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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Day 1701 - Return of the Mac troll... and Moz

At 4.30pm yesterday, our old friend Mancladmozfan tweeted to hint that Morrissey was heading to London. Manclad is a trolley dolly for one of the major airlines, so has access to passenger details.


My immediate thought was that perhaps Moz might pay a visit to The Wrong Arms prior to flying, which he sometimes does; usually tweeting something about not being around for much longer.... that fear of flying obviously grips as strong as ever!

I wasn't to be disappointed, for at 7.15 (11.15am LA time) Our Mozzer popped in for a few exchanges, which I am pleased to say, included his possible departure. Here are his offerings:

"Lick the floor where the queen has stepped or bow in submission instead."

In reply to @ToryJesusSays tweeting, "I believe the lady doth protest too much. A closet monarchist?":

"Have you been following? I mean really!"


"Kiss me quick, soon I'll be gone"

In response to bit-part actor, Ewen Macintosh (who played the part of Keith in The Office 15 years ago... and not a lot since) posting a 'eyes to the skies' face emoji and sarcastically tweeting, "Ah, Mozza is on the old Twitter again I see":

"Did you pay for your followers? I don't recall you doing much post-Office. Are you waiting for a John Prescott biopic?"

Marcus the Greek (who is a friend of Keith's, er, I mean Ewen's) tweeted, "That's cruel", to which Our Mozzer replied, "and?"

Keith, er, I mean Ewen, it's Ewen, it's Ewen; who incidentally has mocked MorrisseysWorlders back in 2011, '12 and '14 for believing that Morrissey was on Twitter, then tweeted, "Being cyber bullied by the emo kids. Now I've seen it all!" Typical of his type, happy to dish it out, but cries "bully" when he gets it back. Poor, poor Keith!



Our Mozzer's final offering was, "Always."

At 5pm LA time, social media started to report that Morrissey was at LAX - Manclad's info was once again correct. Perhaps now that Our Mozzer is back in a proper time zone, we will get to see him in The Arms more often.


In other news, Biebs has had a small cross tattooed on his face, has shaven his head, has broken down in tears on stage, has announced that he will no longer have photos taken with fans, and has been feeding squirrels bare foot in the park. It is surely only a matter of time before he discovers the music of the Smiths.

Justin Bieber


  1. Ha ha! Ewen made it to the famous blog!

  2. You cheeky bleeder.. no way did i say moz was coming to london and 100% i am not a trolley dolly for any airline . If you think that trolley dollies know in advance when people are travelling you really are crazy

  3. Hi Ratty, I'm always happy when Morrissey came back in Europe! Ciao.

  4. Moz is looking fit as a fiddle. I can't take my eyes off of that ring, it's yuuuuge!!

  5. I never knew that Ewen had been observing MW for all these years. If he's so sure it isn't Morrissey, why does he keep hanging around? It's always lovely to see new pics of Moz, although the paparazzi are dreadfully annoying. I hope he arrived at his destination safe and sound, and hopefully that won't be the last we see of the Chairman for a while.

  6. I feel a dull pain in my heart for biebs, I believe it's where I used to care slightly more than I do now. I hope your prediction of him discovering Morrissey via The Smiths finally comes to pass.
     As always it is a pleasure to see Chairman on Twitter, his presence adds a touch of wit and mystic to my day.

  7. Thanks for keeping this site open and up to date on all things moz. Just happened to see film on the TV of the 'biebs' that was a match to the picture on your blog. On it
    the announcers were all upset about him feeding the squirrels barefooted and how he might get rabies. I have fed squirrels and know many who have also fed them and never once was there any worry about rabies. I just thought the 'biebs'just looked lonely. As for the picture of OM he looks very healthy and in a good mood which was nice to see.Some of his pics after the last tour he looked very tired. Hope he and his fans have a good time celebrating his up coming birthday.


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