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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Day 1705 - Little streamer, stream on!

My blog entry of yesterday; marking the 5 year anniversary of MorrisseysWorld, had the lowest number of page views since I first started writing this blog. With the exception of a handful of loyal readers who have continued to stay involved with the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, everyone else has bailed out. Those who had been reading my blog because they had a hunch that perhaps the deluded dozen might just have got it right, have obviously now lost interest, and discarded their hunch. I doubt even Rosy Mires reads FTM anymore.

I remain baffled as to HOW Morrissey fans failed to see what was right in front of their eyes, but I am no longer shocked. Over time I have come to realise that unless something has a 'tick' of authenticity, or unless people are TOLD something by  someone in 'authority', then it simply CANNOT be true. Morrissey couldn't have been involved with MorrisseysWorld because Morrissey didn't say so; in fact, he said the opposite, so that was good enough for the masses. The story ends.


Yesterday, Morrissey issued a statement on True-To-You congratulating the Smiths, Stephen Street and Rough Trade for, "30 fantastic years of sales for The Queen Is Dead, which is 30 years old in June." It is quite possibly the nicest thing that Morrissey has said about Judas Joyce in the last 20 years!


The TTY statement went on to add, "I urged Warner UK to issue a social 'The Queen Is Dead' single release for the first week of June... but... brick wall. Bleeding to death, I therefore have the restless gall to ask of you that, should you have 99 cents/pence that you purchase 'The Queen Is Dead' track in the final week of May, thus possibly edging it into the corner of everyone's ear in the UK Top 100."

I really CANNOT understand why Warner UK would not want to release a 30th Anniversary single; particularly as Jeff Buckley's version of The Boy With the Thorn in His Side sits proudly at the top of the Official UK Singles Vinyl Chart for a second consecutive week, but they must have their reasons - as Morrissey also wrote in the TTY statement, "perhaps some label bosses have their eye on a tatty OBE".


There is currently HUGE interest and demand in vinyl, and only two days ago, a real hubbub occurred when a new Radiohead 7" turned-up in independent record shops - it sold out within hours. A The Queen Is Dead 7" would undoubtedly have created a similar hubbub.

Radiohead Burn the Witch / Spectre 7"

Following on from the TTY statement, my immediate thought was to start a campaign to get people downloading The Queen Is Dead in the week commencing Friday May 27th - Morrissey's thinking, no doubt, is to have TQID in the chart in the week leading up to Elizabeth Battybird's 'official' 90th birthday on June 11th.

As I don't have Facebook, I posted a tweet urging people to buy TQID from May 27th, and asked all of my 143 followers to re-tweet my tweet, to help spread the word. I got a grand total of 9 retweets! It dawned on me that I wasn't going to be very useful in this campaign, so paid a visit to the Morrissey Solow website, to see what they were doing to get The Queen is Dead into the chart. As it is a Smiths song and not a Morrissey solo song, I had hopes that Uncle Skinny & Co would, for once, be positive about such a campaign, but as soon as I read Skinny calling the idea "sad" and him telling anyone who would listen that the song is not in fact about the Royal family in any way, shape or form, I realised Solow would be as useless as ever... and also realised that Peter Finan (Uncle Skinny) remains a cunt of the highest order. He is so far down his hole of hatred, that all he can now see is darkness and dirt.


This morning, as I sat thinking how I could get a campaign going to get The Queen is Dead into the chart; similar to the campaign that successfully got Killing in the Name to No.1 and Ding Dong The Witch is Dead to No.2, it suddenly dawned on me that in 2016, it is in fact impossible to manipulate a song into the charts. In 2014, chart rules changed, allowing audio streams to count towards the UK Singles Chart. Inevitably, just as the 7" vinyl replaced the 10" shellac, and the CD single replaced the 7", and the download replaced the CD single, the audio stream has now replaced the download; to such an extent that Apple are now planning to TERMINATE downloading within the next two years - the download's dead boys, and it's so lonely on a stream.


My two offspring - I can no longer call them children - are 16 and 17, and listen to music all day, every day. They are typical teenagers, and like all of their friends, neither of them owns ANY FORM of physical music whatsoever. They both pay a monthly subscription to Spotify, and have NO INTEREST  in 'owning' copies of the songs they listen to. This is the modern world.

