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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Day 1533 - See in me a side of you

From what I have seen of the footage on Youtube, Morrissey's concert held on Saturday night in São Paulo was quite incredible, and also happened to include a few signs/references to the BRS.

SET: Suedehead / Alma Matters / You Have Killed Me / Speedway / Ganglord / Staircase At The University / Istanbul / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / One Of Our Own / The Bullfighter Dies / You'll Be Gone / I'm Not A Man / Yes, I Am Blind / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Smiler With Knife / Kick The Bride Down The Aisle / Kiss Me A Lot / Jack The Ripper / What She Said // I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Queen Is Dead

Most significantly, the song Smiler With Knife made a return to the set; although unfortunately the song was somewhat spoiled by a screaming fan, but it was still VERY special for it to have been sung. Earlier this month, I wrote that Smiler hadn't been sung live since Hull in September, and I also mentioned that Morrissey had quoted to a Chilean interviewer that, "a song like Smiler with knife is so meaningful to me that I cannot even sing".

It is pretty obvious that Smiler With Knife was played in São Paulo on Saturday because of it's close association to the MorrisseysWorld fictional story, Brazil; which not only has the same theme as the song, but also features a character called Paulo, and is of course set in Brazil! Brazil was first published on the MW blog in August 2011, and as soon as World Peace Is None of Your Business was released, BRS members quickly made the connection between Smiler With Knife and the short story. I wrote about this on Day 1035 of FTM; which incidentally is also the day that I mentioned being banned by Broken from republishing the Brazil story.

Jack the Ripper also was played on Saturday night, which could be considered a 'coincidence' following on from me writing about JTR on FTM last week, but as Morrissey sang the song in Chile the previous week, it is only a flimsy coincidence.... unless of course Morrissey changed the lyrics to include the name Michael Maybrick, which would then make it a HUGE coincidence. Unfortunately there is no Youtube footage, so I can't check, but it is highly unlikely!*

And whilst I am on the subject of Jack, the former Isle of Wight coroner, who I am reliably informed is a very senior ranking freemason, has come out to defend Michael Maybrick's good name, telling the local rag that Bruce Robinson's book, They All Love Jack, is, "complete and utter rubbish", adding, "it is such rubbish that I don't think it will do any harm to the reputation of a man who could hardly have been more respectable." The former coroner, John Matthews, then goes on to say, "You hardly come to a town to hide and become so prominent. He was regularly received at Osborne by Queen Victoria and his funeral was the biggest the Isle of Wight had seen. He was mourned by so many."
 Mr Matthews obviously hasn't stopped to think that perhaps Maybrick was SO arrogant, and SO full of his own self importance, that he would have HAD to be a prominent public figure to feed his ego.

Bruce Robinson's book also alleges that Michael Maybrick was a member of six masonic lodges, had a hatred of women, and was homosexual - believed to have been in a relationship with his writing partner, Frederic Weatherley. John Matthews 'defends' Maybrick's sexuality, saying, "if anything, he may have been asexual." Unbelievable!

Anyway, back to Morrissey. Another BIG nod to the BRS was the way in which Morrissey tossed his shirt at the end of the concert. It was a very exuberant toss, involving dabbing and teasing - quite different to the understated toss during Let Me Kiss You at the previous São Paulo concert last Tuesday. The reason the toss was so exuberant, and the reason it is is a nod to the BRS, is because last Thursday The World of Moz blog published a Top 10 Shirt-Toss Chart, which a certain somebody was obviously VERY aware of!

The BRS tumblr site, which I first mentioned on Day 1042 of FTM, has been updated to include photos of both the mysterious MorrisseysWorld painting that I wrote about Wednesday, and the white rose from that I made reference to two days ago as having been seen during the Alma Matters Youtube footage at the first of the São Paulo gigs.

That Day 1042 FTM entry also mentions the Brazil story, and explains how we were first led to the BRS tumblr site by a Solow user called, Vanitas M.Berrymore. I had pondered at the time as to whether the Vanitas character might actually have been Morrissey, but yesterday I received a confession from Orange Mecanique aka Chuck aka Small-boy Jokes aka God only knows who else, that Vanitas was in fact HER! Logic therefore leads me to conclude that Chuck is also the person behind the BRS tumblr, but she categorically denies this, stating that she found the BRS tumblr by googling. I have no way of knowing if she is telling the truth or not, but something still tells me that the tumblr is the work of Moz.

