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Friday, 19 August 2016

Day 1900 - The new dawn

I still continue to write this little old blog of mine in 'Private Mode', no longer having any readership.

Dawn Mist arrived in The Wrong Arms yesterday afternoon and exchanged tweets (and songs) with her new bezzie mate, Lizzy (@LizzyCatMoz) and GOB (@girlonbike1102); who Dawn congratulated in response to GOB tweeting that her son had achieved 3 As in his A levels. Here is the interaction between Dawn and Lizzy, which was all about me!:

DAWN: "There is an tremendous improvement in seagull interaction! I believe it's because the seagull with missing feathers on its head has gone?"

LIZZY: "Got it in one..."

DAWN: "It's been very hard to shake that seagull off. You do understand?"

LIZZY: "That is the trouble with seagulls. Feed them and then you can never get rid of them."

DAWN: "Very true."

Dawn also added these tweets:

"This is the new dawn."

In reply to a tweet posted by @BRSChairman on July 31st; in which OM had tweeted, "Paperwork only exists to drag us down even if what's what's written on the paper is what you long for": "This tweet obviously fell on 'death' ears sweetie."

This prompted OM to suddenly appear, and he replied, "Death is no excuse for ignorance." Could this be some sort of reference to a record deal that fell through? It seems odd that Dawn should suddenly rake this up.

OM's only other tweet of yesterday came later in the evening, as a reply to Rob (@geniussteals) who had posted a picture of his 'Johnny Fuckin Marr' t-shirt, along with the caption, "Got my gig t shirt ready for Saturday". OM tweeted, "I expected better from you..."

Dawn appeared again at lunchtime today to tweet, "I'm undecided what to wear. Frills or sparkles?"

I won't be at the Manchester concert tomorrow; which is probably just as well considering how I have been ostracized by The Mozziah. Bergen already feels like a lifetime ago... as does my involvement in MorrisseysWorld. This new dawn doesn't include me, but it is hardly like the old MW, and so far the so called "tremendous seagull interaction" has been dull, dull, dull, so I guess I'm not exactly missing out. There is still no sign of a new blog/website either.

With nothing much going on, I may as well go back to playing the video machine.

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