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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 1904 - Oh Morguechester, so much to answer for

I continue to write in 'Private Mode' whilst in exile. It surely can't be too much longer before Our Mozzer realises how much he misses me, and calls for my return... or not, as the case may be.

The reason that I continue to write is that; despite Our Mozzer (@BRSChairman) announcing two weeks ago today that our journey was over, he, along with Broken (@broken1andonly) and Dawn Mist (@slighdawnmist), continues to appear in The Wrong Arms (a make belief internet pub frequented by a deluded dozen or so Morrissey fans on Twitter). Here are the highlights of the past few days:

BROKEN: "The queen remains dead"

Broken posted a picture of the Scottish flag followed by, "December".  Our Mozzer did something similar to this in May, when he tweeted a picture of the Australian flag; which in July turned into the announcement of tour dates. No one made anything of that May tweet, and if Scottish dates get announced for December, no one will make anything of Broken's tweet... but here I am, keeping record, and perhaps one day in the future, people will read this little blog of mine and go, "WOW!"

When @mancladmozfan replied to Broken to say that it can be quite cold in Scotland in December, Broken responded with, "as cold as the Manchester audience? I don't think so."


When @girlwithout sarcastically asked, "Scottish flag and December. What can it mean?", Broken replied, "There is no time to be cryptic. Our time is running out." WHAT can that mean?

OUR MOZZER (4.45pm Tel Aviv time - 2.45pm UK): "The mayor of Manchester makes his return and the silence was palpable. Why do I even bother?" The tweet brought no responses, which probably makes him wonder why OM bothers either!

I won't bother reporting Dawn Mists's tweets, apart from one yesterday to @GlamCityRocker which said, "Twitter is my escapism. Without twitter I simply would not exist at all."

In other news, Dave Simpson has reported in The Guardian that Morrissey's plaster was blood soaked on Saturday in Manchester, which just isn't true. Simpson's whole report is mixed up, with him saying that the plaster came off during Speedway, and that Moz pulled his jacket lapels together to hide the blood. The plaster actually came off during Istanbul, and Morrissey had been pulling his lapels together throughout the song, as he often does. Simpson is a twat. More Guardian lies, but that is what we have come to expect from this rag of a paper. Sean Stanley writes a far more accurate piece for the Independent, calling Morrissey one of the greatest; although Stanley does make the mistake of calling Morrissey a performer. Only seals...

Oh, if only the MorrisseysWorld blog was still around, I'm sure Our Mozzer would have written a great parody piece about this. How I miss the MW parodies.


  1. Sarky !!!
    Moi !!
    And you misquoted me !
    I was actually gathering together the threads of Broken and Dawn Mist's tweets which appeared in my timeline like London buses. You missed the lighthouse. In Aberdeen.

    1. Yes, Dawn did tweet a picture of a Scottish lighthouse after Broken had mentioned Scotland, but it was his clue.

  2. I saw another review that talked about a blood stained plaster. Odd, didn't notice it in any of the concert pics that I saw.

    1. It just looked like the red lighting to me.


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