
    By 'no connection' maybe Moz means that he has no direct involvement and is therefore not responsible for whatever messages they post.
    So they get the heads-up on dates, tickets, venues, publications etc etc? So what? Doesn't mean Moz has anything to do with it.
    Your most humble servant

    1. PS there is no sand in Brighton.
      As you know.

    2. This Instagram 59 account on the other hand was blatantly claiming to be Moz. Maybe Moz decided to protect his integrity/reputation, hence TTY message.
      The Morrisseyesque humour you speak of will be because Mr 59 has directly quoted one of our Moz's cheeky band introductions.
      Why would he deny having this Instagram account if it was him? It would make him look like some boring mad loon nitwit setting out to deliberately confuse his audience online. Why would he DO that??!! What would be the point??!
      Yours in shitty-pebble-ville-on-sea.

    3. No, no, no. I asked for a reasonable explanation, not a load of mumbo jumbo. The Facebook account has one of those official blue ticks, which means ONLY the artiste himself, i.e. Morrissey, can authorise it; after all, there is NO record company to authorise anything. I'm sure FB don't dish out those blue ticks willy-nilly.
      Please have another go at explaining.

      Burying your head in stones must REALLY hurt.

    4. And you have obviously forgotten the TTY message in may specifically about the FB account:

      Try substituting "deliberately confuse" for "getting people to ask questions".

      "I lie a lot - it's really useful" - Morrissey

      Come on, try again.

    5. The Instagram denials on TTY are very much like the MW denials.
      MW had hardly any readers and was no threat to Morrissey. The denials where to promote MW blog. The Instagram account has hardly any followers, so seemingly it looks like a bit of promotion again.
      Like the MW denials many believed what was written on TTY and just stayed away, a small number didn't quite believe and carried on reading between the lines. Now with Instagram many will click unfollow, as TTY has told them too, a small number will carry on. I'd say more than the original MW followers, as I know for a fact that many people that scream 'ITS NOT MORRISSEY, HE WOULDNT DO THAT, SAY THAT ETC' actually follow all of this. So I guess they will carry on l'OO'king in secret.

      As a certain someone said to us publically on Twitter once "don't believe all you read on TTY", it was actually in October last year when all the band caught a cold, then Lopez appeared playing the Bass Guitar at the next live show....

  3. Hearing Smiler live sent chills down my back. What a beautiful song.
    Stand corrected, but hasn't Disc 2 of WPINOYB been relatively ignored during the concerts so far?

  4. 'band member, Boz Boorer'. Tsk, tsk. Musical Director.

    1. He's in the band, isn't he? And regarding disc deux of WPINOYB, it would be great to hear Julie in the Weeds. Any idea who it's about?


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