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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Day 1902 - No more barking

*This blog entry is written in 'Private Mode' as I remain in exile*

I was completely barking up the wrong tree in my blog entry of yesterday; there was NO Art-hounds in Manchester. In fact, since I stopped blogging publicly, the only 'coincidence' or thing of any note or interest is Morrissey's mention of Hitler in Berlin, following on from Broken offering odds of 1/50 on it happening. Dawn Mist has actually brought nothing to the party whatsoever, other than seagull shit... no, I mustn't get bitter about Dawn, just because she banished me, but she certainly isn't giving any MorrisseysWorld type signs, so there seems no point in me recording the tweets of Dawn Mist... in fact, I don't think I will blog at all any more, unless something of note happens.




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