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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 1735 - Shoot if you're not glad to be gay

Our Mozzer popped his head around the door of his favourite Internet pub, The Wrong Arms, yesterday evening and tweeted, "If there was a race other than the human race I would join them immediately".

The tweet made me wonder if perhaps Morrissey was about to post a comment on True-To-You about the killing of 49 innocent people in an Orlando nightclub on Saturday night.

I awoke this morning to find that, sure enough, Morrissey had made a statement about the mass murder, under the clever heading of 'Hate-rosexuality'. The shooting was carried out by a Muslim in a gay club, thus leading to all the numpty right-wing journalists and politicians screaming that it was a terrorist attack and all the numpty left-wing journalists and politicians screaming that it was a homophobic attack.

What Morrissey saw and wrote about; albeit between the lines, was something that all the so called experts had missed, i.e. that this was an attack based on a man's self-loathing of his own sexuality - his hate-rosexuality. The Orlando killer didn't butcher those 49 because he was an Islamic terrorist or because he was anti-gay; on the contrary, he did it because he himself WAS gay, but his sexuality had been repressed because he lived within a religion/society/family that didn't allow him to be gay. The Orlando killer would have been confused by his feelings, would have hated himself for having them, and would have been extremely jealous of those who were able to openly show their sexuality.... so he shot them.

Although we cannot accept repressed sexuality as an excuse for the murder of 49 innocent people, we HAVE to acknowledge that had the Orlando killer been allowed to live in a world where being free to openly love a fellow man without it still being seen as unacceptable/dirty/wrong to the vast majority, then those 49 people would still be alive. Civilisation is not very civil. Humans are not very humane.

Was Death of a Disco Dancer a premonition?

Also in the TTY statement; which rather interestingly has the word 'rose' hidden in the title, Morrissey wades into both Donald Thump and the Democrat's puppet, Hillary Shoe-in, whilst lamenting that Bernie Sanders could have saved the day.

A future to believe in? - Maybe in the next world.


  1. Bernie and the bird. Such a sweet thing. Hilary scares me, only slightly less than Trump. However, here is something that cheered me up no end today...

  2. Morrissey's TTY post yesterday really spoke to me. He has this way of putting things, speaking his mind, that makes him unique. I admire him greatly for it.
    Yesterday I was also thinking of how the lyrics of Death of a Disco Dancer are very haunting given the Orlando shootings.
    "If you think peace is a common goal that goes to show how little you know."

  3. Morrissey, as ever gets to the heart of matters with eloquence & conviction. It is refreshing to hear Morrissey's voice & I too have admiration for his strength & spirit when expressing his thoughts & opinions.
    It is so sad we exist with such suffocating repression in our society. I find it increasingly challenging to grasp hold of any hope in the human race.

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    1. Seriously? People like this I'll never understand. One would hope someone would be the voice of reason...

  6. As usual, Morrissey is at least one step ahead of everyone, and has written an astutely insightful piece on the horrors of our society. What kind of world do we inhabit, where a person is driven to such violence because the love he feels towards another is deemed unacceptable, and the only presidential candidate that represents peace instead of oppression must be suppressed at all costs? Not a world that I want to live in - I've had enough.

  7. Hello Ratty, I share every single word of Morrissey's statement on TTY, the killer is a repressed homosexual and a cruel butcher too, the Islamic faith is just a personal detail. Death of the disco as a premonition? Yes, it could be so, it's typical Moz! Thank you for your post, now I'm busy helping a young girl in my neibourough with her final exam of secondary school. Have a nice day, ciao.


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