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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Day 1531 - Run From My Throwing Arms

I have spent much of the past 3/4 days lost down a rabbit hole, reading many, many articles relating to both Jack the Ripper, and Michael 'Stephen Adams' Maybrick. Although I have not yet read Bruce Robinson's book, They All Love Jack, my sixth sense is telling me that Robinson is right, and Michael Maybrick was indeed Jack. Bruce Robinson has the initials BR, so he has to be right! Our lives are jigsaws.

As Maybrick lived a seemingly exemplary life on the Isle of Wight; where amongst many other things, he was the President of my cricket club, I feel as though I should now set off on a quest to fully research Maybrick's life after the killings, and write a book on my findings - I already have the title: Michael 'Jack the Ripper' Maybrick - My Island Life - Nobody Knows Me. As titles go, it's a bit lengthy, but I want it to include both 'Island life', because of it's double meaning, and 'Nobody knows me' because of it's double meaning i.e. as a lyric from the song Jack the Ripper and for the italic use of the word knows.

I am genuinely intrigued by Michael Maybrick and Robinson's theory; especially as the transcript of Maybrick's evidence from his sister-in-law's murder trial paints Michael as a manipulative control freak, but the reason that I can't go off and write the book is because I am still writing FollowingTheMozziah, which I really didn't expect to be doing FOUR YEARS after I first discovered Morrissey was secretly writing on the internet. I already have one book, 'The TRUE History of the UK Number 1 single - Putting the Record Straight' on hold; which until I write it, means that the likes of Are You Sure, March of the Siamese Children, and Please Please Me are still without recognition as rightful Number 1s.... which incidentally is all because in 1977, four middle class men decided to make it so in their book of inaccuracies.


And so to the continuation of FTM. Following on from Morrissey's posting of the two New World Order videos on TTY, I thought that perhaps, just perhaps, the users of the Morrissey-Solo website might finally put two and two together and realise that it was the MorrisseysWorld blog where the subject of a New World Order was first mentioned in the land of Moz, but unfortunately that has not happened, and instead the users have either blamed Julia Riley, put it down to Moz being drunk/high, or just accused Morrissey of losing his marbles.


One person who has finally put two and two together - or more like five hundred and two and five hundred and two - is our old friend Rosy Mires, but her realisation has hardly led her to embrace and rejoice in the fact that Morrissey is Our Mozzer, rather the opposite.

Having seen the TTY post, Rosy tweeted, "Worryingly, I agree the videos do resemble MW at its maddest/lowest. Looney stuff", before then adding, "Have you SEEN the videos? Too many magic mushrooms with his tomato penne?" Rosy, like the 'fans' on So-low, obviously doesn't like the fact that Morrissey's interests and thoughts don't reflect hers. It's an old, but true adage, NEVER meet your heroes.

Rosy was last seen running off into the safe arms of Johnny Marr, to whom she tweeted, "@Johnny_Marr Thank YOU Johnny Marr. Superb record (Adrenalin Baby). Every track." I just hope for the sake of Rosy and all the other Smiths fans, that JM never publicly declares an interest in anything that is either slightly out of the norm, nor politically incorrect.

It should be remembered that Rosy did initially believe that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld, but then managed to convinced herself that it COULDN'T be Moz when the MW blog: joked about a crying Sudanese girl wanting a copy of Years of Refusal, likened Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to the Moors Murderers, and joked on Twitter about Oprah Winfrey looking like Whitney Houston. When the MorrisseysWorld blog started posing videos about the Illuminati and the NWO, Rosy stated that Morrissey would be "horrified" if he knew that a faker was doing such a thing in his name. Rosy made the oh so common mistake of presuming that she KNEW Morrissey. No one KNOWS another person; not truly knows them.

It is no wonder that pop stars, film stars, footballers, and other heroes in the public eye NEVER show their real selves; they can't, it might smear their lovely career.


Morrissey yesterday posted a statement on TTY saying that David Joseph at Universal Music in London has refused Mozzer's request to "re-issue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities."
Morrissey Singing 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris'
At 8.30pm (6.30pm São Paulo time) last night, a photo of Morrissey having a drink in the Skye Bar  was tweeted by @seanmcg using his instagram account. It was a rather sneaky photo, taken over his shoulder, and obviously without permission. As Mr Sneaky had posted the photo on social media, I decided I would share it, so I cropped it, and then tweeted it. One of my followers, Steph (@stracy1675), saw my tweet, and in turn adapted the photo by adding the quote, "David Joseph can go fuck himself":

Embedded image permalink

A couple of hours later, Mademoiselle Fifi appeared and tweeted, "Veuve o'clock." A certain someone had noticed the picture!

