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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Day 1901 - Art-hounds in Mancfester?

I continue to write my blog in 'Private Mode', as I remain in exile.

Dawn Mist yesterday posted a Youtube clip on Twitter entitled, 'French Quarter Hounds - Music is Art Battle of the Bands'. I have a feeling that this is a sign that Art-hounds will be played tonight in Manchester - it has only ever been performed once live in the past, and that was 5 years ago.

Maybe this is why Morrissey no longer wants me publishing my blog, because I ruin his games. One thing is for sure, if I were to publish this blog entry prior to the concert, then Art-hounds definitely wouldn't be played tonight; although I don't really see what difference it makes that a blogger with a readership of about 20 writes about signs being given, after all, no one ever believed a word I wrote anyway, and dismissed all the 'coincidences' as, er, coincidences.

I guess I should be flattered that my blog had such an influence on Morrissey's thinking. It will certainly be interesting to see if Art-hounds does get played in Manchester, and then to see if anyone makes reference to Dawn's tweet. Nobody questioned Dawn as to why she posted the French Quarter Hounds clip; although both Heather and MerryAnne 'favourited' it after I DM'd them to suggest that I thought it was a sign. Art-hounds was also one of the songs requested by MerryAnne last month, when Our Mozzer asked for set list requests, so perhaps that doubles the chances of it being played tonight, especially as MerryAnne has flown all the way from Canada to see these shows.

Dawn's other tweets of yesterday were as follows:

"To (sic) we deny ourselves to remain safe in our comfort and freedom?"

"Should we fly out of our realm of comfort. Dare we take risks? Are you a real seagull?"

"Do we swallow everything we hear and see?"

"A seagull should dare to befree (sic) from what the world expects it to be. Fly high my sweeties. Reach. Reach. Reach."

And now, as the seagulls flock to Manchester, I shall migrate to Winchester to play cricket.


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