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Friday, 11 March 2016

Day 1640 - The Last of the Famous International Chess Players

Our Mozzer has made a couple of visits to The Wrong Arms in the past few days, and yesterday evening's visit saw him bring a friend with him.... Mundane Glamour. When I say a friend, what I actually mean is pessoa. Ever since Mundane Glamour first arrived in The Arms on January 1st, I have been battling with myself trying to work out if she was either: A) A Morrissey pessoa B) Someone Morrissey knew or C) Somebody pretending to be a Morrissey pessoa. There has never been a D)... there rarely ever is.

Right from the start, Mundane G insisted that they were  NOT a Morrissey pessoa, but as Mandy Rice-Paper once said, "he would, wouldn't he", and as Judge Pileofuntouchedsandwiches once said, "to me at least he appeared devious, truculent and unreliable where his own interests were at stake."


By January 12th, I had concluded that Mundane Glamour "MUST be someone Morrissey knows", and wondered if it were Linder. On January 26th, I mused if perhaps Mundane G was Kevin 'Walter Ego' Marrinan, the man who Our Mozzer once described as, "one of the so-low trolls...I pay to write nonsense all over the so-low site and do the odd internet-based jobs for me".

On February 9th, Mundane Glamour deactivated their twitter account. The very next day, after a two month absence, Our Mozzer reappeared in the guise of BRS Chairman, which pretty much confirmed to me that Mundane WAS, after all, a Morrissey pessoa. If I'm honest, I didn't think we would see Mundane again but, as I have already mentioned, yesterday evening, she returned. Here are the highlights of the evening's proceedings, which began at 8.43pm and ended at 9.49pm.

BRS CHAIR: "Imagine entering a competition for an unnamed prize. Imagine winning and the prize is free tickets to Mumford and Sons."

(Ed - I have to confess that although I have heard of Mumford and Sons, I have never heard ANY of their songs, and yet apparently they have had two Number 1 albums! I'm not quite sure how I have completely managed to avoid them, but then again, I have also managed to avoid everything to do with the Kardashians, and wouldn't recognise any of them.)

BRS CHAIR: "Imagine your mum being Denise Welch. You'd probably form a Fall Out Boy tribute act."

(Ed - I have also never heard a single song by Fall Out Boy, and wouldn't know who they were if they passed me in the street, but I do know who Denise Welch is.... but what I didn't know until I just googled her, is that her son is the lead singer of a group called The 1975; who I have also never heard a single song by, but must presume must sound like a Fall Out Boy tribute band. I sometimes wonder if I live under a rock.)


BRS CHAIR: "Do you ever get the feeling that you've been cheated? Rotten luck."
MUNDANE G: "Well that also happens a lot round here."
BRS CHAIR: "Welcome and please f*** off"
MUNDANE G: "Such a sweet reply"

MUNDANE G: "Sorry for the de-activation. I've been playing chess in my prison cell."

MUNDANE G: "Sorry, just flexing my intellectual muscle. More Bernard Cribbins than Bernard Shaw"

BRS CHAIRMAN: "Yield to the fright"

On Wednesday, the BRS Chairman popped in very briefly to The Arms to pick up on a comment made by Manc Lad. Manc Lad had left the following comment in response to OM's tweet of Tuesday about banning refugees: "@BRSChairman careful about the refugee statement the racist accusing finger is very long, it gives plebs something to do". In reply to Manc Lad, OM wrote, "race is a social construct therefore racism doesn't exist." I picked up on this comment, and said, "A very interesting and logical way to look at it, but how do you explain the actions of those such as Hitler?" OM replied, "well the Jews are not a race.."

And finally, Smiths cover star Richard Davalos has died. In Morrissey's Autobiography, Moz details how Davalos gave him a ring and sent him a number of "beautifully printed letters". There was obviously a special connection between the pair.

*Goes off singing* Dear hero imprisoned, with all the new moves that you are perfecting, oh I can't help castling you


  1. A few years ago I got volunteered as chaperone for younger family members who wanted to see a group called 'Panic at the Disco', and who was connected with Pete Wentz, who is in 'Fall Out Boy'. While I researched to see what I was getting myself into, I discovered they were Moz fans and that Wentz had actually communicated with Moz. As for ''Mumford and Son', my son listens to them, which surprised me as they were 'folksie' and my son usually did not listen to that type of music, although I heard they were changing their style. The concert turned out fine, a bit too loud (now I sounds like my dad), but enjoyed myself.

  2. Well, I most certainly live under a rock, being blissfully ignorant about anything related to Denise Welch, Mumford and Sons, and Fall Out Boy (among other things). In addition, it seems I miss all the fun in The Arms lately. Welcome back to Mundane Glamour.

  3. Maybe the Goat should take this approach:

    As money is a social construct, and you think that social constructs don't exist, therefore you won't mind if I just help myself to 25% of yours.

    Just sayin.

    1. I suppose Chairman was referring to the fact that there can be more genetic variation within one "race" than between two people of different "races", so the term "race" is indeed a social construct, as it doesn't really have any scientific basis. To conclude that racism doesn't exist however isn't entirely correct, racism is a short but inaccurate description of what is "discrimination against people of a different ethnical background". In the end it's just semantics. I for one prefer to divide humans into goat-people, fruit-people, and slug-people. A very simplistic approach, but it helps me to structure my world, as fruit-people aren't the smartest creatures on this planet. I want to be reborn as an octopus.

  4. Race is indeed a social construct. Agreed.

    Not sure if I'm s goat, fruit or slug person, though. However, as these are idiosyncratic social constructs, it probably doesn't matter.

    1. It's not even a social construct, it's just my private filing system. You're classified as fruit-person BTW.

    2. Ill take that as a compliment.

  5. Sadness is far & wide.

    Thanks for the updates Rat. I shall be disappearing for a while now as I go to seek some warmth & sunshine. I am mindful that its one year next Monday since the Morrissey concert in Bournemouth. I think back with such fondness & a lump in my throat.
    Also remember the gorgeous poem by Astra posted the day before the concert - Blue Rose Riddle Me Blue, so delightful.

    1. Have a lovely time in the sun. Thanks for the reminder of Astra's poem - I just enjoyed reading it again.

  6. EARS, thanks for reminding us of that wonderful poem by Astra. I enjoyed reading it again. There are so many things I would love to view again from FTM and MW, like the parodys, pictures and the interaction of the fans who followed it, but I do not know where to find them. Also, I had wanted to say I'd seen the band '1975' a few weeks ago on SNL (a US TV show), it's just that the lead singer did not look at all like the picture of him in FTM. I would say that with the make up he wore to perform, he resembled Frank N Further from 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. On the site I looked him up on, they quoted him as saying he felt comfortable in his 'sexual fluidity'. I won't say they were a bad band, it's just I was distracted by his 'sexual fluidity'. Hope all have a good weekend-what's left of it.

  7. Oh those delightful photoshop images on MorrisseysWorld!!
    Life imitates Art?

  8. Sadly racism exists, but just because people pay to much attention to social let's remove every social contructions and live our life as an anarchy...anarchy of mind! Have a nice evening!


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