Ahead of Morrissey's forthcoming concert in Paraguay, he has given an interview to ABC.Com.Py. In the interview Morrissey compares Cameron to Thatcher, stating that nothing has changed in British politics since the 80's. Moz also states that Oscar Wilde is still as relevant as ever, and recommends his complete works, along with The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, and I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

In the interview Morrissey also states, "books on animal rights will expand your mind. Would you like to be expanded, or are you happy eating contaminated chicken wings? Chickens also want to keep their wings!"
Moz claims that he doesn't listen to any current music, and says, "Ed Sheeran is the perfect example of the death of music."
When asked if he has ever heard the song Morrissey by Leo Garcia, Mozzer replies, "Of course. It is fantastic." (Ed - I must confess that I had never heard of it. It is from 2001, and in the 6 years that the video has been on Youtube, it has had over 500,000 views!)
Of World Peace is None of Your Business, Morrissey says, "I have never felt so proud."

And in other news, Anna Calvi has revealed how Morrissey made her "little cards" when she supported him, and that they are now pen pals. She ought to join the BRS!

All eyez now on Rio.












The full Top 85 can be found here: TOP 85

* FOOT NOTE - Footage of Jack the Ripper has now appeared on Youtube - there is no reference to Michael Maybrick!


  1. Strong blog Rat. Balad of the Sad Cafe by McCullers is one of my favourites. Short too.

  2. Very special to see some apparent nods to the BRS in São Paulo - it appeared to be a tremendous concert. It seems somewhat unlikely to me that Chuck is behind the BRS tumblr because her photo is posted there and she wasn't thrilled about it being on the internet. Quite a chart today!

    1. That's true, I'm not terribly pleased. Assuming that whoever hosts the tumblr also reads this - I'd appreciate if my picture would get deleted. It's not really an important issue as I'm hardly recognisable on that photo, but being seen in public without my Orange costume feels very uncomfortable. Merci.

    2. We now know, of course, that Chuck/Orange mechanique WAS behind the BRS tumblr site after all, and played out the charade about the photo to put us off the scent. It was shameful behaviour by Chuck to try & convince us all that the tumblr was the work of Morrissey, but she has a track record for impersonating people. Sad.

  3. good blog whiskers, not sure where we would have been without you holding it all together although chuck has now joined the fray with her blog things should get reported to the readership one way or the other... hey wasn't there a song with the words.. one way or the other

  4. Great blog and countdown. I ADORE ADORE ADORE the shirt toss from the other night. Boozey and I were mesmerized!
    Wonderful to see Smiler and Jack the Ripper on the setlist. I'd never seen the Proust clip before thank you.
    I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is one of my favourite ever poems and I like Angelou's writing so I ought to check that book out.

  5. Dearest Ratticus Smellus, you're worse than the British press! Badmouthing people, censoring their defense, twisting words, publishing private communication... I'm lucky that it doesn't bother me in this case, I would've given everyone the same answer about Vanitas if I had been asked publically. But that'll teach me to never again give any information via DM to you!

    For my taste, I had made it blatantly obvious from the start that Fruit is Vanitas. Whatever the Orange found was instantly picked up by him, or the other way around. Did no one notice? I used that character for solow, to see what they'd make out of the Twitter '1,2,3,testing' coincidence, or the Blue Rose NZ TV drama with Smiths-inspired episode titles. Then soon lost interest; there's as much point in solow discussions as in trying to make you aware that in your role as the Rupert Murdoch of MorrisseysWorld, you actually behave like a North Korean tabloid journo on speed!

    And now for the tumblr. I didn't find it through googling, AS YOU KNOW because I told you, but I searched all kinds of media platforms for bluerosesociety. Blogspot, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, Instagram - they all have a certain syntax for user accounts, mostly either or After realising that you had taken the, checking them all was a pretty obvious thing to do.

    Whoever is behind the tumblr is most certainly the same person/group who's behind MW, and that - my dearest smelly Rat - includes you. At least in my eyes, I think the proof is overwhelmingly strong. Whoever is/was behind MW desperately tried to convince people that it's Moz. And what have you been doing from the start about the tumblr? Tried to convince people that it's Moz. Same scheme!
    I rest my case.

    Salutations cordiales,


    1. Oh Chucky Fruit thing, such hurtful words and the continuation of ridiculous allegations - for the record, please let me know what you 'currently' believe to be my role in MW, and I am also intrigued to know your theory as to how Morrissey got me involved? I presume you DO still think Morrissey is involved with MW or have you done a Rosy and U turned again?

      With regards to your Vanitas character, I merely mentioned that it wasn't Morrissey for the continuity of the blog. You should have said if you didn't want me to mention it was one of your characters.
      "The proof is overwhelmingly strong". Good grief.

