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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Day 1891 - A traveller to the grave

There is a saying that 24 hours is a long time in politics, well, the same can be said for life in MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society.

When I published my last blog entry on Monday afternoon, there was much excitement afoot; with both an impending Morrissey concert in Stavanger that was to be attended by three rose bearing BRS members, plus news of the impending rebirth of the MorrisseysWorld blog. 24 hours later, the Twitter accounts of Our Mozzer, Broken and Dawn Mist have all been closed, and both MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society are dead. What is more, Morrissey has directed me to an early grave.

Everything started to change after the concert on Monday, when Our Mozzer appeared in The Wrong Arms to say that the front row needed to be changed at concerts. I can't remember the exact quote, and as the BRS Chairman's Twitter account has now gone, I have no way of finding it, but it was obvious that he wasn't happy. Reports then started to filter back from those attending the concert in Stavanger that the audience had been rather lukewarm.

I awoke yesterday morning to find a tweet in my timeline from Jaz saying, "MorrisseysWorld is coming", with a link to My excitement was quickly quashed when I realised that Jaz had been fooled by whoever it is that stole the MW blog address in 2014, and now uses it just to mock the MorrisseysWorlders. I have always presumed the owner of that site to be Fabien aka @HoldenMorrissey - a homophobic Moz fan from West Coast America - but it could well be owned by Chuck, pretending to be Fabien; especially in light of Chuck's recent confession about being behind the BRS tumblr site, coupled with the Twin Peakesque tag on the MW blogsite of, 'The Lighthouse is not what it seems'. Either way, the site has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Morrissey or MorrisseysWorld, so I tweeted Jaz to tell her it was a 'false Dawn', as opposed to our slight lighthouse keeping, Dawn Mist.

At 11.23am, things really started to go downhill rapidly. Our Mozzer beckoned me into the toilets of The Wrong Arms and announced, "the redundancy in my life is being felt particularly badly." It would seem that the black dog was biting.

OM then went on to request something of me, which I found incredibly flattering, but for personal reasons, had to decline. The response I got to my declension was, "I am extremely hurt." 

I tried to offer a workable alternative, but got a curt, "no". I now felt absolutely shit, I would NEVER want to hurt my hero. I tucked my ratty tail between my legs and headed for the door, saying, "I shall migrate to a cricket pitch", to which Morrissey replied, "migrate to a grave." You have to hand it to him, he certainly knows how to absolutely break someone with one sentence - he can kill sitting still.

With the writing on the wall, I decided to say farewell to the regulars of The Wrong Arms, and then trotted off to play cricket.

After my game, I popped my head around the doors of The Arms, and was informed that OM, Broken and Dawn had all been in to say their goodbyes, and were gone for good. One of the regulars was kind enough to send me a transcript of OM's & Broken's parting words:

BROKEN: "Attention-seeking, self-centred, cry babies. Fuck off the lot of you. The BRS died because of you. You ungrateful, boring, spineless, ugly cunts. This is it. You've ruined it. Back to your pathetic existence. No-one cares about your life. The tweets that appear on timelines and profiles makes us sick."

OUR MOZZER: "A malady has befallen me. You could have had it all. Now you have nothing. This is goodbye. Farewell, forever."

I don't think I have ever felt quite this small, and as I now trudge back to my pathetic existence and ultimate grave, I am finding it virtually impossible to stand, let alone walk tall.

Thank you Morrissey for 5 wonderful years; to a few, it meant the world - far more than you could ever begin to realise.


  1. It certainly has meant the world to some of us. As hard as it is to walk tall, it's a thousand times harder to say goodbye.

  2. I don't know who came with the reports about a 'lukewarm audience' in Stavanger, but if I may say something about the audience at Stavanger, or Norway in general. It has nothing to do with 'lukewarm'. It's just not in the Norwegian genes to shout it out, people here are mostly naturally timid and reserved, which doesn't mean they are not enjoying a concert. It's a cultural thing, let's leave it at that. Read the Janteloven. Outdated but still surviving.

    An end is a new beginning.

    1. There is only the end. There will be no new beginnings. You do not deserve them. The entire journey is over. There are no ifs, no buts, no maybes. The end means the end. No new dawn, no new horizon. The shop is closed. For five years I put up with conversing with my intellectual inferiors to give you hope in your dreary bedsits and your dreary life. The members of the BRS are dreary beyond all human comprehension. I would rather take tea with Mike Joyce than speak to any of you again. What could have been special and, dare I say, even global was lowered to the level it is currently at. I weep at this.

      Goodbye. Farewell.

    2. Your ire should be directed at the people who ignored the whole thing, not the people who recognised what was happening and participated. No doubt the furry one will delete this in order to avoid upsetting you.

  3. aaaw really, pass me that box of Kleenex on the window sill, surely being labelled insane etc for the last god knows how many years of our lives we have reason to have a sniffle

    1. I will still pop up at one or two of the concerts, but I have closed my twit account (I was in hot water with work anyway), I will only pop back on if colonel whiskers has things to report via his blog, I know that he feels down right now but it is a place that most of us have been, fingers crossed he will be back with things to report in the not too distant future

  4. I've been agonizing to try & find the right words. But maybe there aren't any at the moment.
    This feels very raw & its hard to witness the hurt & pain people are experiencing. On a personal note I am aware I am not always easy to be around & to tolerate.
    We have all devoured the good times & must face the consequences of the bad times.
    I never find goodbyes easy, but where there is disharmony its all the more painful.
    I have memories I would never have even dreamt of 5 years ago. Thank you feels rather empty, but it is said from the heart.

