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Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 1520 - Portaloo rose

The MorrisseyBand began their South American tour on Saturday in Quito, Ecuador, but there is no Youtube footage whatsoever, so God only knows what the concert was like. The set apparently included Earth is the Loneliest Planet, which coincidentally I played twice in The Loveless on Thursday. The song hasn't been in the set for a while.

A few little snippets of video and the odd photo have appeared on social media, with the most interesting photo being a photo of Gustavo Manzur holding a white rose back stage.

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I'm not convinced that the rose has anything at all to do with the BRS, although there can be NO DOUBT that the band members are all aware of what goes on with Moz and his online antics - highlighted by the fact that Gustavo has previously published a photograph of him and Mando Lopez making an 'O' sign, and Boz Boorer calling me a c**t when I met him at Vinyl Boutique last year prior to the O2 concert.... unless of course Boz calls EVERY Moz fan he meets a c**t.... which maybe he does! The top and the bottom of it is, THEY KNOW!


I don't believe that drummer Matt Walker was 'in' on the whole MorrisseysWorld thing at the time of him leaving the band in 2012, but I'm pretty sure that upon his return, he was told all about it. Matt posted a rare tweet on Thursday, and when I replied to him, he favourited it. He knows!

Another person who KNOWS; although I'm not sure exactly what he knows, or indeed how he managed to find Morrissey on twitter, is Joe Dallesandro. Joe tweeted the other day that, "getting a blue check next to my name is not a big priority in my life". Joe comes across on twitter exactly as you would expect him to - the coolest guy on the planet. When someone asked him why he didn't mass produce his t-shirts, he replied, "because less is more. Limited edition. I'm not a Kardashian machine."

I responded to Joe's tweet about the 'official' twitter tick by tweeting, "don't ever get a tick, it will make it all less personal. Morrissey keeps denying he is on Twitter, but those who know, KNOW!", to which Joe replied, "Know what? Ha." Ha indeed! HOW does he know? I'm still guessing that Boy George told him.

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Joe's twitter feed is one of the most interesting I have come across, and the fact that he only has 1,018 followers somehow makes it even better. Joe doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, although he does seem quite annoyed that his image gets exploited a lot, recently tweeting, "Everybody owns my image but me it seems." Yesterday, Joe even posted a picture of Alain De-loin, to commemorate his 80th birthday.

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All has been very quiet on the MorrisseysWorld front, with there just being one solitary tweet from Astra just after midnight: "One day au devoir will be goodbye."

The tour party has now moved on to Chile (yes FTM has had Chilean hits following on from Ecuadorian hits) ahead of two concerts there on Wednesday and Saturday. Fingers crossed for some Youtube footage this time.


  1. The rose pic of Gustavo is interesting for sure.
    The blue tick thing makes me chuckle - it's funny to me how reliant some people are on being spoon fed "what to believe is true and accurate" by such things.
    And... It has been noted that TWoM has had some Chilean hits as well :)

  2. Joe's twit account is a delight, and I love that he prefers not to go official with a blue check/tick, apparently valuing quality of followers over quantity, tweeting: "I don't care about how many followers I get, I care about the cool people who do follow me, even if it's only 1 or 2." When someone tweeted him that he could get lots of followers, Joe responded, "Don't tell them." Surely it's not inconceivable that Morrissey could take a similar concept to the next level on twitter by obscuring his identity and keeping people guessing. In both cases, the merits of the person behind the account(s) should shine through so that their identities don't need to be spelled out to followers. But it seems that most people do like to have things spelled out for them.

    And speaking of spelling, just for the record, Astra's 'goodbye' tweet wasn't one of her charmingly garbled ones - she did actually spell 'au revoir' correctly, unlike the way it's recorded here. I do hope she's not planning to leave us anytime soon.

    1. I'm glad you spotted my deliberate mistake Heather,*coughs*, I was interested to see if anyone was still reading my blog. The fact that no one else noticed it has answered my question.

  3. What a fab pic of Gustavo. I like the fancy loo rolls.

  4. yes indeed, there are a few naughty midfielders who log on whilst abroad.. cough cough

  5. or should that be central defenders.. even bigger cough...


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