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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 1743 - Each time you vote, you support the Tories

It has taken me the whole of the UK EU referendum campaign to realise it, but this referendum is nothing whatsoever to do with the UK staying in or leaving the European Union, it is purely and simply a Tory leadership battle.

When the Tories first announced that they were to hold a referendum, I presumed it was just to do away with the annoying UKIP party once and for all, but I have now realised that the referendum was also the perfect platform to test-run Boris Johnson as a future Prime Minister. Johnson had previously proven that he was electable in London, so this national referendum vote acts as the perfect opportunity to see if Johnson is popular with voters throughout the UK.

If remain wins the referendum vote, then UKIP is dead, and Cameron can stay on. If the vote goes in favour of leave; and Cameron's position becomes untenable, then former Eton head boy, Johnson, will slip in as PM, and will then go to the European council to renegotiate the terms of the UK's membership; we certainly WON'T be leaving, that was NEVER going to happen.... and any of the natives who may grow restless having realised that leave doesn't actually mean leave, will be placated by Prime Minister Johnson, who will tell the people, "I have renegotiated much better terms, and we are now in a much better place", whilst adding, "you can trust me, I'm one of you". This EU referendum is one big stitch-up.

Both the leave and remain campaigns have been run on a manifesto of fear. Both sides want us all to be scared, because when we are scared, we can be controlled - we do as we are told.

I will not be voting in this Tory leadership campaign - I refuse to be part of their game.

Each time you vote, you support the Tories.


  1. Hello Ratty, disattending a referendum exit is the most unfair thing who could happen in this world and, of course, it happens a lot around here...In Italy we voted against the public financial support for political parties and we must pay taxes to suppoet parties, we voted for legal persecution against judges after a prooved unfair sentence, but judges can't be persecuted even if they raise in a prison the wrong person...and the list can goes on without an end. It's a dictatorship and the trains are always late. Have a nice day and watch Italy against Ireland this evening! Ciao!

  2. Yes, you are right. You could also see it, even beyond Europe, as a battle between Global Corporate Fascism (Remain) and Local Xenophobic Fascism (Leave). Take your pick! Work out who you would prefer to fight. It's a rehash of the the racist Nation State (Trump) vs rapist Globalisation (Hilary). Vote for the side you think you can defeat. For me, that's choose Global Corproate Fascism/ rapist Globlisation to fight. We can beat that lot. Not sure I want to take on the jack boots of Local Xenophobic Nation State (we've been there before...). The evidence points to being able to defeat the Globalists - Monsato getting their asses sued, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership) - God awful secret trade deals to allow corporates to sue govts when govts legislate in favour of the consumer. No lie. Look this fucker up. Well, TTIP has been picked apart and now there is a strong movement across Europe to defeat it, largely because people were sharing so many posts and videos on Social Media. We are in sophisticated times. It's not about what you are for anymore. It's about what devil you would prefer to take on. Vote for Cameron because Cameron is easier to take down than Boris. Golly, I sound like an Anarcho Sydicalist! I am not. Ultimately, you work within the process to bring it down and improve it by either not being part of the process (that's millions of people like Rat saying "Fuck this" I am out of even being out) or you vote In and kick In from withIN.

    1. With you there, sibling. Or is that just the old Modified Trotskyist in me?

  3. The perpetuation of fear and the illusion of choice are always the name of the game.

  4. Good luck with whoever you get. You are about 6 hours ahead of me and they are still busy counting the votes and so far it looks as if it is a tie. I do not know what this means to you. Here they would have a recount...which you can not always count on it to be legit. Our coming election in November will be disastrous to us if a certain egotistical person gets in. Well, hope you have a good weekend.


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