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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 1621 - Fact of the Fiction

It has been a funny old few days in the world of the BRS, with two of the most active members, MerryAnne and Kerry the Cocktail, deciding to leave; stating that they wish to go in a, "different direction" - although what direction this is, God only knows.... not that there is a God of course, it is just a turn of phrase. Perhaps 'Moz only knows' should be adopted instead.


The reasons given by MerryAnne and Kezza for removing themselves as both moderators and contributors from the BRS blog, The World of Moz, and thus "revoking association" are:

1) Not feeling "comfortable" with comrade herpes writing about the illuminati - even though both MorrisseysWorld AND TTY have previously posted on the subject and

2) Not liking me writing about Morrissey's spat with Supreme - even though that wasn't actually posted on TWOM, as I am not a contributor.

It all seems a little flimsy and pedantic to me, but MerryAnne and Kezza are certainly not the first to leave the BRS, and no doubt they won't be the last. I for one wish them well, and thank them for their previous contributions... even though every article/review that they ever wrote for the BRS, they have now deleted from TWOM!



I had presumed that the deletion of all of MerryAnne's and Kezza's articles from TWOM, would have meant that all the comments would be lost too; which included Astra's beautiful words, and some anonymous comments which, a number of people believe may have come from the hand of Moz. Luckily, the comments have remained in the admin part of the blogsite, and Chucky Orange has today reposted the comments as a new article on TWOM. I hadn't previously seen the anonymous comments, posted last August, but I have to say, they certainly read as though they might well have been written by Morrissey. It is the written equivalent of seeing a piece of street art that may, or may not be, the work of Banksy.


Just in case the TWOM blog one day self combusts, here are the anonymous comments in question:

20/7/2015 -

"I am the patron saint of lost causes. The purveyor of maladies. The conflicted court marshal (sic) of hope. Moving between different states appears to be a talent many humans possess however only a select few of them can achieve the required results. Well, what are the required results? Can you acquire the mental faculties to summon the answers for yourself or must I spell everything out? Liquid becomes slabs of concrete in the presence of the suffering masses. Nourishment of mental thought is lacking throughout the human condition. The ability to present oneself in many different guises is the only way you can hope to survive in the world. If you scrape beneath the mud, dirt and grime of the Id, ego, and superego you find only a shell on a man. This shell must, in whatever way possible, build up a front of character to bypass the hazards and suffering of existence. Traits from characters in literature, cinema, music, and even friends if you burden yourself with such commitment, must be taken, consumed, and adapted to provide an ‘original’.

Of course such images are everywhere and there is much to choose from. Mobile’s (sic) bring us closer together but also further apart. Whereas before you had the excitement of the written word on paper in the form of a letter, now you have impersonal type fonts and instant messaging. Send a message and you can immediately see if it has been read and ignored. With the letter you could potentially wait weeks for a response, baited breath and tightened trousers. The world of instant communication is a distraction, it tricks us into thinking that we have ‘friends’ but really we only have screens. Whilst one message is sent on one platform, another is soon sent on another. The time where discoveries of art could be made is now taken up with messaging and television. We live in hope of a technological disaster. The primitive state has never and will never be bettered. "

12/8/2015 - A question was asked as follows: In The Decay of Lying, Wilde said, “Thinking is the most unhealthy thing in the world, and people die of it just as they die of any disease. Fortunately, in England at any rate, thought is not catching.” Do you believe thinking (or overthinking) can possibly be an unhealthy tendency?

And here is the reply from Anon:

"Oscar always speaks sense and it is to Oscar I find myself returning to time after time. Although one must disagree with him on one point; “thought it not catching” is quite clearly a ridiculous statement in regards to England as in England nobody ever thinks so there can be no data on whether it is catching or not. The same opinions are repeated in newspapers, on television, on radio but with different words or perhaps a different style of speaking. The window of discussion in England has become so narrow, opaque, and dull that soon only one opinion will be able to be viewed, much like staring at the same view every day for the rest of your life. Anyone with a difference of opinion will be viewed as a crank, an idiot, or even worse, mental. Indeed if anyone ever managed to conjure a unique thought then they would become so shocked they would decompose into mush in the very spot in which they were standing.