    2. I already told you! Your role is the seemingly clueless blogger. And yes, of course Morrissey is involved as well. As for how you managed to get that part, what do I know? You tell me! It would depend on who else is involved. It's not so terribly far-fetched to assume that you and Moz have a mutual friend.

      I don't mind that you blogged about Vanitas being a character of mine, it was never a secret. I even left clues about both the Fruit and Vanitas being Chuck! Maybe they were to subtle. And I don't think I have to spell it out each time when I DM someone that I expect private communication to remain private! At least asking if it can be published would've been nice, but that's a question of taste and/or style...

      P.S. You got the Smiler lyrics wrong *rubbing it in*

    3. I wasted far too much time trying to put Rosy straight the other day to bother doing it all over again, but unfortunately I just can't let certain things go; especially when I am continuously called a liar, so here I go again:

      A) I AM a clueless blogger, but not in any ROLE! Having said that, I am certainly not as clueless now as I was back in September 2011!

      B) I'm glad that you aren't in denial about Morrissey being involved, like poor Rosy.

      C) How did I get the role? I F**ING DIDN'T YOU SILLY MOO!

      D) Me and Morrissey have a mutual friend? I doubt we have more than three friends between us!

      E) If you don't mind that I blogged about Vanitas, than why make such a song and dance about it? You are contradicting yourself.

      F) Taste and style are my middle names... at least they would have been but my father forgot to add them on my birth certificate.

      G) Do you really think I don't know the lyrics to Smiler? Think of my blog title as a lyric change.

    4. The clueless blogger role was played out on the MorrisseysWorld is Moz blog, before Rats took up the baton and ran with FTM. Now that blog was by the same hand(s) as MW.

    5. I think it was destined that someone would, by accident, fall into that role. And we all know who did!
      But I for one, am glad he did.

    6. MW was one step ahead all the time. It's obvious who is behind it.

    7. That's a lovely thing to say, Kezza.
      It's a real shame that the 'MW is Moz' blog recently disappeared - it had lots of the early coincidences listed. It was definitely the work of the MW bloggers.
      And on the subject of the early days, what happened to Kate Ryan, and WHO was she? What about those emails with Moz?

    8. I remember reading snippets of Kate Ryan that were published here.I was intrigued.
      It deffo wasn't Catherine Middleton-mountbattenburg/bergasrsehole. Or was it?

    9. I don't remember who reported that the 'is Moz' blog was gone, but it's still up. I happened to stumble upon it recently:

  6. Two other Jack the Ripper coincidences that happened BEFORE it was included in the set list in Chile.

    @BRSChairman tweeted on the 6th October 2015 "if I was alive in the nineteenth century I would have been the only male victim of Jack the Ripper"

    And then on the 7th November 2015, Marianne, Jaz and myself where talking in the chatroom and all agreed that we'd love to see/hear Jack the Ripper appear back on the setlist, with some anon viewers in the room. Then the Monday after it did.

    1. I'd forgotten about the BRS Chairman tweet. And I had no idea that the MW chat room was still being used - nobody ever invites me in.... such gratitude for 4 years of dedicated work!

    2. Perhaps if any BRS members are going in, they could tweet "usual place", this alerting others. I don't ever think to even look there.

    3. There has been anon comments on TWoM blob along similar lines...

    4. don't bother, urban lives in there

    5. True Manc. So here's another one!

      There is a link on our blob too. We are tidying it up a little so bear with us. But feel free to come in whenever you can.

  7. The tumblr is a lovely addition to the world of BRS, but whoever manages it must have copied the copy of Brazil that I had posted here for Rats to blog about (or not). There were a couple of minor changes that **cough** inadvertently appeared in my copy that were not in the original. If the BRS tumblr site was operated by who you think operates it, Brazil would surely have been an exact replication of the original.

    1. That's very interesting. This Fruit has saved the original story as it was published on the MW blog, do I need to check every sentence, or can you just tell what's the changes compared to the original? Is it just the title missing?

    2. GWO, you sound as though you don't believe that it is M behind the tumblr. Interesting about the changes. Maybe the original author didn't keep a copy, or maybe just didn't bother checking. If the tumblr owner did indeed take a copy of Brazil from the comments section of FTM, then it can't have been around for more than a day or two before Chuck happened to stumble on it! Hmm. Perhaps Chuck's statement at the top of this comments section that she wants her picture removed is a double bluff - it's not as though it shows her face. As I wrote in my blog piece today, logic should lead me to believe that it is Chuck behind the tumblr and NOT Moz, but I would like to think Chuck wouldn't let me and other BRS members to believe it is Moz if it is actually her. But then again, she was happy to let me think Moz was Vanitas. Hmm again.

