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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Day 1666 - Virtual Insanity

It has now been two weeks since I last wrote a blog entry, because bugger all has been going on in either the world of Morrissey or MorrisseysWorld. The world's number 1 Morrissey Internet pub, TheWrong Arms, has also been exceptionally quiet, although MerryAnne has now returned to the fold. There is still no sign of the other one who went off in a "different direction" with her, so one must presume that she is totally lost! No doubt she will return at some stage, or not... some do, some don't!

The reason that I am writing this entry today is because yesterday, Our Mozzer made a very brief return to The Arms to post a tweet in response to the new 'official' Twitter account that appeared, under the name of, wait for it..... '@Smiths_Official'. Our Mozzer simply tweeted, "Joyce, is that you?".


Within 24 hours of the 'official' (it has the white tick in a blue cloud) Smiths account appearing, over 16,000 sheep are following it, even though A) the Smiths broke up nearly thirty years ago B) It clearly states that the account is managed by Warner Music UK C) There had been no tweets from the account. There is NO D).

The arrival of this 'official' account sent Solow into meltdown, with the completely retarded Uncle Skinny claiming that a Smiths reunion was, "the logical conclusion and the only thing that can happen". WHAT is WRONG with people? HOW can the world be full of such complete and utter morons? How can a Smiths reunion possibly be the ONLY thing that can happen in Morrissey's career?.... mind you, I have written about the Solowers' logic before on Day 508.


At 9.46 am this morning, the 'official' Smiths account tweeted, "Please note this account is purely to celebrate the history and the music of The Smiths".... well there's a surprise!

And just after 5.30pm this afternoon, TTY issued the following statement under the heading Warner UK:

"A Smiths/Morrissey Google alerts/Twitter account has been opened by Warner UK. Morrissey would like to stress that this account has not been sanctioned by him and has no connection to him. Follow it at your peril."

In other Moz news, another TTY piece was posted two days ago, which was a quote from Bill Oddie on how he finds Ponce William hypocritical. The TTY piece is humorously entitled, "Bill Oddie, who hates Morrissey, comments on William The Terrible's endorsement of trophy hunting". As titles go, it's one of my favourites. I had completely forgotten about Oddie laying into Morrissey during the 2006 campaign to find Britain's Greatest Living Icon; which incidentally Morrissey came 2nd in, behind Oddie's man, David Attenborough. Oddie himself is of course a hypocrite for accepting an OBE, and is also a bit of a twat. Rather interestingly - to me at any rate - David Bowie is the first of those Top 10 Greatest Living Icons to die, which in 10 years I find surprising!




  1. Dear Ratty, I think it's positive having a Smiths twitter account, it means people are still devoted to the band and, you know, in a band the frontman is the most important person, plus, as someone is saying there are demos and other tracks never listened before and maybe we can do it now. What else? Reunion, we all know Morrissey said no 34578...times, but record companies can got a lot of motivation. By now there is the peril of been deluded by a reunion or a reiessue, as Morrissey
    kindly wrote. Have a nice evening, I'm watching OJ. Ciao!

  2. Well, the Smiths account has now amassed over 20,000 followers. I think I may better understand now why the moaners on Solow keep hanging around - they seem to be clinging to a desperate shred of hope that a reunion may happen someday. At least we aren't the only deluded ones around here! I personally don't understand the appeal of living in the past, but as we know, it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

  3. I find nothing alluring about following a corporate business label.
    Of course The Smiths were the best band EVER. But that was then, this is now. You can't (in my opinion) recreate the past.

  4. I never knew about the letter from Pink to Prince William (in the Bill Oddy piece on TTY) - absolutely brilliant! When I first heard about the new Smiths Twitter account, I immediately heard Our Mozzer's voice in my head making some remark about Joyce and wasn't disappointed! Yes, OM, sometimes you are that predictable but in a nice way! xxx

  5. The inclusion of ‘Morrissey Google alerts’ in the TTY statement is intriguing.
    The Smiths twitter account was opened by Warner UK, but Google alerts have nothing to do with them. Why include mention of google alerts in the statement? Answers on a postcard, please.

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