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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Day 1749 - What Difference Does it Make?

On Day 247 of FTM (May 17th 2012) I published an interview that I had conducted with Morrissey; although with the exception of a handful or so Moz fans who knew what was going on with the whole MorrisseysWorld thing, all the Morrissey fans who read the interview believed that it was an impostor pretending to be Morrissey. Some people; including the Morrissey-Solo moderator, Peter 'Uncle Skinny' Finan, even accused me of making the whole thing up. The interview was therefore ignored by the outside world.... or so I thought.

Yesterday evening, a couple of comments were left on my most recent blog entry by ConMorrissey Theorist; a commenter who I have always believed to be one of Morrissey's pessoas. Here are the comments:

Check this out!

In case link broken that is msn's 22 massive songs and albums hated by the band who wrote them.

Msn's moz quote is taken from the classic FTM interview with our mozzer!!!!


"The quotation turned up in a book too!"
The MSN piece was published on June 18th 2016, written by 24 year old English music journalist, Alexandra Pollard (@alexjpollard), quoting the answer given in the FTM interview by Morrissey about the song What Difference Does It Make?.


The MSN article is actually a rehash of a similar piece that Pollard wrote for Gigwise on August 4th 2015 entitled, 12 Massive Songs Hated By The Band Who Wrote Them, which also features the same quote from my FTM interview.

As for the book that ConMorrissey Theorist mentions, it is a book written by an American writer who goes by the name of, John D. Luerssen, about the Smiths. It is entitled, The Smiths FAQ: All That's Left To Know About The Most Important British Band Of The 1980's (Published by Hal Leonard Corporation September 2015), and it features the same quote about What Difference Does It Make?.

I initially thought that Luerssen may have just used Pollard's Gigwise piece as the source for his book, but as Pollard doesn't mention Following The Mozziah, and Luerssen's book does, I conclude that both writers must have independently stumbled across my FTM interview, and both were obviously convinced enough to believe that it was the real Morrissey answering my questions.

What is rather strange, is that having found FTM, and having been convinced enough to realise that it is the real Morrissey that I have been writing about, why have neither of these two writers exposed the story of MorrisseysWorld - especially the bit about Morrissey secretly writing a blog... and the bit about him regularly using Twitter under various guises.... and the bit about him forming the Blue Rose Society... and the bit about him receiving and wearing blue roses on stage... and the... oh, what's the point!

And on the subject of Morrissey wearing blue roses, I noticed yesterday whilst watching old Youtube footage, that at the Santa Ana concert in May 2014, Morrissey actually strokes the blue rose he is wearing during the song, Asleep. I'm sure that it doesn't mean anything, but I found it rather touching.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 1747 - Don't dictate

All remains quiet in MorrisseysWorld, with no sign of Our Mozzer, Mademoiselle Fifi, or any other pessoa in The Wrong Arms during the course of the past week.


The world of Morrissey is also quiet, with the only postings on True-To-You being an announcement that Moz will play Berlin on August 16th, and a link to a 2011 music video called All Over by Chiddy Bang; which is heavily influenced by I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris. I am not surprised that it has taken 5 years for Moz to be made aware of the song, as it is DREADFUL.


In other news, the UK's EU referendum has come and gone, and as predicted by me in my previous blog entry, it was nothing other than a Tory leadership battle; although the way the clueless and headless masses have reacted on both sides of the vote, you would think that either the world is ending, or Britain has suddenly become a Utopia - all that has actually happened, is that Old Etonian, David Ca-moron has lost his job, and Old Etonian, Boris Penis will now replace him; unless that is, Boris falls at the final hurdle, and is pipped at the post by career politician and Oxford graduate, Teresa Might.

The British public seem to have no idea that they have been hoodwinked, and that the referendum was nothing to do with Europe. What is more, none of the other political parties seem to realise it either, and I'm not even sure that the King of Conspiracies, David Icke has realised it.

