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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Day 1875 - Dirge and delight

I woke up yesterday morning to find that I had lost one of my Twitter followers; which when you only have a handful or so in the first place, is desperately upsetting... or something!

The follower in question was Marcus the Greek, who it transpires decided to block both me and Morrissey because his two young children had gotten upset reading the twitter banter that flew around on Friday. As to why any responsible parent would expose their young children to the adult playground of Twitter is beyond me. Marcus was last seen heading, with his children in tow, to see Roy Chubby Brown at Wimbledon Theatre.

I was also blocked yesterday morning by Marcus's former actor friend, Keith from The Office (@EwenMacintosh), who had tweeted to Marcus telling him that he had warned him about engaging with "toxic right wing Morrissey fans". I informed Keith that Marcus HADN'T been engaging with Morrissey fans, he had been engaging with MORRISSEY himself; who incidentally, could hardly be described as 'right-wing'. Keith has obviously decided that Our Mozzer is right-wing based on his anti-EU tweets. I wonder what Keith makes of Dennis Skinner and the many millions of Labour supporters who voted to Leave the EU?

Our Mozzer saw that I had tweeted Keith, and jumped in to ask Keith, "Are you about to eat that dog in your picture? Do you consider him a light snack?"


OM's taunt earned him a block from Keith too, which led Moz to then tweet, "soon I shall be blocked by more people than actually follow me."

I couldn't stay and interact with Our Mozzer in The Wrong Arms yesterday, as I had to go to Winchester to play in a cricket match, but OM carried on tweeting throughout the day, so I shall share his highlights. Before I do, I must add that I find it incredulous that virtually nobody is interacting with OM - are they scared of being ripped to shreds a la Marcus? Why do the likes of Heather, EARS, GWO, Chucky Orange, JG, MerryAnne etc not converse with him anymore? MORRISSEY IS ON TWITTER, IS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, AND IS TWEETING LIKE A MODERN DAY OSCAR WILDE - WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE WISH FOR? Am I the only one who realises just how lucky we are? Morrissey fans are ignoring or even BLOCKING their hero - You couldn't make this up!


"New List of the Atrocious
1. @PapaSonsFilm
2. Anyone who is following or has not been blocked by @PapaSonsFilm
3. Mike Joyce
4. Anyone who hasn't yet commented on yesterday's FTM.
5. @TheRatsBack
6. There is no number 6. Yet..."

"If there were to be more that 12 readers I would start my own blog."

When @LizzyCatMoz pointed out that there actually had been more than 12 followers, and that he had started his own blog, OM replied, "I meant another one. MW did loose (sic) it's way slightly."

(Ed - Our Mozzer has a short memory, MorrisseysWorld DIDN'T lose it's way, he deleted it by mistake!)

In response to Lizzy asking if someone else tweets on his behalf, "Boz took over the account yesterday. I heard he was on fine form. The c**t."


In response to Mrs Marcus the Greek (@VictoriaMarkou) tweet, "My family (with small children) saw and was upset by the nasty comments. My 11 year old blocked you - it cheered him up", "Anything would cheer up the poor sod, after being forced to watch Papadopoulos & Sons on repeat each day." Ouchity, ouch, ouch.

Mrs Marcus tried to fight back, tweeting, "Let's just hope he never finds 'The List of the Lost' among his father's possessions", to which Morrissey replied, "As long as his father has paid for the book, he can do what the hell he likes to it. It's not my concern."

"6. @VictoriaMarkou"

In response to the above, Mrs Marcus tweeted, "I'm glad I've made your list. You are in my top 5 of pop stars growing old ungracefully", to which OM replied, "A badge of honour."


If Twitter had been around in the 1890s, this is surely how Oscar would have passed those hazy, drunken days and nights in his dingy Parisian hotel... if it had free Wi-Fi.

In response to a tweeter called @JonStuthers asking, "Since I would be unlikely to attempt to ask  such a silly question in person, can I ask which is your favourite Doctor Who?", to which OM replied, "Peter Cushing." I don't know who Jon Struthers is, but the fact that he is one of the very few people who realises he is in the presence of the real Morrissey is to his credit, and old Stuthers managed to achieve something that none of the BRS members was able to do two weeks ago, get Morrissey to answer a question... a shit question at that!


"I exist in a void of nothingness. It's where I am at home. Nothingness consumes my existence."

"Old men battered and rattled by life's cruel contours are my soul"

"Find me in Manchester amongst the crime, grime, and slime"

OM also interacted with Kerry the Cocktail, but as she is yet another who has blocked me, I am unable to read her tweets, so have no idea what the conversation was about. Mozzer sloped out of The Arms just before 11pm.

Here are a couple of OM's tweets that I missed from Friday, including an interaction with the aforementioned Jon Struthers:

In response to Struthers tweeting, "Apparently @BRSChairman is Morrissey. I'd have thought he had better things to do", "So would I alas here I am talking to you. A waste of matter and time"

"I'm off to have several vodkas and post on TTY. Goodbye."

OM added to the above tweet this afternoon, by tweeting, "By post I mean a copy and paste job. I'm far too busy for a vodka tirade these days." This was no doubt added due to a new copy & paste TTY article that appeared earlier today entitled 'Hope'.

It was very un-Moz like to write "loose" yesterday instead of "lose", so today I pointed it out by tweeting, ""loose"? Have you been tweeting under the influence again?", to which OM replied, "I am never not under the influence. You must have heard the rumours?"

Here are the rest of OM's twitter highlights from earlier today:

"@VictoriaMarkou I noticed you have not blocked me. Is the entertainment more important than family ties?'

In response to the hash tag, 6yearsof1D, "Just shows how far you can get with no talent but with flexible lips."

"Currently creating my pre-show montage. I do hope you are ready for thirty minutes of dirge and delight." 

"Please ignore last tweet. I have decided to use the pre-show montage from 2013 as this did not get much airing."

And finally, Our Mozzer pulled me into the toilets of The Wrong Arms on Friday to tell me that the twitter account, @MundaneGlamour is nothing to do with him.


  1. Never tweet your heros seems apt when explaining the appalling lack of interaction with Moz

    1. Marcus no doubt feels that way too... now.
      I remember when we first realised started tweeting with Moz in 2011, and we were all so in awe, we just gushed and fawned. He hated it, and asked us to stop. 5 years on and it seems some are STILL too in awe to simply converse with him as a human being. I am never happier than when he belittles and abuses me in his tweets - Acidic Moz is probably my favourite.

    2. Some, like yourself Rat, are strong enough to take the abuse but for others it would completely destroy them. We have seen it before.

    3. This is true. I was sensitive too once upon a time, but life knocked all sensitivity out of me. My advice to anyone would be to take NOTHING too seriously, most of all yourself.

  2. As I've said many times before I consider myself blessed to be part of this journey. Please never think my being so quiet means I don't care or value the experience. Quite the opposite. I wish I had the gift of the gab, could be more out going & not so over sensitive. I am acutely aware of being so introverted & how this may appear to others.
    BRS has a bunch of eclectic personalities who shine in their own way, which I heartily embrace.

  3. EARS has taken the words right out of my mouth and described my feelings exactly, as I am plagued by shyness. I'm very appreciative of OM's presence as well as his offer on twit tonight to look over our interview questions. Because I didn't post a question previously, I'd like to ask one now:
    Why the change of heart about appearing in the UK? Does this signify a new record deal?

  4. wow, I miss twit more and more each day, I feel like I have had a limb amputated, maybe I could join the UK Paralympics team, (someone has to pour the tea)


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