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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Day 1633 - Money changes everything

When Our Mozzer made a return to twitter on October 4th 2015 in the guise of BRS Chairman, I made the decision NOT to publish my blog entries observing his activities. This decision was made because, when I initially started writing this blog following OM, I somehow ended up being accused of either: A) Being the person behind the Our Mozzer account or B) Hampering OM's believability/following by being too involved. I wanted the reincarnated OM to be found by inquisitive intellectuals without me fogging the issue.

My decision not to publish my blog entries of that period didn't really have the designed effect however, as not many inquisitive intellectuals came forth, which led to OM getting despondent and disappearing again. I ended up publishing the blog entries in question sometime in late December... although nobody really noticed.

OM has recently returned to twitter again, but his heart doesn't really seem to be in it; certainly not in the way it was in 2011 when he started out. This lack of enthusiasm/caustic wit/entertainment  from OM has lead a number of BRS members privately declaring that they don't believe it to be Moz at all. Some are even questioning if MorrisseysWorld ever was Morrissey! Can they really have forgotten all the hundreds upon hundreds of 'coincidences'?

On Tuesday night at 10.58pm Our Mozzer appeared for one solitary tweet musing,"There is no value in life. No glory in life. Death however?"

Yesterday, I stumbled on a tweet from BRS Chairman from October 10th, stating that when he had reached 200 followers, he would conduct a Twitter Q&A. As he currently now has 245 followers, I tweeted to ask if the Q&A would be coming soon, to which he replied, "it's 500 now. I refuse to demean myself." I replied, "You need to up your game to 2011 levels if you are to gain followers. We need TTY denials, caustic witty tweets & celeb abuse." This morning at 9.04am, the BRS Chairman responded with, "I only rehash my records, not my tweets. There's zero money in this you know."

Is the BRS to die due to a combination of dying faith from the members, and a lack of money to those who run it?.... we're just like the Church of England!

*Goes off singing* As Rose collects the money in the canister, who comes sliding down the banister, the vicar in a tutu, he's not strange, he just wants to live his life this way.


  1. ok I'm a little puzzled here (not hard mind) can someone explain what a coincidence is.. I keep reading about it, but as my mancunian schooling will not recall the word I am in a little trouble, yours as ever

  2. oh and colonel whiskers, thanks for keeping us all posted

  3. I'm with you Rat, OM needs to up his game big time. It's all too timid. Risks need to be taken, things needs to be shaken up. Revolution needs to be nurtured. The last remaining few ragbag disciple freaks and geeks need to be rewarded with a sign. Not an obscure, intellectual, Times crossword puzzle sign but a bright gleaming star of a sign that says, "you few, you unhappy, miserable and broken few..." - the golden ticket, the holiday prize at the end of Ted Rogers's 321 after Dusty Bin has been rejected... that sort of prize. The speedboat that we could have won on Bullseye. One. Last. Hurrah. Before. Curtains. Exit. Stage. Left. And then... nothing. Nothing. The End. Mission completed.

    1. Blessed are the geeks, for they shall see... a shining star of a sign. Always a pleasure to be considered among the ragbag freaks and geeks - wouldn't want it any other way.

    2. what a fantastic way you have with words Marcus, have you ever thought of writing a play, if not, you should, you really should.. I know, I know, I really should be on the stage

    3. Yes, I did write plays once. Mark Shenton of the Sunday Express (a noted theatre critic in his day) famously gave me his only ZERO star review of a play I wrote called Age-Sex-Location. ZERO stars. Not one, not two... ZERO. At the time it nearly broke me. However, today, I consider it one of my greatest literary achievements.

    4. Less noted critics at the time were more favourable than Mr Shenton of the Sunday Express and look... it could be MorrisseysWorld being described here:

    5. Marcus, I've never seen your play, but it certainly would seem that it was way ahead of its' time. It would look fairly tame now, but back then in a pre-Twitter world, it was; as one critic observed, "fresh". That play also convinced 'P.', that you HAD to be the one behind MorrisseysWorld. In 2012, he wrote: "It is some wanker and his mates who hatched a plan to make a film about Internet gullibility. Their subject - Morrissey fans. That is the sum of it". There's still no sign of that film. Poor old 'P.'.

    6. Interesting Mark. I am one of the weird ones. Have been and will be. Yours always.

    7. I'm not that wanker... Another wanker, yes.

    8. Of course you were the wanker - who else could it have been? No one else involved in this story is a film maker. And 'P.' obviously couldn't have been referring to me, because he wrote, "some wanker and his mates", and as we all know, I've got no mates!

    9. Blessed are the Greeks... for they shall see... a shining star of a sign.

      A shining sign from a star.

      I've lost the thread.

      And I'm not referring to our current Chairman Monsieur, obviously. He's just as charming as that dude who calls himself StillMozsWorld. Quite *exactly* as charming, if you ask me.

      Good old OM must be turning in his grave, he would've rather hugged an electric fence before uttering just one dull tweet.

      Always a pleasure to be considered amongst the Ratbag's disciple freaks. Not mates. As he has none.

      Film-makers, trouble-makers. I prefer Perfruita Non Grata. The only question that concerns me is - who will turn off the lights.

    10. Like what? Did you just press a button?

      Click. Click. Heart. Fave. No need for words.

      I once knew a filmmaker. His name was Markus. He showed me Morrissey. I showed him Twin Peaks. The last thing I've heard of him was that he got married in London.

      Did I talk about threads earlier? He made a film about threads. And about how Tom got his scar.

      I'm led astray. But where else would I want to go.


    11. I was searching for a like button,
      But I couldn't find one.
      Good things come to an end,
      Some things never start
      So we're forced to pretend
      I was searching for that like button...

    12. What an outrageous response, thank you! And even in poetry form. I shall try to channel La Mlle Astraea more often. You know what they say about imitation and flattery.

    13. With a wry smile I did notice that, Orange.

      Of course, a little déjà vu never hurt anyone.

      A sweet little ragtag gaggle of internet geese here.

      I hope you all find what you want, and get what you're looking for.

      A little bit of déjà vu, never hurt anyone at all

    14. That's MONSIEUR Orange, dearest Mlle Astraea. But only if you have the time.

      Putting a smile on your face, even if it is wry... was not the best thing that happened to me today. But certainly better than the second-best thing, which was discovering that you're still around. Ne jamais dire à jamais à une comète.

    15. Hello Astraea, it's a delight to see you!

    16. Hello Blondie,

      And it's a delight to be seen by you, in turn. Merci

  4. Oh my I meant Marcus😁. Sorry darling.

  5. I maybe muddle headed these days, but my view that Moz was behind MW hasn't changed.
    Cute photo of Morrissey on twitter pulling a pint of Guinness, which I believe is now vegan. I've not drunk Guinness for years, but it always tasted better in Ireland.

  6. Ireland is the only place Guinness should be drink. Oh yes, it really is vegan now. Perfect!


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