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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Day 1529 - Nobody knows me

Theories, signs, conspiracies, concerts, graveyards, bad sex.... it all seems to be going on at the moment, and if I'm honest, my little rat brain is struggling to cope with it all as I flit from one subject to the next - and I also continue to work full time.... well, three days a week, but today happens to be one of those days, and very little work is being done!

Apart from anything else, I desperately want to find time to read the findings of Bruce 'Withnail & I' Robinson who last month, after 15 years of research, published an 850 page book called, They All Love Jack, in which Bruce names one of the former Presidents of my cricket club, Michael Maybrick, as being Jack the Ripper! From what I have discovered so far, it is a FASCINATING theory, but more about that later - or probably in a completely separate blog, as this isn't really the place for it... although as the story is full of Freemason cover-ups, then perhaps this IS the place for it, especially in light of what  Morrissey has published on True-To-You today....


*Takes deep breath*

The MorrisseysWorld blog disappeared quite a while ago now, but today some of it's contents have leapt straight into the real world of Morrissey, with Moz posting two videos on his website, True-To-You, under the title of 'Monarchy is Anarchy'.

The videos show how the British Royal Family are interlinked with the New World Order, Freemasonry and everything else that the MorrisseysWorld blog told us about. Morrissey touched on the subject on TTY before, in April 2013, as documented by me on Day 581 of FTM, but it was disguised and therefore missed by the masses.

One of the two videos posted today on TTY is entitled Royal Babylon by Heathcote Williams. This afternoon I carried out some internet research on Heathcote Williams; who I have to confess, I have never heard of before - well why would I, seeing as he isn't on either X Factor or I'm A Celebrity, Throw Me A Fish! - and I was led to the Royal Babylon website, which at the very top of it's home page has the following quote, from none other than Virginia Woolf:

"Can we go on bowing and curtseying to people who are just like ourselves? We begin to wish that the zoo should be abolished; that the royal animals should be given the run of some wider pasturage - a royal Whipsnade. Will the British Empire survive? Will Buckingham Palace look as solid in 2034 as it does now? Words are dangerous things remember. A republic might be brought into being by a poem" - Virginia Woolf in Time and Tide, 1st December 1934

Could that poem be Royal Babylon?

The Woolf quote has parallels to the Morrissey statement placed on TTY of the other day entitled, All the fun of the Circus. My internet research also led me to a 2012 International Times review of Royal Babylon, and very interestingly it cites Morrissey as a fan of the poem. WHEN and WHERE did Morrissey state that he was a fan? I obviously have missed that! It will be interesting to see what reaction we get from Morrissey's posting of the two videos - I predicted in that blog entry of mine from April 2013, that if Morrissey ever declared that he believed a New World Order existed, the media and his 'fans' on Morrissey-Solo would rejoice in the fact that Morrissey had completely and utterly lost the plot. I'm sure they won't disappoint.


It was announced yesterday that Morrissey's debut novel, List of the Lost, has been nominated for the Literary Review's Bad Sex in Fiction Award for 2015. It will be the 23rd year of the awards, so LotL could become the 23rd pale descendant of Melvyn Bragg's A Time To Dance, which picked up the award in 1993.

Just before 9pm last night, I tweeted that, "It is only right and proper that Morrissey should be awarded for bad sex - hashtag NeverHadNoOne". Half an hour later, Our Mozzer suddenly appeared on Twitter for the first time since October 26th and tweeted, "Bad sex in fiction award? Who said it was fiction?" And then he was gone again, presumably to inform his merry band of musicians that he would be adding Reader Meet Author to the set list that night.... which incidentally, he did!

Our Mozzer currently has just 244 followers, but he has managed to gain himself a third 'celebrity' follower on top of Boy George and Joe Dallesandro *smirks to self* in the form of pop singer, Marilyn. It would appear that Marilyn (@MisterMarilyn) has been introduced to Our Mozzer being on twitter by Joe D, who yesterday tweeted, "I thought you'd at least send flowers not just call my name-- maybe roses? @MisterMarilyn @BRSChairman". "Roses"! It would appear that Joe D not only knows about M being on twitter, but even knows about the Blue Rose Society!