This morning, I awoke to find that Morrissey had posted Steph's version of the photo on TTY under the heading, Morrissey, tonight in Sao Paulo. A coincidence, naturally! After all, as everyone KNOWS, Morrissey doesn't use ANY form of social media.

It is ridiculous that David Joseph has blocked the release of Paris, and there can be NO reason for it. It wouldn't have cost Polydor Records anything to release a statement announcing that the track was available to download, and would have earned money for the company. Naturally one has to ask,  WHY then has David Joseph blocked Morrissey's request? The answer would appear to be a fairly simple one: David Joseph is a very good friend and colleague of Steve Barnett, the man who Morrissey publicly criticised (saying among other things that Barnett has "less brains than an artificial flower") for the debacle at Harvest. It looks very much as though Joseph has chosen to stand by his chum rather than: A) Show compassion for those who lost their lives in Paris, and B) Make money for the company for which he is employed. I wonder how Universal's shareholders would feel about the latter?


The dullards at So-low have, of course, accused Morrissey of wanting to re-issue ITMAAP purely to make money, so I felt obliged to point out to one of them the following:

"Do you honestly, honestly believe that Morrissey wanted I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris re-released for financial gain? Honestly? Or maybe, just maybe, the man who has become numb to all the human atrocities that go on day in, day out all over the world, might ACTUALLY have been genuinely touched by the Paris killings? We all know that Morrissey has a love affair with France, and the song I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris OBVIOUSLY means an awful lot to Moz because he has kept it in his set for a very long time - much to the condemnation of most of the users on here. Jean Cocteau, Jean Marais, Jean Genet, Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon, Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Sacha Distel, Maxims, La Fabrique.... these are just a few of the MANY, MANY things that Morrissey loves about France, and what was the last concert Morrissey attended? It was Charles Aznavour at the Palais des Sports in Paris in September. Fuck you and your nasty, negative views. I for one am NOT a Moz cultist, I am a Moz fan. You, Skinny, Geezer, Tseng, Brummie Boy, Benny et al have ALL forgotten why you came here in the first place, your love of Morrissey. Why do you come here? Is your life SO dull that the only thing that gives you life is hating the man you once loved? It's mirror time, my friend."

And then, of course, is the song itself, which was written because of.... A LOVE FOR PARIS.

I have again written far too much today, so I will now sign off. I will leave with another song, Alma Matters, sung the other night in São Paulo. A white rose can clearly be shown being waved by one of the audience, but as far as I am aware, it didn't make it to Moz. The tour continues tonight, with the second of the São Paulo shows, and then the tour party head to Rio. There is NEVER a dull moment in the world of Moz. The truth about Jack the Ripper and UK No.1s pale into insignificance - I'm following the Mozziah!


  1. You're a little short on comments so I'll oblige. Yet again you twist fact into fiction, your trollish tabloid tone making you sound like the Richard Littlejohn of Morrisseyland. Common themes do not equate to Mozzer being responsible for the infamous MW blog. If this were the case, one could equally argue that your next door neighbour David Icke were responsible. Just remember, if you ever agree to meet any of the online Mozzers irl - meet in a public place and take a grown-up with you.

    1. Oh Rosy, Rosy, Rosy. Let me respond to each of your 5 sentences.
      A) I do not seek comments, so please never feel obliged to write one for the sake of it. This blog is nothing more than a personal online diary of my thoughts and observations regarding Morrissey being on the internet; although I am aware that I do have a small readership, and that the blog has become something of a centre point for the Blue Rose Society, so I do try and make it interesting. I should point out that I have never, and will never lie on this blog, as I genuinely believe it to be an important document of fact that future historians will find fascinating.

      B) No twisting of facts going on here, although I do concede that I have obviously misinterpreted your "worrying agreement" as your confession that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld. I can only presume that in the time you have now had to gather your thoughts since writing that tweet, you have managed to AGAIN convince yourself that Morrissey CANNOT be involved. I fully understand why you have to convince yourself of this, I really do. As for my "trollish tabloid tone" and being "Richard Littlejohn", these are classic cliche lines which I presume you have plucked from the ramblings of your Solow friend, Uncle Skinny, or from the self important writings of the new love of the idealistic UK socialists, Owen Jones. Just to make things clear, I despise Littlejohn, Morgan and all the other right wing tabloid writers who try and tell people what to think, but on the flip of that, Jones is no better, he merely plays for the other team. I don't have a team.

