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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day 1716 - 15 to 1

A couple of weeks ago, Morrissey issued a statement on True To You urging fans to download the song, The Queen Is Dead, to try and get it into the UK Top 100. I wrote on Day 1705 of FTM that because of the way the UK charts were now structured; with audio streaming playing such a major part, that getting fans to download the song wouldn't be enough it into the chart - you would need to get a few thousand downloading to compete with the Spotify generation.

Yesterday, a tweet appeared in my timeline that made me realise that there could an alternative The Queen is Dead campaign, which would not only be more fitting than Morrissey's idea, but also more achievable.... he can't get EVERYTHING right!

The tweet, which was actually posted by longtime Moz roadie, Joseph 'Jay' Joannides (@JayJ_casa) read:

"The Queen is Dead up to number 14 in the UK album chart. BUY, BUY, BUY this week to mark its 30th anniversary & make it number 1."

Although I follow the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart every week, I hadn't looked at the LP chart for a while, so had NO IDEA that TQID was currently riding so high. Jay had actually got the position wrong in his tweet - TQID is currently at No. 15, not 14 - but even so, it HAS to be possible to get it to No.1 in time for the 30th anniversary on June 16th.

Yesterday afternoon, I set about posting the following tweet to as many record shops as I could find on twitter:

"The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths is 30 years old on June 16. It is currently No15 in the UK Vinyl Album Chart. Let's get it to No1. RT "

This afternoon, a new statement has appeared on True-To-You, which would seem to indicate that a certain Monsieur Mozzer has picked-up on the idea. It reads:

"The Smiths' The Queen is Dead is number 15 in this week's official UK vinyl charts. Hatful of Hollow by the Smiths is number 35."

As it happens, my original 1986 vinyl copy of TQID on Rough Trade got destroyed during a house move 20 years ago, and I have never gotten around to replacing it. I shall now replace it next week, with a copy of the 2010 reissue on Rhino.

In other news, Our Mozzer poked his head around the door of The Wrong Arms this afternoon to tweet:

"I know so much more if you're willing to pay"

I will now be listening obsessively every time Morrissey sings Kick the Bride in concert, to see if that lyric change gets used. And if it did, it would of course be nothing more than a coincidence - it always is!

The Queen Is Dead £11.75


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  2. Let's hope there will be concerts coming up soon to give us plenty of chances to listen for lyric changes. It would be thrilling to see TQID soar to the top of the chart.

  3. Today is payday so, its only right that my first purchase should be The Queen Is Dead. I think my original is in the loft. Of course I had the tape too. Hell, how old that makes me feel!

  4. Good morning Ratty dear! I'm going out for shopping and surely I'll find the time to search a vynil of The Queen Is Dead, I have a cassette and the original one was broken by my sister for an accident, do it"s time to replace it! Have yoy read TTY? Morrissey will play at Riot Festival! The genius knows how to remark his personality....Have a nice day, ciao!

  5. I'm all ears when/if KTB is played at the upcoming Riot festival, or elsewhere. I still have the cassette + the '86 vinyl version. And yes it would be great to see the album hit first place! It never happened in '86.

  6. I bought album TQID last year at a resale record store and enjoyed it, but in area I live in USA there are few record shops, at least any close by. Anyways, I do not know how that would help getting it on the UK charts, or I would try it. I did not notice it on any of US charts that I can find. I just feel blessed when I happen to stumble upon any of OM's CD's as they are difficult to find here. I am also wondering if I ordered it from the UK would it get on the charts. Weather here is finally warming up, but it rains much of the time. Also, I have been ill much of this spring and if you've seen any of the recent US news, it looks as if everyone has gone bonkers r/t who they are backing for our up coming presidential election. Let's just say it makes it very conducive to making one depressed. Luckily, I do have my music to take my mind off it and transport me to a better place. Hope all have a good weekend. We have Monday off, but as it's Memorial Day, one is suppose to use it thinking about the dead. I see Hoarsely Cry responded to this post. If I remember correctly, I may have misspelled his name a few years ago, when I responded to something he posted on FTM- sorry. Again, hope all have a good weekend.


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