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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 1721 - Norwegian blue... pining for the fjords

It has been fairly quiet in The Wrong Arms of late, but announcements over the past few days on TTY that Morrissey is to play some concerts in Turkey, Israel and Norway in August has set the place alight; with talk aplenty of blue roses in Norway. Both Natalie (@HoarselyCry) and Ewa (@Ewals64) have pledged to take blue roses, which has left me pining for the fjords.... depending on dates, I may try and go.


Mlle Fifi made a whistle stop visit to The Arms on Thursday, merely to 'like' a Bardot picture tweeted by MerryAnne, and to 'like' a tweet I had posted for him (remember Mlle Fifi is actually a man) about my French not being very good. No sooner had Mlle left the building, then Our Mozzer appeared, tweeting, "Language is your enemy". Hmm.

Our Mozzer's next appearance was on Saturday evening, when he tweeted, "Not a single piece of art has come from the mental hospital they say. May I point them to World Peace Is None Of Your Business". When Harrison (@OdysseyNumber5) enquired, "Do you believe there is a fine line between genius and metal illness?", OM replied, "I am that line".... and then he was gone.


There was another 'one tweet' appearance from OM last night, when he tweeted, "What a novel my life is", which has got me wondering if Morrissey may be currently penning a new novel... or perhaps the tweet was a reference to his current life, in that it is taken up with the audio recording of List of the Lost, which is due to be released at the end of June.

Today's single tweet appearance from OM followed-on from all the chatter about blue roses in Norway. He tweeted, "Tangled up in Blue".

And finally, news has just broken that the animal loving comedy writer, Carla Lane has just died, aged 87. Her BBC situation comedies The Liver Birds and Butterflies were two of the finest and funniest programmes of my youth - yet another true talent has ceased to be.



  1. You could well be right about that "What a novel my life is" tweet. I have seen mention on a couple of sites that the audiobook is a 4 cd set. It's only 118 pages. Must be an awful lot of heavy sighing going on.

  2. Hello Ratty, I wish I could go in Norway in August...I do hope that! By now in Italy is going to start a long week end for the Republic Day and for the Mayor Election in Rome and Milan, but each time you vote you support the process! Ciao.

  3. sure you're not dutch our Italian scrumpet, you post everything twice.. oh whiskers how could you not mention Bread by Carla, everybody watched it back then and I do mean everybody

    1. I too watched Bread, but personally preferred The Liver Birds and Butterflies - such clever writing.

  4. Monsieur Rat, it is 'Nathalie'. Just for the record. My mother gave me this name after falling in love with the chanson with the same name by Gilbert B├ęcaud. (1964) That for the record too. I am working hard to find blue roses. I found out I could start a business here with blue roses. None to find, but plenty on Alibaba: in lots of 200, mind you. I'll most likely go for the food colouring DIY version and head out to Stavanger a day early to get the project done at a friends. Its not next door to me - one hr. flight from Oslo. It will be worth it, if I can get a ticket, but I'm sure that won't be a problem.


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