      C) To deny that the hundreds of "common themes" or coincidences do not equate to Mozzer being responsible for the MW blog is you once again trying to convince yourself that Morrissey isn't involved, and as I have already written, I DO understand why you have this need to convince yourself of this, after all, having accused the person behind MorrisseysWorld of being hateful, demented etc etc, you couldn't possibly bare for Morrissey to think badly of you. I wouldn't worry too much, he's had far, far worse abuse from MANY other of his 'fans'. As for your actual argument, you certainly won't find anyone around here in agreement with you - we have all seen FAR too much evidence; proper HARD evidence, to not realise that it IS Morrissey.... but you already know that, and really, you also KNOW that it IS Morrissey. However, as you HAVE to continue with your 'belief' that MW isn't the work of Moz, to find some allies, may I suggest that you either go to Solow, or perhaps you could re-open that blog of yours, which you started back in 2012 when you first needed to convince yourself. Here is the address incase you've forgotten it: Hopefully you still have the password.

      D) I do not in fact live next door to David Icke, I live next door to a very pleasant Portuguese family. This accusation has sent you deeper into fantasy land. The only "common themes" linking David Icke to MorrisseysWorld are being anti-royal family, and believing in a NWO. Two common themes would not convince anyone, but HUNDREDS... well!

      E) This may be a good piece of advice, especially if you remember what I wrote on Day 108 of FTM.

      And now you have read this, it is time for your head to return into the sand/pebbles of Brighton beach. I'm sorry that MorrisseysWorld isn't for you, you really have no idea what you are missing.... well, actually you DO know... but you wish you didn't!


    2. Re your favourite new hash tag. The ease with which you shift the narrative... from the mourning of victims of mass-murder in Paris, to bleating on about a record company exec not doing what YOU want him to do. This, my rodenty friend, is EXACTLY how the gutter press and Littlejohn work.
      You use this technique A LOT Rat.
      A comment about the evil murderous barbaric Saudi regime, is trolled by you demanding I justify why I support Man City. It's SO tabloid.
      A comment on how the Syrian refugees should be welcomed in the west - is twisted by you to focus on why I'm not sharing my bed with a refugee.
      Don't tell me what I think.
      Stick to being funny without straying into trollish behaviour. You can do it if you try.
      And take that advice of Mozzer's that you love using so much. If you don't like me don't look at me.

    3. I am incredibly reluctant to reply to you because A) I want this to be a harmonious blog where like-minded members of the BRS come to swap exciting news, and NOT be a place for petty minded arguments with those who continuously say they have NO interest in the BRS, and B) I feel I will be completely wasting my time, as the last time you were called out, you went back through the entire blog and deleted EVERY comment that you had ever posted!

      Unfortunately, I feel compelled to respond to you, so here goes.

      As before, I shall respond to each of your sentences in turn:

      A) I presume the hashtag you are referring to is FuckDavidJoseph

      B) The song I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris IS part of the narrative in the mourning of victims, so there is no shifting. You have accused me of "bleating" because David Joseph won't do what 'I' want him to, but you have clearly forgotten that it was MORRISSEY & HIS BAND who made the request to Joseph re-issue the song, NOT me. My use of the hashtag is my public support for Morrissey and his band. Joseph's decision to not re-issue it is both vindictive & uncompassionate. You obviously disagree, as do many of the Solowers, but you can't accuse of narrative shifting just because somebody has a difference of opinion.

      C) Unlike you, I don't read the writings of this Littlejohn fellow, so I will have to take your word for us having similar writing styles.

      D) I'm not sure what 'technique' you are referring to... unless you mean that it is a technique of showing solidarity to pop stars who are wronged by record company execs, but that hardly seems like a 'technique' as such.

      E) Ah, this next sentence helps me understand better. I thought that might be where we were heading. You often tweet about injustices in the world, and you should be commended for it, but with some subjects, your hypocrisy shines through, and I can't help but pick you up on it. You tweeted about the barbaric Saudis, and yet you continue to publicly show support for a football club that is owned and run by the Deputy Prime Minister of the equally barbaric UAE. You can call it narrative shifting and trolling if you like, I call it the other side of an argument, and the pointing out of hypocrisy.

      F) You call it tabloid, I still call it debate.

      I am already starting to wish I hadn't bothered replying, but we're nearly there now.

