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Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 1713 - EU have killed me

One month today, the people of the dis-United Kingdom will go to the polls in a referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union. The reason that we are having this vote is because the Conservative party promised it as part of their election manifesto.... not that they usually stick to their promises, but Cameron & Co see this as a perfect opportunity to get rid of UKIP, who have stolen away a number of their voters.

Some rebel Tory MPs can see the bigger picture, and are campaigning to come OUT of the EU because they realise that the unknown and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who currently make ALL the major decisions concerning the way the UK is run, don't actually care two figs about us.


Rather unbelievably, the Labour party, the Lib Dems, the Greens, and the Scottish Nationalists are all backing the Conservative campaign, and are TELLING their supporters that they should vote to stay IN, but this is because they all have hidden agendas. The SNP for example will one day need Europe's assistance when Scotland eventually vote to break away from the UK, whilst the Lib Dems will, like the Tories, see this referendum as the perfect chance to get rid of UKIP once and for all, and therefore win back the 3 million voters they lost at the last General Election. God only knows why the Labour party are backing the 'IN' campaign, but the party generally have no idea what they are doing... although I do like that Mr Corbyn, he seems a good egg.

Whether us Brits like it or not, with all the major parties TELLING their supporters to vote 'IN', this referendum is going only one way.

Morrissey has so far not expressed a public opinion on whether or not he thinks Britain should leave the EU, but today he gave a clue as to his thoughts, by retweeting a tweet of mine that read:

"The UK is governed by an EU commission that has no interest in us. On June 23rd the people have the chance to get rid of them... but won't."

Our Mozzer's retweet would suggest that he too thinks very little to the commission.

The only other sign of OM in the past few days, was on Saturday, when he tweeted:

"Live in the past, die in the future"

Meanwhile, Mademoiselle Fifi put in an appearance at The Arms this evening, sharing a few pleasantries, and posting some Brigitte Bardot songs.

In other news, despite claims by the organisers of Riot Fest in Chicago that Morrissey was to be on the bill, a statement on TTY today claims that he isn't. It's the IOW all over again!


  1. Hi Ratty, if I was English I should vote for ecxit, but I'm Italian and I'm very scared to stay in EU without UK and with Germany, surely you know alliance Italy-Germany are a great disgrace for all the world... What about Riot Festival? I think is one of the Morrissey's tricks as he did with Autobiography ...we'll see! Have a nice evening, or better, goodnight and sweet dreams.

  2. I wasn't aware that Germany is so popular in Italy!

    But back to pop music. Monsieur Chart Expert Rat, where would someone outside UK have to purchase TQID this week, in order to contribute to pushing it further in the UK charts?

    1. I doubt very much that anyone outside the UK could download a song and have it influence the UK chart. Also, as I wrote the other day, in this day & age the UK singles chart is heavily influenced by streaming, so any campaign to get TQID into the singles chart on downloads alone is pretty much destined to fail. A far better campaign would be to try and get the vinyl LP to No.1 in the Official UK Vinyl Album Chart - it is currently No.15.


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