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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Day 1648 - Faces of a beautiful and secret society

This blog has been rewarded with its' very own official Morrissey t-shirt... but more about that later.

There have been a number of TTY entries over the past few days, and an appearance in The Wrong Arms from the pessoa, Mademoiselle Fifi.

The TTY articles have covered a variety of subjects, as follows:
1) A link to a two year old story about New Zealand recognising animals as sentient beings - which is presumably in relation to Morrissey's possible London Mayor candidacy for the Animal Welfare Party
2) A photograph of a banner at Mancapitalist City Football Ground which reads ' Manchester... So Much To Answer For'
3) An article about 'Prince' William the Terrible
4) A photo montage of Marilyn Monroe by Sam Esty Rayner 
5) A photo montage of Marilyn Monroe embracing Sam by 'Steven-patrick' 
6) An article entitled 'If Prince William Were Black'
7) An article entitled 'All The Best Ones Are Dead'

Marilyn Monroe Embraces Sam Esty Rayner (Morrissey's Nephew) Photomontage By Steven-Patrick

Yesterday's TTY article, entitled All The Best Ones Are Dead, was brought to the attention of the Dreary Deluded Dozen by Mademoiselle Fifi, who posted a link to it in The Arms (before anyone else in my timeline had tweeted it) and followed it up with another tweet that related to the article. The follow up tweet was a photo of James Dean with Richard Davalos, and  a hashtag of 'SecretSociety', which were words used in the TTY article. Here is the article in full:

"It's very difficult for me, I think, to live now, in this electronic age of atrocity. We are fed nothing but carnage and ruin, and we must digest these images and thoughts every single day ... so is it any wonder we all look slightly terrorised ... this stupid civilization of advertising, advertising, advertising ... things that nobody wants. It's hard to maintain indifference and to not respond. Finally, nothing connects with anything. Even to have imagination suddenly seems hopeless because pop music has become so impoverished and obsessed only with very, very stupid people. It's fascinating to consider how Radio One once interviewed William Burroughs! These days the program planners at Radio One would pass on William Burroughs in favor of Little Boots. So it's a bit like trying to deal with people who have nothing but actually want even less than they have. Therefore I look at Richard Davalos and James Dean not as faces from a more simplistic time, but as faces of a beautiful and secret society. You cannot say that about anyone in 2016."

Richard Davalos And James Dean 1

The mention in the TTY article of Little Boots made me smile, because Morrissey surely meant Little Mix. Morrissey would no doubt claim that he wouldn't know the difference, but Lancastrian Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots, is actually a talented musician, who incidentally I once saw play an excellent set at the IW Festival. Little Boots hasn't been on Radio 1 in years, as pointed out by @littleboots herself on twitter yesterday, when she tweeted, "Moz obviously hasn't listened to radio 1 recently...". I should add, that Little Mix are utter shite!


Coincidentally, both Little Boots and William Burroughs have both previously been referenced in this blog of mine, with Little Boots's song Remedy getting a mention on Day 15, and Burroughs being quoted on Day 1106; when I referred to his quote, "In this magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen." I'm not too sure that I agree with Burroughs about accidents only happening through someone willing them, but there can only be a certain number of coincidences happen before they stop being coincidences, and become someones will...

... and on that subject, let me introduce the official Mozziah t-shirt, available from the M Porium website priced at £25, and YES, I have ordered mine already, and am deeply honoured. I can't see many of the Solowers buying one!

I posted a very similar photograph of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey just a couple of months ago, on Day 1612. This latest t-shirt CANNOT be just a coincidence, someone somewhere willed it!

There was nothing else from Mademoiselle Fifi, and the only postings from Not Bot (Not Astra's Derrière), were a couple of photos of Françoise Hardy posted on Wednesday.

In other news, it has been announced that Jack Lowden is to play the part of Morrissey in the soon-to-be-made story called Steven, about Morrissey's early life. God only knows how much of this thing will be based on fact, and how much is completely made up. No doubt a certain someone will let us know.


And finally, in the week that Morrissey laments the death of both pop music and connection, I travelled to Camden Roundhouse and watched Savages, which has not only convinced me that popular music does still have a pulse, but also that connections can still be made, and in fact, can be electric.... it just doesn't happen very often!

Rather ironically, the person who first introduced me to Savages back in September 2014 was.... the Morrissey pessoa Alfs Button.


  1. fantastic tee shirt, I saw the tweet by Sabine with a picture of the tee shirt, I too must have one, palm leaves waving, mozziah.. nothing to see here so lowers, actually, that is a little unkind of me, some of them are quite nice

  2. sorry colonel whiskers but you don't have another reader, it is the same one just letting you know that I too have purchased the above tee shirt.. fantastic

  3. Actually I tweeted the link to the TTY article two minutes before Fifi did, but that is irrevelant. It was lovely to see the 'secret society' mention, and the article as a whole really moved me and reminded me of the MW loneliness essay, one of my personal favorites. I had forgotten that a similar Messiah picture had appeared here so recently - an interesting coincidence.

  4. Funny tee, you couldn't make that up!

  5. As to the photomontage by Steven-patrick, well if that is by Morrissey he has come a long way since his Morrisseysworld days.
    Somehow I doubt that it was by him. If you have a peek at the properties it says "marilyn_monroe_embraces_sam_esty_rayner_(morrissey's_nephew)_photomontage_by_steven-patrick.jpg"

  6. Enjoy this video I made on Christmas day of Morrissey as God.
    I searched and searched the web for the pics, I find it interesting I didn't come across the one you posted on Twitter however so many months back. It's interesting to note that, that pic of morrissey riding a donkey, I was unable to find it. it'd be cool if you posted it on ur blog for us to see the resemblance.

    I have so many other video plans (but I am really just trying to chill out right now, addictions are BADDDDDDDD) Him being my addiction!! But the next video I want to make will be a a tribute to Morrissey and Boz Boorer... Not sure what song I'll use for the video of pics of he and Boz... but I wanna pick a song that Boz wrote. Haavvvve neee suggestions ?!??!?!??

  7. Don't you love collages/photomontages?

  8. The Mozziah shirt is a beauty but it also makes me a little sad knowing the story of Jesus' impending doom, Wondering if there is more to convey than just the image? In these recent tty posts phrases like secret society make me realise daily how blind and brainwashed the population has become, have you heard the new Rihanna song? It's literally incomprehensible yet played every ten minutes. I've never heard of Little Boots, but I can only imagine.

  9. Now I'm busy searching informations about Little Boots...Ciao!


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