I find that thinking or overthinking is an overtly personal affair. How many bedsit poets are there? How many box-room philosophers? We will, of course, never know. Those who are capable of thinking will never voice the true thoughts in their heads. They will suffer and probably plunge into a deep depression in the belief that they are outsiders and that the world doesn’t want or indeed need them. They don’t know, for how could they?, that it is the outsiders who make the world. I should know. Back in 1981, before the internet and before Tony Blair, I was an unknown freak. Today I am an icon. Why? Because I dared to say something different. In a world of grey, I was a spec of orange.

Thinking can be totally and incongruously ruin-able. A disease if you would. For to sit for days, weeks, months, and possibly years with your own thoughts, never to be able to articulate them is ruinous. That can kill the spirit. But we must plough on. It’s either isolation and our thoughts or the dumbing down of our minds thanks to television or the internet."

14/08/2015 - A question was asked as follows: You published your autobiography in 2013, and recently stated that you've finished your novel. When it comes to your literary choices regarding genre, do you prefer fictional or non-fictional books? Is a story more touching and relevant when/because it really happened, or are these unrelated subjects?

Here is the reply from Anon. The first line of the reply is INCREDIBLE, bearing in mind it was written well BEFORE anyone had set eye on List of the Loss - it is 'fact of the fiction', a phrase used by Morrissey on the back cover of LotL:

"Sometimes the fiction of a story is actually the author’s true thoughts and experiences so should not be labelled fiction at all. Most non-fiction can bore the knickers off of a nun. We are told not to judge books by their covers although you are allowed to do so with musicians! How many more records would I have sold if people would dare scrape behind the public image?

I find that most non-fiction authors are emotionally detached from their subject matter; one could read a book about the genocide in Rwanda and feel absolutely nothing. Then there are books such as The diaries of Kenneth Williams which produce tears from the very first passage, a shovel to the head. ‘Britishness’ died when he snuffed it. "


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14/08/2015 - A question was asked as follows: Would you consider marrying me in an ancient occult blood sharing ritual in a graveyard at midnight during a full moon?

Anon's reply:

"It’s already happened. Can you not remember? I shall not expect an anniversary gift then. Unloveable forever."

23/09/2015 -

"Beauty masks the ugly and ugly masks the beauty. Who has it in them to be unmasked? Starts feel like endings and endings feel like starts. Who has it in them to end a start? Art becomes distasteful but then distasteful itself becomes art. Who finds art distasteful? Life is death and death is life. Each second matters to no-one but ourselves. Selfishness accelerates at such a speed that whiplash is to be expected if the speed is to (sic) slow. My life has been given to art and yet art wants nothing to do with my life. Managers manage nothing but self-loathing. Artists must manage themselves but self-loathing in artists happens long before the management process. We spend each day processing smells, processing sights, processing faces but we do not process feelings. True feelings do not exist in real life. The only true feeling we have is the emotion that is a response to the singing voice. The singing voice can produce feelings of sadness, happiness, nothingness, loneliness etc.
The singing voice is all we have. The singing voice is all I have.

Yours unretired,
Nobody’s nothing"


There are other questions and answers from August 2015, which can still be found on TWOM, but just in case of that self combustion, here they are:

1) Do you think if you were a woman, you would have less, equal, or more success as an internationally known recording artist?

"You ask this question like I’ve had any success at all! You must only look at the radio ‘playlists’ to realise what a male orientated world the music industry is. To find a female artist on playlists of radio stations such as XFM is like trying to find a hit from Johnny Marr’s solo albums. You have to ask yourself what it takes to become a successful female recording artist. If it was brains and intellect then Patti Smith would have been number one for several decades. If it is the voice then it would be Joni Mitchell. If it is politics then it would Buffy. But of course none of these things matter. The thing that sells with female recording artists is, unfortunately still, sex. Those who wear the least clothes will sell the most. Driven and managed by sex mad, chauvinistic, male record label bosses, singers are forced to perform erotically in each video they make to the satisfaction of these bosses who presumably watch this videos to excite themselves when their wives have left them.