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I have now run out of time to write about anything else, so there will be no more today on Michael 'Jack the Ripper' Maybrick; who incidentally was not only an alleged mass murderer - who according to Bruce Robinson was protected by the Freemasons to stop him embarrassing the Order, but was also one of the most famous composers of his era, writing as Stephan Adams, and was also the alleged lover of his songwriting partner, Fredric Weatherly. There are books upon books upon books which could be written about Maybrick, and what my brief research has already shown me, is that the hugely respectable Maybrick known on the Isle of Wight, is nothing like the one monster described by Robinson... but Maybrick certainly wouldn't be the first person to have more than one pessoa.

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I also have no time to write about either Morrissey's concert last night in São Paulo; in which Moz sung Let Me Kiss You, or to mention the wonderful Slaves concert that I attended on Monday night - where the mosh pit was manic, and not a camera phone to be seen.

I will sign off with a photo taken in Ecuador. It is another shot of the Morrissey poster with the blue graffiti on, and a great looking house behind. EVERYTHING crumbles eventually.

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*Goes off singing* And no one knows a thing about my life, I can come and go as I please, and if I want to, I can stay, oh, or if I want to, I can leave.... nobody knows me, nobody knows me, nobody knows me.


FOOT NOTE - One thing that I forgot to write about was a photo that BRS member, Rosy 'Clover Dean' tweeted to me today. It is a photo of a painting/paintings of the original MorrisseysWorld blog logo. I know nothing more about this, other than Rosy tells me the photo was taken by someone called Aly Shaw Simmons.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I have really enjoyed writing it today. It's one of the most satisfying ones I have written. I felt genuinely excited today as I tried to take in all these different topics, theories etc. The truth of MorrisseysWorld now stares people directly in the face, and some (Rosy Mires & Still.I.Cling for example *waves*,) don't like what they see. I don't think it's an annoyance that they got it wrong about MW, it is more that they don't like the REAL Morrissey that they are seeing. It's as though his fans just thought all those lyrics were just for sing-a-long purposes; they weren't, they have TRUE meaning.
      As the man himself once sung, If you don't like me, don't look at me.

  2. Jack the Ripper was potentially the president of your cricket club?? Today has certainly been filled with interesting discoveries and my mind is still reeling from trying to digest it all. I haven't had enough time yet to watch much of the TTY videos, but what I have watched, I've found fascinating - they definitely feel like a throwback to the MW blog and aren't very surprising to those who have followed MW. The Solowers have responded in expectedly fine form, acting like Moz is basically certifiably insane, or saying that Julia must have posted the videos without Moz's input. Some have mentioned the thematic connection between the videos and List of the Lost, so they're having to face the reality that a side of Morrissey is being revealed to them that doesn't fit into their current and longstanding conception of him. I best be off to watch more of the videos...

    1. I don't normally go to Solow at all but you made me curious. I am sitting at work trying not to laugh out loud - apparently he has been taking cocaine on stage, late night vodka fuelled internet trawling etc. Hilarious!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. * heaven, I'm in heaven * please feel free to sing along (Alex Harvey style please)

  5. Yes indeed, good job Rat and exciting to find stuff so close to home as well. Definite throwback to the old MW days - so many things happening that are no surprise to us.

  6. Great blog Rats, thank you. I admire your energy, enthusiasm & inquisitive mind.
    Good on Moz for posting those videos. I am not really surprised how it has been received by some. I guess its easier to ignore, sneer or mock than to look beyond what we are told to believe.

    Astra,if you are floating by - there are always your meaningful words which stick with me. But hope you will be back again soon.

  7. I miss Morrissey, the Blog, the Mystery, the Dozen. Maybe the "Bombs" could bring it all together. It can't be love..... LOVE IS DEAD


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