  5. Damn, why does this always seem to happen when we are on the cusp of a new tour. Where are we going to get all the concert trivia that the BRS love so much? Or is that just me?
    (Notice that you say ‘the journey appears to be over’. As I am a straw clutcher I will keep a tight hold of my straw).

  6. As a method of self-protection I was going to say nothing and hide from this. I hate this kind of drama. However, I’ve sat around thinking about it all and my conscience at least tells me I want to say a few things. Firstly, without a doubt I 100% believe actual Morrissey is watching us and sends us signs. These signs have made us excited and happy and we’ve had a lot of good memories reporting on them. I’ve been really touched by some of them. However, when it comes to what occurs online, the fact is, as far as I know (with my little sliver of knowledge, less than some of you, I’m sure) some of the people who have been talking to us might not necessarily be him. Surely he could be involved, but perhaps not as directly as assumed. An ANON comment, for instance, on this blog – or anywhere else, could be anyone.
    The reason I want to say this is I have observed, in my short time following Morrissey (the in-person Morrissey), that he appears to have a very kind heart – and it seems to me he would hate to see any of his fans hurt. I see how he interacts with his audience, which is an incredibly precious and rare thing for an artist. I believe that while he struggles with some very deep lows, as I understand all too well myself, it is unlikely he would lash out at his fans to the degree certain accounts or certain anon comments would suggest. Yes, it’s one thing to tease, or say things tongue in cheek, but this seems different. While it’s true people are multi-faceted and have many sides, I am weary of the level this has escalated to. In moments of incredible upset I’ve lashed out at people when struggling, and I know how dark and tormenting the black dog can get – but some of what I’ve seen here still strikes me as odd. Moz knows many of his fans are fragile and struggle emotionally as well - he knows how deeply some of us care for him, and I believe he cares for us too.
    I’m not sure what happened in people’s DM’s, but in general my concern out of this is the emotional state of the people involved. I see some people hurt, or apologizing for being themselves. I hate the thought of friends of mine suffering and I hate the thought of Morrissey suffering. Depression is a powerful thing, and that, combined with the strength of emotions people feel for Moz – makes me concerned for the well being of a lot of you – and, myself - I would hate to see people come out of this badly damaged.
    I for one have had a miserable year. I want to go enjoy myself for the first time in 8 months– and see Morrissey, the person who has helped me get through it.
    With this in mind, I will still be on Twitter, going to shows, and talking about my travels – but at this point I feel reluctant to get too deeply emotionally involved in some of this crushing negativity I’m seeing, particularly with anonymous things that are unverifiable. It has been really lovely – but something has darkened and changed dramatically recently. It makes me uncomfortable and honestly worried.
    I’ve already written a novel here, and far more than I thought I would say. I really hope you all take care of yourselves – and anyone who is feeling really low can always talk to me if they want. I love Moz and I love the majority of his fans, and hate to see such upset,
    Viva Moz.

    1. oh I wouldn't worry too much, we are certainly aware and to be honest we all know what we signed up for, it might of been before your time on here but a certain someone was on twitter whilst Moz was actually on stage and Broken himself once said that there were three of them, but of course you only have Brokens' word on that, nope, we were all aware that it was a bit of fun but it got completely out of hand some time ago with all the fallouts etc

    2. I might just add that I am amazed how long it has actually kept going

    3. Well I guess being so new I perhaps didn't know what I'd signed up for. Deep down I see such kindness in him, and I'm truly grateful for it. Regardless, I've had some wonderful times. I do hope to see you at some US shows soon Manc.

  7. The reason why Rat keeps deleting comments, is because this is his story and journey. And any that have got in the way or put Rat in a bad light have been gotten rid of.
    FTM is very one sided and the view of Rat.
    This would have been global if Rat hadn't have gotten involved.

    He wants the fame, the glory, and the final word. Which with the MW accounts being closed he clearly has got.

    RIP MW.

    1. I was going to ignore you, but I will humour you instead by answering each of your points:

      A) I am not deleting comments "because this is his story", I welcome comments from all those involved, but will delete comments that are made by those who: (i) write longwinded irrelevant nonsense that often attacks Morrissey, (ii) are dull beyond comprehension, (iii) are made anonymously by those who have had nothing to do with the BRS or have never taken a rose to a concert.
      B) Nobody has been "gotten rid of". Dullards who failed to realise the importance of this whole experience chose to leave.
      C) Of course FTM is the view of Rat, I wrote it. *tuts*
      D) No one knows what would have happened to the MW story if I had never started this blog, but my guess is that it would have petered out. The BRS DID go global, with people taking roses to concerts in England, Scotland, USA, Germany, Japan, Norway, Peru, Australia, Holland, Finland, Italy etc
      E) I seek no fame, no glory, and no final word. Indeed there is no fame, no glory, and no final word. You really do not understand what makes me tick. You don't seem to understand very much at all about what has gone on.

      If you choose to reply, unless it is particularly interesting or informative; which is doubtful, then your comment will be deleted. We have reached the end. We are now all just kicking dirt. Let it go, you poor dull thing.

  8. Morrissey is El Jefe. In this case he is "The Decider" and if he decides "It's Over" then you and I know it's over. I read several years ago, Donald Fagen of Steeley Dan, complained he was tired of seeing all these older people at their concerts. I'm not sure he is going to see many young hipsters for a band who's hits were in the 70's. My point is musical artists are people and they can grow weary of the same old routine and people, just like any of us. Our Moz is a genius and I would imagine it would grow dull dealing with the likes of us day after day. Everything ends badly or otherwise it wouldn't end. I think this quote by a seminal artiste we love is prophetic and words one should live by: "It's so easy to laugh. It's so easy to hate. It takes guts to be gentle and kind."

  9. What is the Wrong Arms, how do you know Morrissey? How real is this? Is there an FAQ?


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