To answer your questions, I would have had no success at all because I would have refused to play that game. Some things are worth more than success and money. I would still have my integrity as I clean the spillages in aisle four. "


2) If you were granted 3 wishes: one for yourself, one for the world, and a bonus wish, what would you wish for?

Three wishes for myself because lets face it the world does not want my wishes or deserve them.

1) That I never set eyes on Mike Joyce and that we hired Boy George to drum for The Smiths. They probably have the same ability. 
2) To have a 5 album record deal. I know I said these wishes for myself but really this is a wish for the whole world.
3) To retire to Blackburn with three dogs and Mike Joyce’s head on the wall. 
4) For Boz to be recognised as the musical talent he is. 

3) What is your preferred method of communication these days?

Carrier pigeon or the singing voice. Failing that? Telepathy

The method of "carrier pigeon" as a means of communication was also mentioned by Alfs Button in a twitter session on September 14 2015, as documented on Day 1105 of FTM - Alf referred to himself as Jack Duckworth.


In other news, Supreme have started selling t-shirts and posters featuring that 'needed by nobody' photo, and already the t-shirts are selling for incredibly overinflated prices on ebay; not, it would seem, because it features Morrissey, but because new Supreme releases are apparently VERY collectable. A video has appeared on Youtube of people queuing outside Supreme in New York on the first day of release, which features some of them being asked what they know about Morrissey. In the main, the answer is not a lot (although one very sweet lad tells how I Know It's Over makes him cry), but I guess they will know more now.

Our Mozzer made a flying visit to The Wrong Arms at 7.45pm (UK time) last night to make a comment regarding the Supreme video:

"@TheRatsBack @EmilyeOberg these people may not have heard of me but they know more about me than most".


The only other sign of OM this week was on Wednesday at 10am (UK time), when he simply posted, "Typos are the bane on my existence", which I presume was in response to his mistyping of Martha on Tuesday.

And finally, my twitter timeline has today been filled by Mancunians wishing the nauseating Tony Wilson a happy 66th birthday, which is rather bizarre as he died nine years ago! He never saw 58, let alone 66. Sidney Poitier is 89 today.... and is alive to blow out the candles.

*Goes off singing* Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales, and biting nails are gone


  1. I can promise you that TWoM won't ever self-combust, I rather predict that it will slowly languish to death and one day, sooner or later, be a proper digital corpse. Or mummy, as it won't decompose and start smelling horribly.

    Loved the Supreme video, it was the most absurd thing I've seen in a very long while.

  2. I find it interesting, I must say, you didn't link to what I actually said, choosing only to use two two-word quotes, and a one-word quote taken out of context.
    My main reasons for leaving were that I believe the views in recent articles written by Comrade and yourself were distressing to Morrissey, as evidenced on TTY. No, Comrade's post about Supreme was not as detailed as yours on FTM, but he did, in fact, also write about the Supreme situation.
    It was not Comrade's references to the Illuminati that made me uncomfortable; I'm afraid it was the numerous references to pedophilia and Jimmy Savile. I did not want to upset him by saying so publicly, but this sat quite badly with me, and you yourself even admitted you didn't like the tie-in with Trouble Loves Me and Jimmy Savile.
    I doubt Kerry will want to comment here, but I imagine she'd prefer you not to post photos of her and her husband anymore.

  3. Thanks again to Orange for rescuing these wonderfully insightful comments from oblivion, and to Rat for making the request. The 'fact of fiction' comment is quite remarkable, and I think the comment about appearing in many different guises is fascinating. Also love the comments about overthinking and the singing voice.

