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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Day 1749 - What Difference Does it Make?

On Day 247 of FTM (May 17th 2012) I published an interview that I had conducted with Morrissey; although with the exception of a handful or so Moz fans who knew what was going on with the whole MorrisseysWorld thing, all the Morrissey fans who read the interview believed that it was an impostor pretending to be Morrissey. Some people; including the Morrissey-Solo moderator, Peter 'Uncle Skinny' Finan, even accused me of making the whole thing up. The interview was therefore ignored by the outside world.... or so I thought.

Yesterday evening, a couple of comments were left on my most recent blog entry by ConMorrissey Theorist; a commenter who I have always believed to be one of Morrissey's pessoas. Here are the comments:

Check this out!

In case link broken that is msn's 22 massive songs and albums hated by the band who wrote them.

Msn's moz quote is taken from the classic FTM interview with our mozzer!!!!


"The quotation turned up in a book too!"
The MSN piece was published on June 18th 2016, written by 24 year old English music journalist, Alexandra Pollard (@alexjpollard), quoting the answer given in the FTM interview by Morrissey about the song What Difference Does It Make?.


The MSN article is actually a rehash of a similar piece that Pollard wrote for Gigwise on August 4th 2015 entitled, 12 Massive Songs Hated By The Band Who Wrote Them, which also features the same quote from my FTM interview.

As for the book that ConMorrissey Theorist mentions, it is a book written by an American writer who goes by the name of, John D. Luerssen, about the Smiths. It is entitled, The Smiths FAQ: All That's Left To Know About The Most Important British Band Of The 1980's (Published by Hal Leonard Corporation September 2015), and it features the same quote about What Difference Does It Make?.

I initially thought that Luerssen may have just used Pollard's Gigwise piece as the source for his book, but as Pollard doesn't mention Following The Mozziah, and Luerssen's book does, I conclude that both writers must have independently stumbled across my FTM interview, and both were obviously convinced enough to believe that it was the real Morrissey answering my questions.

What is rather strange, is that having found FTM, and having been convinced enough to realise that it is the real Morrissey that I have been writing about, why have neither of these two writers exposed the story of MorrisseysWorld - especially the bit about Morrissey secretly writing a blog... and the bit about him regularly using Twitter under various guises.... and the bit about him forming the Blue Rose Society... and the bit about him receiving and wearing blue roses on stage... and the... oh, what's the point!

And on the subject of Morrissey wearing blue roses, I noticed yesterday whilst watching old Youtube footage, that at the Santa Ana concert in May 2014, Morrissey actually strokes the blue rose he is wearing during the song, Asleep. I'm sure that it doesn't mean anything, but I found it rather touching.


  1. Thanks to Jon for bringing this interesting information to our attention. Nice to know he's still lurking somewhere in the background.

  2. Watching that video made me cry. Among the swirling madness a gentle calm. Sing me to sleep... In all the flux and turmoil and political opinions that fall like cold sheets of rain... there is a better world... there must be.

  3. Ha! Nice one, thanks for highlighting this.

    That is such a tender moment during Asleep, like the song, rather beautiful.

  4. Well spotted Jon. I wouldn't have remembered that quote coming from FTM.
    Now all we need is Our Mozzer to take to TTY and deny the quote was his!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Fancy, I presume you only deleted your comment because it: A) had a spelling mistake, and B) Didn't make sense at the end, but it was a nice comment, so let me re-add it; with the spelling mistake corrected, and the mumbo jumbo removed. Perhaps we could have one of your stories some time soon - they are always amusing. Hope the family are well. Anyway, enough of my waffle, here is your edited comment:

      "In this world with all it's turmoil and violence it is nice to listen to Moz sing 'Asleep' and watch him gently touch his blue rose. Even if this gesture means nothing, those in the BRS can keep up their hopes, which is nice on a day that again has experienced more violence."

    2. For some reason it published as I was finishing the last line which was 'and our politics in an uproar'. And then as I was correcting it my tablet ran out of power. Anyways, that was the unexciting ending. Well,here's to all having a good week and upcoming weekend. It is a holiday fot us, July 4th, Independence Day, which I will be spending at a party for my Aunt Pat, who is turning 85, and is probably more with it than I am. Alas, there will be no cranberry and vodka, as this is the side of my family that is Baptist, and they do not believe in drinking alcohol, but the rest of you that can, have a good weekend, with or without the drinks. (Actually, I probably will be hitting the ice tea anyway).

    3. Lovely words Fancy. We strive for light from the darkness.

  6. well as for me I cant even remember what I had for breakfast so I might as well just add Hahaha

    1. Let me help you.... it was vodka and cranberry juice!

  7. Hello Ratty, sadly the video of Asleep does'nt work for me, but I deeply love that song and I'll try with you tube. The quote of "What difference does it make" it's a nice surprise for everyone, but we have to wait 'till August to see our hero on the stage again and maybe with a blue rose in his hand! Have a nice day you all! Ciao.


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