The jubilant 'Leave' voters, who had 52% of the vote, are claiming, "It feels great to have our country back", but what they don't seem to have realised yet, is that they HAVEN'T got their country back - not that it actually went anywhere in the first place, as the Tories HAVEN'T officially resigned the UK from the EU; with Boris very quick to state on Friday, "there is no need for haste". Of course there's no need for haste, Boris, BRITAIN AIN'T LEAVING, AND NEVER INTENDED TO.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that the Scots and Northern Irish have voted to remain 'IN' the EU; and are now subsequently talking about breaking away from the United Kingdom, the Tory Government will need to make sure this DOESN'T happen; not only for their own benefit, but more importantly, for the benefit of their master, Elizabeth Battybird.

Poor old Queenie, it's all gone a bit pear-shaped for her. She let it be known a number of times during the referendum campaign that she wanted her subjects to vote the UK OUT of the EU; no doubt thinking that it would give back power and purpose to her and the rest of the sponging House of Windsor cast, but it hasn't quite gone to plan. The majority of The Queen's subjects DID vote 'Leave', but unfortunately for Lilibet, the Scottish dictator, Nicola Stalin, now has more clout than Her Maj, and so the people of Scotland voted how instructed by her instead - Battybird must really HATE Sturge.


So, how long can the Tories avoid actually leaving the EU before those who voted 'Leave' start to realise they've been had? They have initially bought time by saying that they have to elect a new leader, but if Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty hasn't been invoked by Christmas, there will start to be rumblings. The UKIP leader, 'Nicotine' Nigel Farage, called for the UK to quit as soon as the result was in on Friday morning, but Farage is already a has been - no longer needed by the Leave camp, who have already cast him out, and an embarrassment to UKIP's sole member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, who has been quick to distance himself from Nige now that the referendum is over - so Nigel's calls for an immediate exit have been completely ignored; although the longer the Government goes without invoking Article 50, the longer Nigel and UKIP will hang around. As for Carswell, it is surely only a matter of days/weeks before he rejoins the Tory party, and quite possibly finds himself a place in the Cabinet.

Douglas Carswell first day as Ukip MP

The 48% of the UK who did as they were TOLD by their political leaders, and voted to 'Remain' in the EU, are currently feeling very let down indeed, and are venting their anger on social media; spouting the biggest load of garbage imaginable. MorrisseysWorlder, Marcus the Greek, is trying to convince anyone who will listen, that the 52% who voted 'Leave' are all jack-booted racists. Thankfully, no one is listening. The Guardian has a lot to answer for, but then again, so does The Scum newspaper, which is partly responsible for the 0.000000000000001% who actually are jack-booted racists.

Last Thursday's 'Leave' vote wasn't about race; although there is no doubt that the wishy washy  immigration policies of the main parties played a part in the thinking of some people, the 'Leave' vote was a mass protest against the elite, and against the political system in general - both in Europe and the UK.  It was all very well the political elite warning of a financial armageddon if the people voted to come out of the EU, but the nation proved that the only region in England and Wales who are interested more in money than anything else, are those living in the bubble of London. The people of Cleethorpes and Clacton don't care about the state of the stock exchange, it says nothing to them about their lives.


The aftermath of the referendum vote also looks to be having an effect on the Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn should have seen the referendum for what it was, and should NEVER have got involved in the Tory party leadership battle - he certainly shouldn't have jumped into bed with David Ca-moron. Corbyn was supposed to represent the workers, and standing shoulder to shoulder with an Eton toff is NOT the way to show solidarity with the people.

If only Jeremy had said, 'I am having nothing to do with this charade', he would now be in an incredibly strong position, but instead, he finds the Blairite members of his party trying to hang him out to dry; not giving a shit what Labour is supposed to stand for, only interested in trying to win power at any cost, and with the Tories now looking as though they are moving further to the right, the Labour right will look moderate in comparison - the only question is, who will play Blair's role this time around, Hilary 'Mr' Benn?