  4. I do not think it is right to say they have left BRS. I think rather it is right to say they left TWoM. However, I could be wrong. I would like to get this off my chest because I believe I need to say it. I had come to my own conclusions about what happened with Supreme and then read your blog, and thought, Rat seems to think the same thing I do. I personally did not believe the posts on TTY, HA. I read it and thought, he's such a DEVIL. I do not believe I am the only one that seems to have think this nor do I think I am alone in thinking the same thing you did. I do not want to be judged for what I think about the supreme situation. After what has happened, I seem to be fearful to post what I think, in fear it might offend someone, but I can't be. I believe people have a right to post what they think. I also believe it was right for them to leave if they felt it did not suit them. I have the same confused thoughts as you though, because you are not associated with TWoM. Although I did not always agree with what comradeharps said (or whatever I read), I did enjoy reading his posts for the different perspectives. I hope he is not discouraged by what has happened and keeps researching and posting. FOR ME, I LIVE FOR THE DIFFERENT INTERPRETATIONS, and I think that is the real art of Morrissey. He wants to grab the listener at their level and speak to them. Although, my aim is to understand Morrissey's perspective, to get inside his head in a way. I want to love and appreciate him for who he is, not who I think he is. I have a general idea into who I think he is and well, to put it this way, he'll always stay true to you in his own strange way, but I AGREE, he is two people. As the song goes in "My Love Life".... "I know you love one person, so why can't you love two?" WHATEVER HAPPENS, we cannot be afraid to post what we think. I believe life is so short, nothing can ever be taken personal. However, I understand it happens, I KNOW FIRST HAND. I think it is best we give them their space, perhaps they are deciding. I enjoyed talking to them and enjoyed their posts. I believe they will be back in their time, when they feel comfortable.

    1. I don't always agree with what I write. Why should I?

    2. I'd like to add that rumours that I came up with a multidirectional multiple contributor BRS blog because I was simply fed up with reading the same waffle from the same Rat over and over again are NOT true.

      P.S. Thanks Jenni, your comment makes sense on all levels.

    3. Waffle? I'll have you know that this is Grade A piffle. Waffle indeed! Humph.

    4. Yes, Jenni is correct: art is mystery and I went to great lengths to state that my speculative lyric interpretations of Maladjusted's "unpopular themes" were highly flimsy and that I am a septic about many of the possibilities I've been finding. I might have even added waffle to my P-grade piffle.

      Irony, satire and art. There might be a blob post in that.

  5. I also want to commend you for reposting what what posted on TWoM and thanks to Orange for finding the information. I have not read List of the Lost, but I have read certain pages that were posted. From the very few bits and sections of the book I did read, I felt the narrator was crying out from his heart, which I believe are the views of Morrissey. I also think I understand why he wears sports shirts and I believe it's because his homosexuality is very important to him. I made the connection from the bits and parts I read... however, I can not say for sure because I have not read the book. I also remember way back when, when I read your post about "List of the list" and you thought the book was more of an autobiography, perhaps parts he did not feel comfortable sharing in autobiography. I am honestly afraid to read the book mainly because of what I have read in the news about the way he depicts women. From what I have read about the book, he views them as sluts and belittles women. It's one thing to be homosexual and feel nothing for women, but it's different to insult their sex. Sadly, it is true what he says about women being successful in music. I feel it also relates to the real world, that men are only interested in women that dress sultry. I don't know if he made these women more sexual in nature, to show that these men are homosexual? The bottom line is, if his homosexuality is important to him, well being a female is important to me. I'm sorry I went down a rabbit hole, but these are feelings I feel.

