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Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 1696 - Officially Number 1

If you were to go into your local HMV record shop today (if it hasn't been closed down, as my local one was in 2013) and ask for a copy of the UK's Number 1 single, you would no doubt be met with a blank look, for a physical copy i.e. record, cassette or CD of One Dance by Drake featuring Wizkid & Kyla doesn't actually exist.

Drake and his mates aren't of course alone in not releasing their single - if it can still be called a single - in a physical format, as virtually ALL the songs in the UK 'Singles' chart these days are released only as a download, but as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, last April, due to a "huge surge in interest in the sector", the Official UK Charts Company launched an Official Vinyl Singles Chart - THE RECORD WAS BACK!

Those releasing singles on vinyl in the past year include old lags who grew up with the format, such as Paul Weller, New Order and Noel Gallagher, as well as modern day artists who understand their heritage, such as Slaves and Wolf Alice. All of the aforementioned have scored Number 1s, whilst the other major releasers of singles on vinyl are record companies, looking to cash in on that surge in popularity... well they would wouldn't they! Bowie, Dylan, Elvis, Queen and the Rolling Stones have all been repackaged and reissued during the past 12 months, resulting in Number 1s for the lot of them. When the reissue of Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone hit the top on November 13th 2015, it was the first time that he had ever had a UK Number 1 single.


And Dylan isn't the only 'old lag' to achieve a first Official UK Number 1 Single. Earlier today, the new Top 40 Vinyl Singles Chart was published, and at Number 1 is The Boy With The Thorn In His Side recorded in 1993 by the late Jeff Buckley. Not only is it Buckley's first Official UK Number 1, but it is also the first time that a song written by Morrissey or indeed Johnny Marr, has ever been to Number 1 in an Official UK Singles Chart.


I now look forward to Morrissey achieving a Number 1 as a recording artist..... whatever happened to that Jack the Ripper release?


  1. Hello Ratty, with the great come back of vynils the music scene is more interesting than before I judt hope for a Morrissey's surprise! Have a nice week end! Ciao.

  2. Nice to see a Smiths song at number 1. Would be nicer yet to see Moz at the top of the chart - hopefully someday. Had a lovely surprise today while shopping at my local Urban Outfitters, where I noticed copies of Vauxhall prominently on display in their rather limited vinyl selection.


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