It would be a crying shame if Corbyn were to be ousted as the Labour leader, as he has been the first leader in years of any of the major parties who genuinely seems to care more about people than his own political ambitions. Having said that, Jezza hasn't stayed true to his own beliefs, and has sold out a few times in recent months; none more so than during this referendum, so he only has himself to blame if he's booted out. Let us hope Corby can ride out the storm; the Labour party, and the country, will be worse off without him.

There is no such leadership battle going on with the Liberal Democrats, mainly because they only have 8 MPs, all of whom backed the same losing horse. Rather than trying to win back all the many thousands of disgruntled former Lib Dem voters who have just voted Leave, the Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron has announced today that he will base his next election campaign on returning the UK to the EU. It's not a bad way of attracting disgruntled Labour and Tory 'Remain' voters, and is yet another reason the Tories will think twice about pushing that Article 50 button.

If the new Tory leader doesn't press the button, and Britain remains in the EU, then God only knows what the Lib Dems will run a campaign on, and God only knows who will actually vote for them.


It has been an exciting few days in the UK, and it looks set to continue for a bit longer yet. In a bizarre twist of fate, 'Nicotine' Nige WON'T want the Tories to push the button to Leave, because the longer they don't, then the longer he feels relevant, whilst Remain's Nicola Stalin and Tim Barren now WILL want Brexit, because politically, they and their respective parties now have more to gain from the UK leaving. It's a funny old world.

If the new Tory leader does eventually invoke Article 50, then we will be in for some REAL fireworks. If the Scots (and possibly Northern Irish) go, then Lizzy's Kingdom would suddenly become not only disUnited, but also very much smaller.  It would surely only be a matter of time before the people of England and Wales rejected the House of Windsor too. If Boris pushes that button, then it'll be a case of, God save the Queen..... what do you mean there's no God? For fuck's sake, give the poor cow a break.

*Goes off singing* Tooorn between the two, right or wrong there is no answer, don't tell me what to do, it's my choice, don't dictate, don't dictate, don't dictate to me

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 1743 - Each time you vote, you support the Tories

It has taken me the whole of the UK EU referendum campaign to realise it, but this referendum is nothing whatsoever to do with the UK staying in or leaving the European Union, it is purely and simply a Tory leadership battle.

When the Tories first announced that they were to hold a referendum, I presumed it was just to do away with the annoying UKIP party once and for all, but I have now realised that the referendum was also the perfect platform to test-run Boris Johnson as a future Prime Minister. Johnson had previously proven that he was electable in London, so this national referendum vote acts as the perfect opportunity to see if Johnson is popular with voters throughout the UK.

If remain wins the referendum vote, then UKIP is dead, and Cameron can stay on. If the vote goes in favour of leave; and Cameron's position becomes untenable, then former Eton head boy, Johnson, will slip in as PM, and will then go to the European council to renegotiate the terms of the UK's membership; we certainly WON'T be leaving, that was NEVER going to happen.... and any of the natives who may grow restless having realised that leave doesn't actually mean leave, will be placated by Prime Minister Johnson, who will tell the people, "I have renegotiated much better terms, and we are now in a much better place", whilst adding, "you can trust me, I'm one of you". This EU referendum is one big stitch-up.

Both the leave and remain campaigns have been run on a manifesto of fear. Both sides want us all to be scared, because when we are scared, we can be controlled - we do as we are told.

I will not be voting in this Tory leadership campaign - I refuse to be part of their game.

Each time you vote, you support the Tories.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 1739 - In, out, shake it all about

This coming Thursday, the people of Britain go to the polls to decide whether they want to remain in the EU, or leave.


Rather surprisingly, there has been no word whatsoever on the subject from Morrissey; although as I wrote on Day 1713 of FTM, Our Mozzer had hinted that he was in favour of Britain leaving by 'liking' a tweet of mine on the subject.

Yesterday evening, Our Mozzer returned to the Internet's No.1 Morrissey theme pub, The Wrong Arms, and tweeted, "EU referendum is a moot point. It's undemocratic they cry yet they sing sing God save the queen. And the House of Lords is not elected..."

