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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Day 1525 - Morrissey's blue rose of '99

In November 1999 I went to watch Morrissey in concert at The Kentish Town Forum in London, but there is something from that tour that I didn't discover until earlier today, and I feel it will be of particular interest to the Blue Rose Society.

Before I get onto my BRS related discovery, let me have a quick reminisce of that November evening of 16 years ago. Even though it was November, I remember The Forum being extremely hot, and the concert was electric; with Moz, the band and the audience all really up for it. The set was incredible; starting with You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side, and also including: Billy Budd, Is it Really So Strange?, Hairdresser on Fire (which is pretty special played in London), Speedway, November Spawned a Monster, Lost, Tomorrow, Now My Heart is Full and an encore of Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. Also in the set was the song; which since November 2011 has been known as the official anthem of the Blue Rose Society, Trouble Loves Me. It really was an INCREDIBLE concert;

And again, before I get onto my BRS related discovery of this morning, let me give a quick reminder as to why Trouble Loves Me was adopted as the official anthem of the Blue Rose Society. When the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon was in full flow, I wrote a blog article on November 6th 2011, explaining that the one song that those following the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon kept posting on Twitter (or Twitterdilly as we called it), was Trouble Loves Me. That same day, Our Mozzer appeared on Twitter and re-posted my blog entry, before then tweeting about Trouble Loves Me, and also posting a video of it - this was his adoption of the song as our theme tune, which I then blogged about the next day.

We had to wait until May 2014 before seeing Moz sing Trouble whilst wearing a blue rose, but it was worth the wait!

And whilst I am mentioning how Trouble Loves Me was adopted as our theme tune, perhaps I should also remind my readers of the night Our Mozzer actually formed the Blue Rose Society; although at that stage, it was just a 'Secret Rose Society', with blue rose added at a later date. It was November 4th 2011, that Our Mozzer held court in the MW Chat room, and explained to those present that Oscar Wilde and his followers had all worn green carnations, and he (Morrissey) thought that "it would be fun to create a so called secret society that doesn't really exist".

Anyway, let me get to the point of this blog entry, which is as I mentioned in my opening sentence, is BRS related, and dates back to that UK tour of 1999. This morning, as I searched ebay for a vinyl copy of You Are the Quarry (which I only have on CD), I stumbled across a 1999 Morrissey tour poster being sold, which depicts a man holding.... a BLUE ROSE! I bet even Morrissey had forgotten this. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.

There has been no sign of Morrissey on Twitter in recent days, but on Tuesday, Joe Dallesandro tweeted, "We'll leave the light on for you" accompanied by a video of There is a Light That Never Goes Out. Joe seems to know his Smiths!

And finally, whilst doing some research for today's blog, I stumbled across an old parody piece that I posted on December 2nd 2011. It may even have been my first ever parody, I can't remember. Anyway, it is particularly witty - telling the tale of how Ernie (Morrissey) & Cecil (Russell Brand) are informed about an injury to Matt Walker's eye - and as it has only ever received 68 hits and NO comments, I feel it deserves to see the light of day: One in the Eye.


Following publishing of today's blog entry, Jaz left a comment to say that she recognised the 1999 tour poster as being a still from a film entitled The Blue Rose, a short film made by the Kris Studios in Chicago in 1965. Jaz also remembered that Broken had mentioned this film some time ago.


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I still think that Our Mozzer had forgotten about the use of the still from The Blue Rose for that 1999 tour poster, but it really is quite a remarkable link.

And whilst I'm here, and mentioning blue roses, I thought I would post Jenni TaonemozilchHM's great BRS video that is on Youtube. I first posted it on Day1460, but it has since been updated:


  1. I love it when more pieces of the jigsaw fall into place. Also great fun to revisit that parody and the other old blog entries - such good memories.

  2. I thought the poster looked familiar, it's definitely from the blue rose film. I wasn't able to find it on youtube but had some luck on vimeo

    1. Thanks Jaz, I knew it looked familiar but couldn't remember where I had seen it before.

    2. I have definitely watched that film before. I only muck about on utube and have no idea about vimeo. Are you guys sure that this film wasn't posted on MW?

    3. GWO I first remember seeing this video on MW chatroom after I think I saw it on the side panel of other videos and links of the Original MW blog.

    4. I don't remember seeing the video on the MW blog, but do remember that we were introduced to it in either the chat room or on Twitter. I presume Jaz is correct in remembering that it was Broken who introduced the video - it would make sense.

    5. Excellent work from our detectives Jaz and TRB.

  3. of course dear old broken just had to be involved, wonder how he is these days and also wonder if he will come back to us, I miss him on twitt

  4. now that is weird whiskers if you recall the 4th nov chat exchange that well then surely you remember me saying that I would wear a blue rose as we had all worn blue roses at citys' last home game at Maine Road, OM quickly put me down saying NO NO only red or white roses please... anyone else remember


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