    1. Welcome back to FTM, Jenni. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your sterling work with your YouTube site.
      And now on to the subject of Morrissey's depiction of women, particularly in List of the Lost. I have no idea where you have read that Morrissey belittles women or views them as sluts, so I would strongly suggest you read LotL and find out for yourself. I find it quite ridiculous than anyone could ever accuse Morrissey of not liking women; you only have to look at some of his major influences to see how he adores them: Buffy, Timi, Dors, Bardot, Linder, Françoise,Cilla... the list is endless. As to the subject of whether Morrissey finds women sexually attractive or not, I genuinely believe that he is, as he has stated, a humasexual, and just sees attractiveness (or not) in an individual, regardless of their gender. To box people as either straight or gay is unbelievably narrow minded, and in the future (when all's well) I'm sure that our generation (and the generations before us) will be laughed at for being so stiff.
      Perhaps if you do read LotL, you could write a review on TWOM; I would be interested to read your thoughts.

    2. My initial attraction to him was because he was humasexual. I was also attracted to him because he didn't describe himself as male or female. I may have a female body, but I am neither male nor female in my head. Rather, I am a human being. But then I read his autobiography and got one message: he's 100% percent homosexual. So then, I trusted him because he's gay. I find homosexual references in his lyrics, backgrounds, influences, EVERYWHERE REALLYYY. In the beginning, I didn't see it & really belieieved he was humasexual. I thought people who said he was gay only made such comments because they had only one thing on their mind: sex. But the more I learned, the more I started to see things. I am aware of his female influences, however then I joined Twitter. To me, Astra was a walking contradiction. HAD .. this person REALLY ONLY viewed women as sexual objects as well? IF I found out, that the person i have the deepest respect for, just viewed women the same way as the rest of the world, well, I'd be lifeless. It's one thing to be humasexual and respect women, it's another to humasexual and just flat out only show pics of females bodies and only talk about sexual things. I do not think his sexual orientation is a mystery. BUT That is what i think, you are feel to think what you wish. As for list of the lost, if he writes about women in a nasty way to further prove a point, then I can understand context to illustrate a strong message / idea. I am not some crazy feminist who cannot see the bigger picture. I just, have this feeling, that he will walk all over women in this book. I keep asking people and no one seems to be able to answer my question. Perhaps, it's just in my head. I may or may not buy it, thinking about it.

    3. I, er, I, er..... er.... I have nothing more to say.... well, that isn't entirely true, but sometimes it is just better to walk away.
      *Walks away*

    4. I believe Astra also had a huge thing for Beiber! I don't think that admiring pictures of beautiful people who are comfortable with their bodies is equal to reducing them to it. The Moz Frink Army might agree.

    5. I don't know who astra was, but i didn't like the person. I do not think it is about beautiful people who are comfortable with their bodies, RATHER these people did it is for money and fame. I spend hours looking at pictures on the internet, I enjoy good art. I remember astra was always taking about her perfect waist... as if there was a definition for beauty... when in fact, there isn't. Beauty is also more than just looks, but i remember, the person was always talking about her perfect look..& getting horny off it... nothing about her personality as a person. It was always sexual and speaking about legs. It was the context with the images... that overall, sent a message that, 1) it was fake to stay true to you & 2) he has no respect for women as human beings outside of sexual reasons.
      Then again, I didn't know Astra (maybe a month) and didn't visit Astra's twitter page, I only saw what I saw in my twitter feed.. and then eventually left twitter all together. FOR WHAT I SAW....... was terribly heartbreaking.

    6. Rat, here is what I read about list of the lost. I do not want to talk about it, but this is where I get such thoughts. I honestly believe if he was a humasexual, he would treat men and women as equals. He would also not view himself as a male nor female. What makes me sick is... there are girls around the world who cannot get an education, and he bitches about male chickens on his TTY site.

      Morrissey inevitably delves into gender, where men are irrevocably hailed and women are looked down upon, lost and not at all interesting, which has drawn a fair amount of criticism where writers feel Morrissey is a misogynist. The Daily Beast's article about this, titelled "Morrissey’s First Novel ‘List of the Lost’ Is a Bizarre, Misogynistic Ramble", makes valid points. Even though many an apologist may excuse Morrissey by saying he has simply painted a portrait where the characters of his book think and say these things, the fact remains, that men are intricately looked into, where women are frowned upon in a variety of disdainful ways.

