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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Day 1880 - It's so easy to hate

Morrissey's 'doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone' pessoa, Broken, returned to The Wrong Arms just after 1pm yesterday, and spent the afternoon and evening smashing the place up with his tongue... or technically his fingers. His aim was obviously to cause as much mayhem and division as he possibly could, and attempt once again to destroy the BRS in the process.

Broken's previous attempts to cause such destruction have usually brought him reward, but we've been on this journey for 5 years now, and the vast majority of the BRS members know not to rise to the bait, and to take everything Broken says with a pinch of salt. Once safe in the knowledge that nothing Broken says is to be taken seriously or personally, it becomes highly amusing to see him at work, and when people do bite, it is entertainment of the highest order.

Rather interestingly, Boy George has started following Broken, even though Broken doesn't follow him! Now why would BG start following some random account out of the blue? As I have written many times before, GEORGE KNOWS... and following his blocking of Our Mozzer, BG has now blocked me too, with the help of a Smiths song title. You have to love him.... the cunt.

Here are Broken's lowlights from yesterday; a day where he accused BRS Chairman of not being Our Mozzer, and tried to convince us all that Chuck was behind the 'Not Astra's derrière account (@sostarksohaunt) and that MerryAnne was in fact Astra (@fadinggoldleaf). Only a complete and utter moron would believe either, and I think Kerry the Cocktail was taken in too:

"People need to get over themselves or get under me"

"I am the essence of criminality. There is no crime I will not commit."

Er, that's about it!

Broken also listed all of his least favourite BRS members and banned them. Virtually all of us were on the list.

This morning he popped his head around the door a tweeted simply, "It is so easy to hate." And of course he is right.


  1. ha ha, I did not make any poxy list

  2. Yesterday was quite entertaining indeed. Despite receiving the honor of being banned, I'm not planning to go anywhere.

  3. Kinda with Broken, but I hear MerryAnne's voice in 'Not Astra's' tweets. Not that there is any harm in that if it was.

  4. I'm immensely flattered that anyone would think I could be either of these sparkling poetic goddesses. Alas, I am not.

    1. 'Alas, I am not.' Not what?
      Not 'Astra'?
      'Not Astra'?
      Not 'Not Astra'?
      The plot thickens.


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