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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Day 1898 - A certain Adolf person

I continue to write my blog in 'Private Mode' due to Our Mozzer directing me to my grave last Tuesday, and announcing that the MorrisseysWorld/BRS journey was over.

Despite me no longer being welcome, and the journey supposedly being over, it would appear that games are still being played, and signs still being given. Yesterday I wrote how Broken had taken to Twitter in the early hours of Tuesday to tweet about Germany's history, labour camps, death being the German mantra and most notably, "I offer you odds of 1/50 of Hitler being mentioned on stage."

Last night in Berlin, Morrissey not only took up Broken's military theme by introducing his band as a fine "platoon", but also said, "I know that Germany has the heritage of having conceived a certain Adof person, who I won't mention, but you shouldn't worry that much because England has Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher, the US has George W Bush. Politicians are the real criminals." It would appear that Broken the Bookie's 1/50 odds were too generous; although he would no doubt refuse to pay out on a technicality, i.e. Morrissey referred to Hitler as "Adolf person" and didn't actually use the word Hitler. He's a clever swine, old Broken.


There will be those (Rosy Mires etc) who would say that it is just a coincidence that Broken and Morrissey both mentioned Hitler, and that it is even very likely that he would mention him, but Hitler certainly didn't get a mention in Berlin in 2011, when Morrissey's topics of conversation then were: art, travelling, speaking fluent German, words to Julia and McDonalds.

Anyway, there won't be a debate between the non believers and the believers, because as we've been told, it is all over... except it obviously isn't! There were no blue roses on show in Berlin last night, no  Let Me Kiss You, no shirt toss, but there was a very large white chest plaster - much bigger and more obvious than the one he wore in Bergen.

In other news, Morrissey has given a recent interview to an Israeli website in which he condemns the BBC for refusing to accept Brexit vote by the Brits. This is the first time that Morrissey has made it plain that he was pro Brexit; although he did recently call Nigel Farage a"liberal educator", but Our Mozzer DID of course let it be known prior to the British EU referendum that he was pro Brexit. FTM really was SO informative. Oh well, back to the video game...

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