    3. But Rat, what about YOUR pessoas - ConMorrisseyTheorist, Kerry Ann Kemping, Luke/PoeticMorrissey - which of those are yours? I think all of them! You really can't complain now that others might have pessoas as well.

      As for the tumblr, I found it before I mentioned it here. I wasn't really in the loop and not sure if it had already been noted. I remember seeing the Linder article on top when I found it, but I linked it here later, when Brazil was published. You were instructed by OM not to republish it, so I guess you used the tumblr instead. Just like you presumably used pessoas to report on Alf... So MY logic leads me to believe that YOU'RE behind it. I hope we can peacefully coexist in a state of disagreement here, my dearest hairy-backed blogger Monsieur.

    4. Here we go again!

      A) Kerry Ann Kemping was my doing. She was invented because I wasn't allowed to mention Alf on the blog. ConMorrissey and Poetic Morrissey were here way before me, and are the work of the MW blog author/s.

      B) I would like to believe that the tumblr is the work of Moz, but it is very suspicious that you were the one to find it. As to why you would lie to your friends about it, I don't know, so perhaps you are telling the truth on this one.
      It does seem odd that if the tumblr is the work of Moz, then WHY did he use GWO's changed version of Brazil? Perhaps the changes weren't obvious, and maybe it didn't cross his mind to check... GWO, why DID you change it, and WHAT are the changes?

      C) I was instructed by Broken not to republish it, not OM, and I DIDN'T publish it on the tumblr, because THE TUMBLR IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME YOU DAFT BAT! Mind you, as GWO once noted, I did republish the tumblr once you had brought it to our attention, thus republishing Brazil via the back door. It was in the public domain anyway, so I didn't see any harm.
      What doesn't add up, is WHY would Broken have ordered me not to publish Brazil, if he had already published it on the tumblr? He either wanted his tumblr to have it exclusively, or it isn't his tumblr, in which case, we are back to it being YOURS, Chucky Orange!

      Peaceful coexistence? When you keep calling me a liar? Maybe in the next world.

    5. But you call me a liar too, when you keep insisting that I'm hosting the tumblr. I don't mind though, you've said worse things about me!

    6. Just to clarify ... I did not make any changes to Brazil. The content is the SAME as it always was. When I posted it on Rats blog some, shall we say, stylistic emphasis was done away with. Blame Rats!! This was then replicated when it was posted on the BRS tumblr. And yes, the novel title is missing, Brazil is an excerpt.

    7. Well, to be fair. Blogger doesn't allow to cut and paste and keep the stylistic emphasis. It'll be the same for tumblr possibly. And maybe it was posted in that way to keep the mystery there? So moz isn't necessarily the owner, but it could be anyone. Of us.

    8. Well that's not entirely true, it couldn't be you, Kezza, not with your spelling. Good point about the stylistic emphasis though - so it is as it should be.
      I bet M is wetting himself at all our finger pointing. Maybe Chuck really is telling the truth on this one.

    9. Ha ha! Very funny. I am fair PRAY. Or is that PREY? Day 581. My spelling maybe be abysmal. But memory is outstanding!

    10. And adminbods are to be blamed.

    11. "maybe be"??? I rest my case.

    12. Adminbods and gin. Bad combination.

      Maybe be be I'm the TRIPLE bluff? Imagine!!

    13. Re-reading this whole thread that is full of Chuck/Orange mechanique's lies and allegations reinforces why we are better off without her now. What a nasty, spiteful, deceiving piece of work. Why didn't she just admit the tumblr was hers in the first place?

  8. For a moment this entry felt like (oh gosh) olde times! Even with the traditional slinging back and forth of "whose done what".
    It's true we had a conversation about songs we'd love to have included in our dream setlists one of the top being Jack the Ripper,   I mentioned Smiler too. It's one of my new favorites, I now try to listen to it at bed time: "sinking bed all warm and clean, only sadness waits for me, Smiler with a knife you're just in time", It's almost like a prayer.
    I'm also curious about the changes to the Brazil story but I'm not too worried about it only glad its still available.
    Chuck, I don't think you should take your picture down from the tumblr maybe blur your face or something but you're part of the BRS so why not commemorate that? js

  9. have to agree with Jaz on this one, by the way I also have the original Leonid Albrecht story


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