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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Day 1897 - Still out in the cold

Both Broken and Dawn Mist strolled into The Wrong Arms at midnight last night (1am Berlin time - which is where Morrissey currently is) but I was A) Not around at the time and B) Still not welcome. I continue to write this blog of mine in 'Private Mode'. Dawn Mist had actually tweeted earlier in the day (4.30pm Berlin time), exchanging tweets with Kerry the Cocktail (@Boozelette), but as I am blocked on Twitter by Kerry, I have no idea what they spoke about.

Here are Dawn's tweets, which came between 1am to 4am :

"I am the leader of the seagulls. And there is only one leader. Seagulls that pretend to be the leader shall be de-featured." I presume this is aimed at @sorry_semi, but who knows! That particular account seems to have gone quiet for now. In reply to this tweet of Dawn's, Broken tweeted, "You have been warned." So many games are being played.

"In order to be part of the future. One must leave those in the past behind."

"The seagulls that see the truth, rather than rally and aide the impostors will be rewarded."Again, I presume this is aimed at me writing the other day about @sorry_semi, but I really don't know. It is all riddles.

"There is more. But not for those that try to force what is no more." I would guess that this means there is a new blog, but it is no longer MorrisseysWorld, which I presume really is dead. I'm pretty sure the BRS is also dead, and even though EARS, MerryAnne and Chuck are all going to the concert tonight in Berlin, there will be no blue roses offered to Moz, and neither would he want them! It all seems quite sad, but he started the BRS, so it is his to kill as he wishes.

"The ending on this journey has been and gone. The lighthouse seeks and will be found." More riddles!

"The seagulls are not expected to flock. For those that flock the hardest have been the downfall." I interpret this to mean that there is a new secret website, but once again, just as with MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey isn't expecting the masses to believe it to be him. The hard flocking bit is no doubt a dig at me.

"The light has gone out now. The seagulls are dissatisfied. And why? Their game is up. Stupidity took the crestfallen. Game over." More riddles. No idea what it means, but again, probably a dig at me.

In response to Harrison (@OdysseyNumber5) tweeting that he was worried about "a certain Beacon's health" and asking if the lighthouse has the answers, "The lighthouse has all the answers. Hidden. Under wraps. Under written. Under water."

"I feel nothing. I saw words, but no meaning. I saw incoherence. I felt nothing. To understand, is not the answer."

Here are the words of Broken:

"@SoStarkSoHaunt Would you do me the courtesy of dropping off the face of the earth and the next one?" When So Stark aka Not Astra's Derrière aka Not Bot replied that Broken must be "confusing me with someone else again", Broken replied, "Goodbye @Jazissey". Jaz protested her innocence, and So Stark tweeted, "I have absolutely zero desire to be part of a conversation that I know nothing about. Dawn Mist then chirped in, "I have zero desire", to which Jaz tweeted, "I have too much, blame Jesus for that", to which Dawn responded, "I did forgive him. In the golden years." I have no idea what to make of the little exchange, and have no idea if So Stark is a pessoa or not.

Broken's tweets continued:

"Germany would be lovely if it wasn't for the History" (This tweet was retweeted by Dawn Mist)

"Those queuing will be sent to a labour camp. Or to build the autobahns. They have a choice. I'm not a despot."

"Death for no reason is the German mantra"

"I offer you odds of 1/50 of Hitler being mentioned on stage."


Broken signed off by having a pop at MerryAnne (@sadglamour), who had tweeted, "And you can shoot me, and you can throw me off a train", to which Broken replied, "I hear there is already a queue of willing volunteers. Your followers." When MerryAnne pointed out that she had many followers, Broken responded with, "I've never understood public taste or the delusions of the masses." You have to love him.

There would have been a time when I would be excited about tonight's concert in Berlin - wondering if one of the BRS would get a rose to Moz - but that is now all gone. I really want to find the new secret website - if it exists - but having googled everything I can possibly think of; including Morrissey/tour diary/seagull/lighthouse/dawn mist etc, I have found nothing, so for now it is back to playing This Beautiful Creature Must Die. My current high score is now 291 - I have nothing else to do.

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