Had Morrissey changed his view? Was he now saying that he was in favour of the UK remaining IN the EU?

In response to Our Mozzer's tweet, I tweeted, "Are we about to see a TTY statement from Morrissey giving his support to RemaIN?"

OM replied, "No." 

He also wrote, "They should vote to leave but not on the principles of the leave campaign".

So there we have it - Morrissey wants OUT, although rather interestingly he uses the word "they" and not "we", which would tend to suggest that: A) Morrissey isn't registered to vote or B) He is registered to vote, but has no intention on exercising his right or C) He no longer sees himself as British or D) A combination of either C & A or C & B... there is NO E)!

Our Mozzer didn't elaborate on the "principles"; and there are of course a number of varying reasons for people wanting to leave, but I guess OM was referring to those campaigning to leave on the basis of wanting 'independence', which is indeed a "moot point", because in fact NO law can be passed in the UK unless it is approved by both the unelected members of the House of Lords AND the unelected sovereign. My personal view on this matter is that it will be easier to change the whole system locally, then it would via Europe; even if in the short term, it makes our 'Royal' family feel slightly more meaningful again - incidentally, it is NO coincidence that right at the very start of this campaign, the press let it be known that Elizabeth Battybird wanted OUT of Europe.

It is easy to see why Morrissey is uncomfortable with Brexit, but I imagine that he too can see a bigger picture.

On the previously mentioned DAY 1713 of FTM, I also wrote that the vote on the EU was only going one way, i.e. that Britain would be remaining in the EU - because ALL of the major political parties were campaigning to stay IN - but in recent weeks there has been a huge swing in favour of leaving, and it now looks as though it could actually happen.

In other news, Morrissey has recently posted a piece on TTY describing his horror at Pete Shelley allowing McDonalds to use the Buzzcocks' song, What Do I Get? in a television commercial. This comes on the back of McDonalds using another Morrissey favourite,  The Jam's That's Entertainment in a commercial last month. If McDonalds use Personality Crisis by the New York Dolls for their next ad, then I think Moz might just throw the towel in.... if he has any towels left to throw.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 1735 - Shoot if you're not glad to be gay

Our Mozzer popped his head around the door of his favourite Internet pub, The Wrong Arms, yesterday evening and tweeted, "If there was a race other than the human race I would join them immediately".

The tweet made me wonder if perhaps Morrissey was about to post a comment on True-To-You about the killing of 49 innocent people in an Orlando nightclub on Saturday night.

I awoke this morning to find that, sure enough, Morrissey had made a statement about the mass murder, under the clever heading of 'Hate-rosexuality'. The shooting was carried out by a Muslim in a gay club, thus leading to all the numpty right-wing journalists and politicians screaming that it was a terrorist attack and all the numpty left-wing journalists and politicians screaming that it was a homophobic attack.

What Morrissey saw and wrote about; albeit between the lines, was something that all the so called experts had missed, i.e. that this was an attack based on a man's self-loathing of his own sexuality - his hate-rosexuality. The Orlando killer didn't butcher those 49 because he was an Islamic terrorist or because he was anti-gay; on the contrary, he did it because he himself WAS gay, but his sexuality had been repressed because he lived within a religion/society/family that didn't allow him to be gay. The Orlando killer would have been confused by his feelings, would have hated himself for having them, and would have been extremely jealous of those who were able to openly show their sexuality.... so he shot them.

Although we cannot accept repressed sexuality as an excuse for the murder of 49 innocent people, we HAVE to acknowledge that had the Orlando killer been allowed to live in a world where being free to openly love a fellow man without it still being seen as unacceptable/dirty/wrong to the vast majority, then those 49 people would still be alive. Civilisation is not very civil. Humans are not very humane.

Was Death of a Disco Dancer a premonition?

Also in the TTY statement; which rather interestingly has the word 'rose' hidden in the title, Morrissey wades into both Donald Thump and the Democrat's puppet, Hillary Shoe-in, whilst lamenting that Bernie Sanders could have saved the day.

A future to believe in? - Maybe in the next world.

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