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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 1739 - In, out, shake it all about

This coming Thursday, the people of Britain go to the polls to decide whether they want to remain in the EU, or leave.


Rather surprisingly, there has been no word whatsoever on the subject from Morrissey; although as I wrote on Day 1713 of FTM, Our Mozzer had hinted that he was in favour of Britain leaving by 'liking' a tweet of mine on the subject.

Yesterday evening, Our Mozzer returned to the Internet's No.1 Morrissey theme pub, The Wrong Arms, and tweeted, "EU referendum is a moot point. It's undemocratic they cry yet they sing sing God save the queen. And the House of Lords is not elected..."

Had Morrissey changed his view? Was he now saying that he was in favour of the UK remaining IN the EU?

In response to Our Mozzer's tweet, I tweeted, "Are we about to see a TTY statement from Morrissey giving his support to RemaIN?"

OM replied, "No." 

He also wrote, "They should vote to leave but not on the principles of the leave campaign".

So there we have it - Morrissey wants OUT, although rather interestingly he uses the word "they" and not "we", which would tend to suggest that: A) Morrissey isn't registered to vote or B) He is registered to vote, but has no intention on exercising his right or C) He no longer sees himself as British or D) A combination of either C & A or C & B... there is NO E)!

Our Mozzer didn't elaborate on the "principles"; and there are of course a number of varying reasons for people wanting to leave, but I guess OM was referring to those campaigning to leave on the basis of wanting 'independence', which is indeed a "moot point", because in fact NO law can be passed in the UK unless it is approved by both the unelected members of the House of Lords AND the unelected sovereign. My personal view on this matter is that it will be easier to change the whole system locally, then it would via Europe; even if in the short term, it makes our 'Royal' family feel slightly more meaningful again - incidentally, it is NO coincidence that right at the very start of this campaign, the press let it be known that Elizabeth Battybird wanted OUT of Europe.

It is easy to see why Morrissey is uncomfortable with Brexit, but I imagine that he too can see a bigger picture.

On the previously mentioned DAY 1713 of FTM, I also wrote that the vote on the EU was only going one way, i.e. that Britain would be remaining in the EU - because ALL of the major political parties were campaigning to stay IN - but in recent weeks there has been a huge swing in favour of leaving, and it now looks as though it could actually happen.

In other news, Morrissey has recently posted a piece on TTY describing his horror at Pete Shelley allowing McDonalds to use the Buzzcocks' song, What Do I Get? in a television commercial. This comes on the back of McDonalds using another Morrissey favourite,  The Jam's That's Entertainment in a commercial last month. If McDonalds use Personality Crisis by the New York Dolls for their next ad, then I think Moz might just throw the towel in.... if he has any towels left to throw.


  1. It is obvious he won't vote. Each time you vote you support the system.

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  3. Call me cynical by all means, but I believe in or out things wont change for the better. Unfortunately, unless we have profound & radical change, the process & power will remain in the grubby hands of the elite.
    Boris as PM & Trump as President of USA, its like some kind of surreal sick joke.

    1. The state of the entire world is like a surreal sick joke.

  4. Spot on, EARS, nothing will change unless there is fundamental change to the whole system, but it would be far easier to dispose of the elite of a single country as opposed to trying to bring down the whole of Europe.
    If the UK leaves, this will probably trigger another Scottish referendum, which would in turn see the UK start to break up. The Queen is dying boys.

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  6. To leave or not to leave...that is the question... Well, I do belive all the rest of EU is scared by Brexit and they are trying to scare the British people too. Me? I'm a poor Rome citizen and I got a new mayor and I didn't vot for her or for anyone else for the first time in my life! Each time you vot you support the process... What about Morrissey? I think Brexit is none of his business, I hope he's busy with other things as tour, new songs, new disc...Have a nice evening, ciao.


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