    7. I do not want it to seem that I am attacking Morrissey if it comes across that way. I love and appreciate him for who he is.... however, there is some type of internal conflict with the way he views women with list of the lost (or what I have read in the news about it) and I have not confirmed if it is true or not. Along with Astra.

      I live in a world that exploits women's bodies. Women, TODAY in the middle east do not have education and women in the past in the U.S. could not get educated. Today, in Africa, horrible things are happening to girls. sex trafficking of women is rising due to the rise of porn in America. Women are getting FGM in certain parts around the world. THESE THINGS ARE NOT OKAY.

      All I want, as a female, is respect.

    8. I wouldn't read too much into the Astraea pessoa. Mlle just... you see, Mlle really has a THING for legs. It's... Just think tassels. And... glitter. Lots of glitter.

    9. I just feel, if I was disrespected by the one man that I have the most love and respect for..... it would destroy me. Therefore, I will probably never read the book just to be safe. It's sad because I never censor myself from literature. The only reason I brought my thoughts up is because List of the lost was mentioned. I'm now feeling uneasy for having opened myself up on this blog. I'm now going to go hiddde, by-by.

    10. Please don't feel bad, you've brought up some valid points about females and their role. And Morrissey certainly wouldn't disrespect you. Besides, it's very early in the morning here, I'm not yet awake enough to even open one eye completely, thus my brief reply, apologies for that.

    11. The thing we always have to remember about Morrissey in all his guises is that he is a complex and often contradictory character with all sorts of ambiguities, paradoxes and blinking well baffling conundrums. A 24 digit combination to unlock.

      Are any of us 100% unconflicted in our lives?

    12. Finally, some sense. I agree with much of what was written above. Although I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Astra drone on and on and on about her waist. But if she did – shame on her. Shame on her for telling. And not showing. People are always so full of empty promises. Don’t you find?

      I also feel deeply disrespected as a female that her timeline showed the beautiful female form on occasion, instead of being exclusively devoted to Female Genital Mutilation.

      Quel nerve.

      Thank God she’s not Morrissey.
      Thank God I’m not her.

      The self-congratulatory stale discontent of failed perception and lack of understanding of nuance is an irony just too sweet for words. I’m afraid it’s putting all manner of ideas into my head now.

      I think I’ll have a crème brûlée for dessert tonight. Perhaps with a small, sweet glass of Chambord.

    13. I didn't know Astra except for a month, but the month I knew this person, this person always talked about how BB's body was perfect and how it's important to explore all angles. ... but it was the words associated with the picture I didn't like the most. BB is, IF NOT, one of the most beautiful women that has ever walked this earth. it had nothing to do with jealousy or not being comfortable with my own body, but rather the context.
      From what I also remember, Astra would also have open casual sex with multiple people. I remember seeing talk about male servants/// WTF? I can't recall exactly, but it appeared Astra was sex on legs and couldn't seem to get enough of it. JUST LIKE HOW I'VE REEAD IN THE NEWS ABOUT HOW WOMEN ARE DESCRIBED IN "List of the lost"

      I enjoy looking at female bodies, BB isn't my style of women though. AGAIN.. it wasn't so much the pictures, it was the context.

    14. Nothing against women who do have open casual sex with multiple people or have male servants. I actually do not believe the word slut should exist. Whatever floats a person's boat, I SAY. It was the talk of females (namly, BB) only as a sexual object that I found disrespectful. BB, has a mind, she is a person, and she is beautiful.

      Thank you Orange, your comment made me feel more comfortable, much appreciated. <3

      Comrade Harps, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I believe I know who Morrissey is. I'd tell you, but I see no reason too.

    15. Morrissey said in his autobigoraphy and list of the lost how the female body isn't a mystery because it is exploited everywhere. OH, and how he finds female bodies as graves. The first woman he feel in love with was a man. His songs speak about how women only seem to want attention and very concerned with their looks. I had respect for Morrissey for those reasons. NOT BECAUSE I BELIEVE HE IS MOCKING WOMEN, rather because I find it true. And then I meet Astra.

