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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Day 1639 - On the fish rampage

Our Mozzer paid a visit to The Wrong Arms on Tuesday evening, and was back to his caustic, cutting, no-punches-pulled best. Here is what he had to say:

"The multitude perceive practically nothing"

"Democracy breeds tyranny. That and Piers Morgan on television"

In response to @DallesandroJoe tweeting, "It should be International Women's Day everyday until women are treated equally and with more respect than they get": "Well you say that but have you ever seen Loose Women? They all need to be sterilised"

(Ed - I would say that it is a fairly safe bet that Californian based, Warhol Superstar, Joe Dallesandro has NOT seen Loose Women!)

"My first act as Mayor will be to ban meat. Henceforth Merkel is banned. As are those refugees she used as meat for political gain."


"Please don't think I care about your feelings when you cannot ascertain the pain I suffer when I discover a soggy cucumber"

In response to @NME tweeting, "Adele surprises fans on the first night of her '25' tour in Manchester": "By not being an ugly, coma inducing, bitch?"


In response to @justinbieber tweeting a photo of his new t-shirts with the slogan OUT NOW: "@justinbieber I don't think you'll ever be 'out now'."

"Losing ones hair is a most distressing position. I have Gregg Wallace and Matt Lucas for company. Where's the rope?


"@ladygaga sings like a horse, looks like a horse, and probably eats like a horse. If Frankie Dettori needs a new ride..."


In response to me tweeting, "Imagine if Morrissey recruited a campaign team of @rickygervais @brigitte_bardot @pamfoundation (Pamela Anderson) @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) etc - hashtag LondonMayor": "More chance of me campaigning with Hitler than Ricky humane meat."

In response to me tweeting, "@BRSChairman You don't think Ricky has a love of animals?": "Only himself."


Our Mozzer's mention of Hitler and Gervais in relation to animal welfare is quite interesting. Despite Hitler's hatred for many humans; particularly jews, who he happily gassed, he was an avid animal lover, and also a visionary; stating in 1941, "there's one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian", and according to a diary entry made by Joseph Goebbels in 1942, Hitler intended to "tackle the problem" of meat eating after the war. It is hard to say how Europe would currently look if Germany had won World War II, but there is a very good chance that we would all be vegetarians, and animals would be respected members of society.

Ricky Gervais is a prominent campaigner for animal welfare, and yet he eats meat; although he is quick to point out that he only eats fish, but it is meat none the less, which is obviously why he has come under attack from Our Mozzer.

Some people find it hard to comprehend how people such as Morrissey and Hitler can value the life of an animal over that of a human, but I find it perfectly normal, totally acceptable, and I agree with it, albeit with a different take. Morrissey (and many other vegetarians/vegans) seems to hold the view that you cannot love animals if you eat them, but that is like saying you cannot love a human if you don't love ALL humans. I care far more about the welfare of my dog (who currently has ligament damage to his knee) than I do about the six million human occupants of Kyrgyzstan, and when my favourite cat was killed by a car, I took a week off work, whereas on the day my brother died, I was at my desk.

To say that me, Ricky Gervais, and anyone who eats meat can't love animals is nonsense, but what I do concede is that I am indifferent towards some animals, just as I am indifferent towards the vast majority of human beings. I love my nearest and dearest; whether they be human or animal, I respect most of the human and animal world, and I am indifferent towards the likes of fish, Katie Price, Belgians, chickens, Yvette Cooper, Lynn Bowles, the Kardashians, Graham Norton, Oliver Letwin, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and Southampton fans. Actually, that's not entirely true, I f***ing HATE Yvette Cooper, and would happily feed her to the fishes.



  1. A pleasure to see Chairman in such fine form tonight.

  2. I realize I am behind on my comments, so I will attempt to get them caught up. Congrats on your son getting an offer to Durham. I am not sure what this all entails, not even sure if his brains come from you or Mrs. Ratty. Is his going to Durham connected to the 'grey lady of Durham' that you mentioned in relationship with the girl falling down the staircase? To me it would be neat to go to a school with a ghost connection. In my area we only have a goat boy and numerous UFO sightings but the USA is young while the UK has the years to help with ghosts. I did like the chart this week, it must have taken you quite a while to put it together. Mayor Morrissey has a nice ring to it, but I would not get into any politics if they are like the ones we have in the states. They hsve been weird this year. As for Lady Gaga, she did a good job on 'til it Happens to you' composing and singing the song at the Academy awards last week and she was dressed normal. As for loving animals I had read Hitler liked animals, but animals love you unconditionally. So why wouldn't he. When I come home who greets me excitedly, as if I' been gone for ages. I am lucky the family even looks up from whatever they are doing-unless they need something. Hope all have a pleasant week. Oh, BTW, I hardly notice color of Moz's shirt which he rips off any ways - unless it has blue roses.

  3. Recently I read a comment on another blog about the similarities between Chairman and Our Mozzer, I see it in their tweets like with their choice of targets and cattiness.
       Lately I've laid off of fish and explored other veggie options like veggie patties or even tofurkey andouille sausage (I made a beautiful jambalaya with soyrizo and tofurkey sans the shrimp) but my worst enemy is cheese. Every time I eat cheese, I imagine a baby calf ripped away from its mother, her screams deafening, eyes buldging as she ignores the painful stings of the bullhook, unable to be with her own baby. All of that pain into one block of cheese but try as I might I can't get off it.
    I'm not sure I'd like any alternatives to cheese either, so maybe I deserve such animosity from hardcore vegans/vegetarians because, aware of the tourture, I still consume the product. Not only do I condemnmyself but the whole human race, we can all go to hell (figuratively not literally, ok) for all I care.

  4. dearest chairman, work stops me from peeking over the fence every day, however colonel whiskers keeps everyone posted.. hey jjaz I might ne back to LA this summer if things work out

  5. You must please remember, in The Bunker on April 29, 1945, Hitler had a cyanide capsule tested on Blondi, so he basically had her killed. Eva Braun's 2 dogs (Negus and Stasi) and Blondi's pups were all shot after Hitler and Eva committed suicide.


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