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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Day 1670 - No More Tours (Enough is Enough)

A statement has been issued on Morrissey's semi-official/unofficial/mouthpiece thingy, True-To-You entitled, Morrissey Far East.

It is a short statement which reads:

Morrissey's whispered live dates for the Far East have been pushed back until such a time when there is a new Morrissey recording.

"... by which time the common pigeon will no doubt be facing global extinction..." Morrissey has said.

The article also includes a couple of old Moz photos from the 90s
So, WHAT exactly does it mean?
The words, "pushed back" would seem to suggest that this is just a temporary postponement and not a complete cancellation, and yet the reference to the extinction of the common pigeon; of which there are currently around 17-28 million in Europe alone, would suggest that the Far East dates ain't coming any time soon.

Paloma bravĂ­a (Columba livia), Palacio de Nymphenburg, MĂșnich, Alemania01.JPG

It is interesting that the TTY statement reads, "a new Morrissey recording" rather than "a new recording contract" or "a new album", which has already been interpreted by some to mean that the "new Morrissey recording" could in fact be a reference to the audio version of List of the Lost, which is due for release on June 30th.

The Morrissey quote at the end of the TTY statement might not even be related to the first paragraph about the Far East tour at all, and could either be an excerpt from a new Morrissey interview, or may just be a random sentence that, "Morrissey has said"... possibly even to himself! To write, "Morrissey has said" is in itself a rather bizarre thing to write, but moving on from that, what about the mention of the pigeon? Coincidentally; and I do really believe it is a coincidence.... I think, I posted a number of songs on Twitter yesterday by Pidgeon, the band formed in the late 60s by Jobriath.


Lastly on the subject of the TTY statement, what relevance are those old 1990s photos, and WHY is HMV written on them? Could it possibly mean that we are to see a re-release of Jack the Ripper on vinyl and CD? And could a live version of Speedway be on the b side? It would be a nice way to mark 25 years of Moz and Boz. You read it here first ; )

A tour could be coming sooner than than those pigeons think, but in the mean time.... the English cricket season begins today - HURRAH!


  1. Regarding the tour cancellation, I do hope that Morrissey is ok. The quote in the statement strikes me as an OM-style quote, such as those mentioned here:

    Here's hoping that the audio version of LOTL will in fact be a new Morrissey recording - would be heavenly to hear him read it (and I'm not referring to David).

  2. I am sorry to hear the news about the tour & hope that all well for Morrissey.
    All the talk of pigeons & for some bizarre reason I've got stop that pigeon from Dastardly & Muttley stuck in my head.

    Moz reading LOTL would be a delight.

  3. oh no, not the croquet season, old ladies with cardigans clapping politely, whilst old men like whiskers sip pimms and comment on what a great game it is.. jeeezzzzz

  4. Lots of jigsaw pieces there, but what a puzzle.

  5. Fairly confident that the LOTL audio will be read by Morrissey. Penguin have the audiobook and audio download on their website with a scaled down cover.
    Maybe Lucy Lips knows something about this?

    1. as always these days detective GWO I doff my flat northern cap to you

    2. So, do you reckon I should pre-order it? I'm 99% sure, but there is the 1% that says knowing my luck I'll end up with Neil Morrissey.

  6. That image on TTY is intriguing. If it was intended as a JTR re-issue, why 'the thoughts of' jack the ripper? Also as Chuck asked on twitter, where does "as we return to wherever we feel certain we'll end up", come from?
    A live version of Speedway with Mando on the bass!! It could happen. (Preferably with Matt on the drums rather than the novelty act, much as I adore Boz). Did I imagine that there was talk of a live recording during the recent tours?
    The image seems to have been used as a hoax record cover in the past. So is this a hoax of a hoax, and if so, why would it have HMV on it?
    Finally the image is not credited ... at all. Nor have I seen any mention in my timeline, which granted is small, to any FB, IG or other source for that image.
    Just questions, no answers.

    1. Very interesting observations dear GWO, I don't know what to say about the situation, just hoping for Morrissey in top form and on tour soon!

    2. Very interesting observations dear GWO, I don't know what to say about the situation, just hoping for Morrissey in top form and on tour soon!

  7. God I love Morrissey. That is all.

  8. well, the tour will just have to move elsewhere.. it can/will be done, forward with Moz


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