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Friday, 12 August 2016

Day 1893 - There are people on the pitch... they think it's all over ... but is it?

It is now three days since I was directed to an early grave, and Our Mozzer, Broken and Dawn Mist all said their final farewells to the BRS members who were gathered in The Wrong Arms. Since publishing what I thought would be my final ever blog entry on Wednesday, I, along with other members of the BRS, have moped about in the bar, with our collective heads on the bar, not really knowing what to do with ourselves. Everyone has been asking the same question, 'is the journey really over for good this time, or were Tuesday's actions just another of Mozzer's diva hissy fits?'


I have to admit, I personally believed that this time it really was all over for good; and that still may be the case, but there are a couple of signs to suggest that maybe, just maybe, he isn't finished with us just yet.

Yesterday, as I unconsciously pulled the labels off my virtual bottle of Budweiser, and played maudlin songs such as I Know It's Over on The Wrong Arms jukebox, a newcomer by the name of Semi-Sorry (@sorry_semi) walked into the bar, and addressed me saying, "Even Jesus arose after 2 days". I didn't respond, and instead rolled my eyes and tutted to myself. Someone had obviously decided to entertain themselves by trying to convince me that they were Our Mozzer. This newbie was anything but new - so was it Marcus the Greek, Chuck the Deceiver or Kerry the Cocktail? Or could this semi-sorry sod actually be Morrissey?

Semi-Sorry then added, "The chairman has abdicated and quietly walked through the door." I again chose to ignore this attention seeker, as did all the other BRS regulars. S-S went on, "If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you."  Yawn. Still no one was biting.

Then S-S decided to copy one of the put downs that Our Mozzer had issued to Marcus a few weeks ago, this time aiming it at @realDonaldTrump, "The only thing you intrigue is my itch to be a murderer." Still ignored.

With the time being 7.30pm in Gothenburg, and Morrissey waiting to headline the Way Out West Festival, S-S decided to add a Swedish tint to their tweets, to see if that would get any takers: "Swedes don't like to ask favours of each other, they keep their problems to themselves and suffer in silence." Still none of the BRS were interested in a conversation, so S-S decided to throw in a picture, tweeting, "Better than Oscar Wilde's Complete Works?" whilst adding a photo of the cover of a book entitled, Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman - a reference to a quote Morrissey has made a couple of times recently, about paddling his own canoe, i.e. going it alone.

This morning at 9am, S-S was back again, this time tweeting, "No death for sale. No pain for sale. No torture for sale. No meat for sale. Apart from... ME." Now this DID grab my attention, because a similar quote by Morrissey from the Way Out West Festival had earlier been reported on Twitter and Solow, although not with the "no meat for sale" line. Was S-S correcting the quote from the festival? Could S-S actually be Morrissey after all?

Half an hour later, S-S tweeted to me directly, "So we ignore each other, and pretend the other person doesn't exist. Deep down, we know it wasn't supposed to end like this." I replied that, "existence is only a game", and put I'm Not Sorry onto the jukebox.

This afternoon, S-S responded with a tweet in French, "La plus belle des ruses du dibble set de vows persuader qu'il n'existe pas", which according to bing, translates to, "The most beautiful of the wiles of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist." I replied, "But I don't believe in a devil... or a god... or the tooth fairy! So where does that leave me?" S-S came back with, "Let us proceed under the assumption that the fairy folk do exist and that I am a gibbering moron." Could this semi-sorry gibbering moron really be Morrissey? This certainly isn't any Morrissey that I have ever encountered before - Morrissey is NEVER sorry for anything, not even semi-sorry. I retorted with, "You certainly look the part", to which S-S mildly replied, "I've live with myself for a very long time, So I'm aware of what I look like. I'm under no false pre tense that I'm a stunner." If this is the new Our Mozzer, you can keep him - I come here to be insulted, not to read words of woe.

The other sign that may suggest that our journey continues, came in the form of a photograph that HeatherCat tweeted into my timeline from Way Out West. It is a picture of Moz giving a MorrisseysWorld 'O'.

Maybe Morrissey really is semi-sorry for his actions of Tuesday, and perhaps the wheels on the MW wagon do keep rolling. Time, as ever, will tell.

And now I shall return to playing the new PETA Meat is Murder video game that has been installed in The Wrong Arms. My high score so far is 121. I may be some time.


  1. The O sign is a nice surprise but I'm not getting my hopes up in any way. I've resigned myself to mourning in misery for quite some time.

    1. Yes, me too. Back to the Meat is Murder game. It really is VERY addictive.

    2. Go Poke Balls, as the kids would say!
      116 now and my trigger finger needs a rest.

  2. I was going to write a short review Monday, but ended up writing more than I intended. Since I didn't want to use up all your comment space I decided to post it on the popular blob that all read:

    Sometimes they are square, but wheels always roll on.

  3. the sign is something that Moz always does, not anything new in it, I can remember him doing it years ago

    1. That is very true, but it took on anew meaning with MorrisseysWorld. Anyway, Broken has been back to The Arms & dragged me into his office to inform me in no uncertain terms that S-S is an imposter & that it really is all over. That's good enough for me, I'm off for good this time.

    2. now why is that scoundrel Broken keeping an eye on it.. I do mean scoundrel in a lovable way.. anyway if I pass Moz a book with the old blue rose inside it wont really matter one way or the other.. what did that old bloke with the placard used to say outside the match when I was a brat.. oh yeah, The End Is Nigh.. repent, repent

  4. Ghost Trouble Joe13 August 2016 at 04:36

    I could feel Moz's soul peering out of every tweet that was Morrissey's World. I could even sense when he had indulged in some libation.

  5. To be plagued by disillusionment is a recurring curse for a select intellect few. So for Our Mozzer, Dawn Mist and yes even Broken, to all quit together suggests these personas were probably the same. They will most likely reactivate soon and recommence the playful enigma.

  6. These idiots reactivate their accounts, and TRB and the like flock back to them like moths to a flame. Talk about people not being able to think for themselves.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Well,here I am to give my 2 cents worth. I would have done so sooner, but it seems that every other day there is a change. It started with a post by Mr Ratty on how wonderful the concert in Norway had been and how he had attempted to give his blue roses to Moz. The next day brought a post on how all ties with the BRS were to be broken,and now today there is some hope left. Shortly after reading the post about the concert, they mentioned on the news how those who lived in Vindenes, Norway, were very upset that no Pokemon go places were in that town and to change this the town had erected a Pokemon statue. Now I saw how upset they were it was natural to think that perhaps this had upset those connected with Moz may have also been upset over facing a tour without Pokemon. As this would anger any one and they took it out on poor Ratty. There have been times in the past when MW and BRS had been cut off, only to be reinstated again. I do hope that this will happen again as a new tour has started once more and FTM and other blogs were always fun to follow during a tour with fans contributing their experiences. I hope this will happen once more, but if not, I will have to say thank you for the fun you have given us the last few years and good luck to all who have been involved the last few years. Have a good week BRS!


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