      When I look into the eyes of another person, I see myself. I don't see a male, female, white, black, young, old. All I know is, I have a female body and that around the world, if I was not born in the United States, that I would not be the person I am today. And if morrissey can look into the eye of a female and think the male race is supreme, well then, that's him, his choice.
      I actually think I'll read list of the lost now. I can accept Morrissey for whoever he is... in his many different forms. however, the way he views women seems to be very crucial to me. When I stop and think about it, it shouldn't matter. If he looks down upon women, then he isn't worth my time.

    16. If Morrissey had lived in a time, sadly, when females WERE looked down upon, then I would be able to accept it. Although I think slavery is wrong, I have to look past the presidents that came before Abraham Lincoln that did have slaves because they did things that changed history forever for the better. For me, it is understanding a period of time and what was accepted and common ways of thinking. I have deep respect for writers that lived in a time and era when Christianity was the main religious thought, but they were atheists. I have deep respect for morrissey for not eating meat when we live in a world that loves steak. However, we TODAY, live in a world where things for women are changing. Women are no longer the stay at home mom that cook and clean. We are not the proverbs 31 woman who has no opinion and no voice. For some females, it may even mean sexual liberation.

      I do not want to say women and men are the same (my ability to gain muscles in my upper arms is much harder than it is for a man because my body is physically different). However, I think it best to say, we all have similar basic needs, wants, and desires. It is a disgrace that America distinguishes between male and female toys. Let it be an individual person's choice. We are all people, who need basic work and a way to support ourselves. A woman should not have to depend on a man (or another woman) to support herself, but sadly, that is the way it is in some countries outside of the United States.

      Something I will have to keep in mine though as i read the book, if is he is stereotyping a certain type of woman.

    17. I also want to add, I have deep respect for Morrissey singing homosexual lyrics.. in a time WHEN IT WAS NOT OKAY. Not only that, his lyrics sing of loneliness, and really not having a home. I believe in that time era, all was happy and fake. Not only that, he sang Meat is murder.. in a time when it was disgraced. He also said no to music videos when other musicians were making music videos. He has the most powerful lyrics ever sang. I guess you could say, I have a very deep respect for him and if he were to look down upon women, well it would hurt. Life moves on though.

    18. I would go SO FAR TO SAY - Kiss me a lot video doesn't disrespect women. I mean, it is different for him, I found it out of place for him. I hear it had two girls from whatever music video, but to me, I enjoyed it. It's a matter of perspective.

    19. I honestly can't talk about this anymore because I have spilled my heart. It is something that has been heavy on my heart too. Like I don't think about, and then some days it just pops up in my mind... and it bugs me. I"m REALLY SO SORRRY Rat for talking about this on your blog. PLZZ, don't hate me. But I think your right rat and to whoever else told me, i just need to read the book for myself. I can't just put it out of my mind, as much as I would like to.

  6. I refuse to recognize the terms hetero-, bi- and homo-sexual. Everybody has exactly the same sexual needs. People are just sexual, the prefix is immaterial.
    —Morrissey, interview, 1984

    This is such an important quote.

  7. I would love to comment but I cant read or write, my neighbours cat reads the comments to me, when we are in the garden and he is reading to me people don't give us a second look, well, not until he puts his reading glasses on

  8. I'd hold back on setting up your deckchair and selling tickets to see your hometown Banksy. It doesn't seem to have the wit or message usually associated with Banksy. On the other hand ... if it has now either protected or chipped off, you may well have a possible Banksy.

  9. Wasn't fiction and writing mentioned in an interview before the book was published? I seem to recall something but not sure what (and am too lazy to search right now).

  10. I'm wondering if anyone has heard from them? I hope they know they are missed and it just isn't the same without them.

  11. I'm wondering if anyone has heard from them? I hope they know they are missed and it just isn't the same without them.


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