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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day 1871 - Maur-iti-us, Maur-iti-us, Maur-iti-us

It is now just 16 days until I head to Bergen to see Morrissey in concert. The reason I am having to go abroad to see Morrissey is because in a TTY statement posted on September 17th last year, Morrissey proclaimed, "the imminent two nights at Hammersmith are likely to be our final ever UK shows."
EVER! That is what he said, and as we all know, Morrissey NEVER fibs on True-To-You.... except that he DID fib about MorrisseysWorld... and about Twitter... and Facebook... and guess what, he's now fibbed again! No sooner had I booked my trip to Bergen, than it was announced that the band would be playing Manchester Arena on August 20th.

Of course, I never for one minute believed that Hammersmith would actually be the end of Morrissey playing in the UK, and I stated on this very blog at the time of the initial proclamation that I would, "eat my own rat shaped testicles" if that were the case. My testies are most pleased with the announcement of the Manchester concert.

As it happens, I would much rather see Morrissey in the 1500 capacity Grieg Hall as opposed to being packed in like sardines again at the vast Manchester Arena, so I am certainly not disappointed that I won't be able to make it to the concert on the 20th, but the question is, what has made Morrissey change his mind so quickly? Last September's statement came about because Morrissey wasn't able to generate any interest from any UK record labels, so has that changed? Are we about to hear of a new deal and a new LP? Will the band be playing new material on this tour? I am starting to get more than a little excited, and am worried that I might not be able to stop myself from doing a little wee in my trousers, although if I am honest, I don't care if I do - One small piss stain for a balding 50 year old man, one giant step for Mozkind.


My attempt to get another world exclusive FTM Morrissey interview seems to have failed miserably. My questions, along with questions from Manclad, EARS, MerryAnne, Romina, HeatherCat, Harrison strange-boy, Sari, GOB, GWO, Hoarsely Nat, comrade herpes and Jaz have all been ignored by Morrissey/Our Mozzer.

The one question that has been answered - by Penguin - is that the List of the Lost audio book is no longer happening.

As well as Morrissey ignoring the questions, there has also been no sign of Our Mozzer in The Wrong Arms. These are quiet times.

Despite nothing going on, my blog has continued to have hits, as the BRS members no doubt keep looking to see if the questions had been answered. Interestingly, my blog stats show that along with hits from the usual countries, i.e. the countries of the BRS members: USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Italy, Canada, and Australia, I have had a fair bit of interest recently from France, Brazil, Ireland, Cyprus (Marcus is holidaying there) and most surprisingly of all, Mauritius! Is one of the BRS members currently sunning themselves on a stretch of Mauritian beach, that the tide doesn't reach, or could perhaps it be M himself, topping up his tan pre-tour?

On the subject of 'that stretch of the beach', ex BRS members Rosy Mires and Still.I.Cling have brought it to my attention that, that particular line from Kick the Bride Down the Aisle has been used by Morrissey on two previous occasions prior to it finding its way into the song. In 2010, Morrissey interviewed his close friend, Linder, for Interview magazine. During the course of the interview, Morrissey wrote, "I shall love you till that final stretch of sand that the sea never quite reaches is finally swathed by crashing waves. Or, perhaps longer... if there's time."
In his 2013 Autobiography, Morrissey wrote, "I am a puzzled child on the St Anne's sands, shouting to sea-sounds of wave and gull. I am that stretch of sand that the sea never reaches."

That meaningless section of a beach that collects driftwood, straggly bits of seaweed and plastic bottle tops obviously has an attraction of sorts to Moz.


And finally, Morrissey's nephew, Sam Esty Rayner yesterday posted a picture of a woman with one red eye and one blue. A few BRS members immediately linked it to MorrisseysWorld and the Twin Peaks connection. They certainly were exciting times in MorrisseysWorld when the whole Twin Peaks thing was going on, especially when Morrissey started using two drums, with red and blue colouring. Only the Dreary Deluded Dozen ever knew what was going on - Happy days.



Right then, best I go and dry out that patch of wee.


  1. Welcome back, Rats! I wish I could say I'm the one in Mauritius - it looks lovely - but I actually have to confess that I'd never even heard of it. I would venture to say that you wouldn't be the only one with a wee stain if a new record deal was announced. Dare we entertain the thought?

  2. Good blog Rat. It's my best holiday read. Questions? I missed that... We need a new album. And I need a lead actor. I'm still waiting for Edward Norton's notes. I keep being told they're coming but it's feeling like constipation and now I'm having to prod elsewhere. And it's not pretty... I swear making things is almost impossible when you're out there on your own. God... The loneliness of making things alone. Still... I'm blowing up lilos... On holiday... With the family...

  3. Hello Ratty dear,I'm happy to read you again! I follow SER on Instagram, but I missed the picture, yes the red and blue eyes are a surprising usual! I think in the forthcoming concerts we will listen to new songs, I'm pretty sure about this we just have to wait! Have a nice evening, or better, goodnight!

  4. Hmmm I've had some hits from there too. I assumed it was perhaps you as you were on vacation. How interesting!

  5. I actually like SERs' pics, no doubt the bunch over at so-slow will rip everything he does apart, they just don't get the fact that M and Sam along with a few others will be giggling every time they post a nasty comment, you know the old saying "ere watch this lot" hook, line and well you know the rest, on a personal note, I have finally been forced off twit, I knew it was coming, but I still think that I will miss it, take care everyone

    1. Forced off Twitter? The bastards! Did Twitter kick you off because you are always posting right wing nonsense stories from the Daily Mail, or were they offended by your drunken ramblings about Man City? Perhaps your numerous tweets about shopping trips finally did for you. It all seems so unfair. You will be a major loss to the Twitter community.

    2. Manc, come back to Twitter. How will I know when you're going shopping??

  6. The more you ignore us Moz the closer we get. Can not even believe I will see him soon. Really. Lazy sunbathers...

  7. Where ever Moz maybe I hope he is fighting fit & looking forward to the tour.
    Of course some new songs would be wonderful & a record deal would be the icing & cherries on the cake. That said I am just looking forward to seeing Moz back on the stage again.
    I have found some long lasting, but real blue roses online, so come payday next week, I will buy one ready to take with me.

    Manc - Hope you are ok & take care x


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