The music industry has gone through unbelievable changes over the past decade, but if the 'buying' of downloads does disappear, I see it as a really positive thing for both music consumers, and  recording artists. It would effectively leave two consumer camps: those who want to OWN a copy of the music they listen to - like me - and those who want to RENT a copy of the songs they listen to - like my kids. It would be a bit like the housing market, with the purchased download representing nothing more than a holiday, and not a home at all - you pay for it, but have nothing to show after. The way I see it working, is that a record or CD is released on a certain date, with a free download code, and it is then made available for audio streaming very soon after. This is pretty much what happens with film releases.

As for a track from The Queen is Dead getting into the chart, I guess that is only likely to happen when Battybird dies, or when Moz dies.

In other news, Mademoiselle Fifi popped into The Wrong Arms this afternoon, to listen to me playing Diana Dors's, Hooray For Love on the jukebox, and to exchange a few nothings with myself and Manclad. If only the masses and those with hunches had realised. Oh well!


  1. I'm very pleased that a Morrissey statement about the 30th anniversary of The Queen Is Dead in June contains a mention of his pleasant speaking voice, with the audiobook being due out June 30. I want to see a sign here really desperately.

    Also, congratulations to our Aussie Monsieur. I haven't seen any footage of Eurovision yet, but it will be fun to watch it next year. At around 4 am.

    1. Pardon my confusion. If parts of the above comment don't make sense, it's because I just got aware that Australia did not win the Eurovision contest. It just looked like it when I went to bed.

      I'll roll back under my rock now.

      Sorry comrade, maybe next year!

    2. If only that were a hint about the audiobook. Methinks that is about 'rants'. When Morrissey makes a statement, it is invariably reported as 'Morrissey rants'.

    3. What's Eurovision?

      It's funny, Oz has a largely Eur-centric white heritage since 1788, but recently we've been looking to Asia, then we have a Korean-born lass representing Australia in EUROvision. This is modern, globalised Australia (and I like it).

    4. GWO, although I suspect you're probably right, I'm foolishly clinging to a shred of hope that Orange's idea about the audiobook hint might be accurate, because I had exactly the same hunch when I read the mention of his pleasant speaking voice.

      On a different topic, because I haven't seen any mention of M's "America is Black" piece, I just wanted to say that I found it to be a spot-on analysis but I'm wondering why it was posted on Sam's FB page.

    5. Hah, yes postings on TTY/FB are all over the place recently. Blame admin guy.

  2. i'll do my little bit and spend a tenner downloading it, should be fun

    1. A tenner? Are you getting the deluxe version?

    2. noooooo, I mean I will make several downloads

  3. Hello Ratty, I just wsnt yo say that I read and comment on this blog with pleasure and devotion and I'm happy to know that five years passed. Have a nice evening, ciao!

  4. Always interesting when you write about the charts.
    As the TTY request is to download, maybe it would have been better to have posted it on 27 May when people could have chosen to download there and then.
    As to a campaign, the TTY comment only asks that a download would 'possibly edging it into the corner of everyone's ear in the UK Top 100'. No expectation of a number 1 or 2 or even top 10. Just that it would appear in the top 100!! Get your campaign frock on.

    1. Radiohead's Burn the Witch has has 13 million views on Youtube in a week, and as a brand new single, is available to download. However, it is not on Spotify, and has therefore only managed to reach the dizzy heights of number 64 in the hit parade. I rest my case, and remain frock-less.

    2. Yes, but ...
      Out of my depth looking at charts, but if you look at just the downloaded singles, Burn the Witch is 46 this week/27 the previous week. Any idea what this means in numbers of downloads?

    3. No, I have no clue. 7" singles are getting to number 1 in the vinyl chart with sales of just a few hundred. I would imagine you would need a couple of thousand downloads to dent the Top 100, but maybe it's more.

  5. BTW, "I would like to congratulate the Smiths" probably means the original, contractual duo.

  6. TQID getting into the charts would be the perfect antidote to the nauseating nonsense we are being subjected to by the media & TV. And as for "celebs" sucking up to the royals, its so gruesome. Ant & Dec clearly can't wait to get their sticky fingers on an OBE.


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