      G) You tweeted that the Tories MUST house refugees, so I pointed out to you that there is a severe shortage of housing, and asked if you were SO moved by the plight of the refugees, that YOU would offer some a home. You avoided the question THREE times, just like a slippery Tory politician. I made NO mention of you sharing a bed, this is another lie. Some would call you a narrative shifter.

      H) I don't tell you what you think. I don't think YOU even know what you think.

      I) Don't tell me what to do, but I WILL, however, continue to be funny, and I WILL continue to argue and question (call it trolling if you like) things that I disagree with. You may be happy to accept what you are told, I am not!

      H) I don't dislike you at all. And I look at you because you are the only 'case study' I have in this story. Everybody else who has stuck with it; and there aren't many, believes 100% that it is Morrissey behind MorrisseysWorld. YOU are the only one following the story closely, that continues to deny that the person behind MW is Morrissey.... and yet you can't leave.

      I have now given you more than your right of reply, so please don't bother arguing and accusing me of any other ists or isms, as it will be deleted.

      This blog can now return to being a positive place for the dozen or so who can see what is going on, and AREN'T afraid to admit it. In fact, rather than be afraid, we are elated.

      And if one day you decide to lift your head from the sand/pebbles, and you want to embrace Morrissey and HIS Blue Rose Society, I will be the first to welcome you.

      Adios, friend.

  2. Recent TTY posts are making it increasingly obvious that Moz is on Twitter/social media, although of course he continues to deny that he is. Nice to see Jack the Ripper back in the set tonight in São Paulo, as well as Smiler. Interesting that Smiler was chosen to be played here, in light of its connection with the MW 'Brazil' story and the fact that one of the characters in 'Brazil' is named Paulo.

    1. Good point at Brazil/São Paulo

    2. I've just listened to Smiler from last night. The emotion in Morrissey's voice gave me goosebumps & made
      my eyes water.

      Shame on David Joseph.

    3. I agree about Smiler - stunning! Shame too on the stupid screaming woman who interrupted it. Smiler/Paulo/Brazil.... jigsaw pieces all fitting together. I am yet to see a clip of Jack the Ripper, but as I have spent most of this week reading about Jack, I am delighted it was played. I can't really claim it as a 'coincidence', as Moz sang it in Chile, but he didn't sing at the previous São Paulo concert, so maybe we could add it to the 'flimsy coincidences' list.

      There is quite a bit of Youtube footage from last night, and WHAT a concert it was. Great crowd. Moz and the band on top form. Despite there being no record deal, these are STILL special days.

  3. I must say after reading some of the comments on so-low about Moz wanting the suits to re-release I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris purely for financial gain well it made me quite sad and sick at the same time, as for that Benny guy, well some on there even think that it is actually Morrissey himself, as to why Morrissey would do such a thing none of them seem to give a coherent explanation except one of them said it is Morrisseys' way of keeping his fans engaged.. and they call us deluded, one can only help but feel that Mozs' office readers of the so-low site don't actually tell him everything that they say, it would surely drive him insane, I for one cant wait for my next Moz concert

  4. oh and something I rarely say colonel whiskers, thanks for the blog (yep I'm going soft you old c**t)

  5. Sorry to change subject but I am trying to clear a Smiths track (What Difference Does It Make - Peel Sessions version) for my new project (a feature film about an Indie Rock DJ who ends up mentoring the teenager that tries to burgle him) and Warner Chappell have quoted the £7k for Publishing and I've been told that Universal Music Publishing would also have to clear it and probably ask for the same money and then there is a third party that I need to get clearance from (is that Morrissey himself?) I don't mind paying (I will find the money) but how much of this is going to Joyce? Shocking... Now I feel his pain.

    1. The third party probably is Morrissey & Marr. I think Joyce gets only gets mechanical royalties, so wouldn't earn from you using the track. Great choice, although as we all know, Morrissey doesn't like the lyrics:
      " 'What Difference Does It Make' is musically interesting but lyrically it is very... Simon Le Bon. I find the lyrics facile and mildly embarrassing. Otherwise it's a majestic pop melody by Johnny and, ironically, had the lyrics indeed been penned by Simon Le Bon, I would probably cover it! As it is I'd feel too ashamed. I might sing it during the pause in 'Speedway-' " - Morrissey May 2012 in an interview on FTM

    2. I do love it for its "Popness" and I love the energy of it. The opening guitar riff has few equals.

    3. It annoys me intently that Morrissey no longer likes it. It is the song that really got me hooked, and I love it as much today as I did 30+ years ago. BRING IT BACK!


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