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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 1905 - Still playing our game

I have decided to come out of exile, and go back to publishing my blog in 'Public Mode'. The only reason I entered exile and started writing in 'Private Mode' was because on Tuesday 9th August, Our Mozzer told me to "migrate to a grave" and announced that it was all over... and yet the wheels keep rolling, and signs continue to be given. MorrisseysWorld is still happening, and what is more, the hardcore members of the Blue Rose Society just don't seem ready to give up on their mission to take roses for Morrissey; with Vulgar Angie, Jaz and even laid back comrade herpes all stating that they will be taking blue roses to upcoming concerts. Vulgar Angie has also been reminiscing in The Wrong Arms about the time Morrissey accepted her bunch of blue roses in San Diego in 2013. As to whether or not Morrissey wants the Blue Rose Society that he formed to keep going, we shall have to wait and see. The song New Rose by The Damned has apparently been added to the pre-concert montage - is this a sign?

Last night Morrissey took to the stage in Tel Aviv; the place where he was given the key to the city whilst sporting a blue rose tie in July 2012... FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Where has the time gone?
   Morrissey once again wore a large plaster on his chest last night, but also had a plaster on his finger, which instantly reminded BRS members of a MorrisseysWorld article from October 6th 2011, in which Our Mozzer wrote, "Consider leaving plaster on finger long after healing or alternatively wearing cosmetic finger plaster to emphasise personal suffering on my journey". Whilst others are wondering if Morrissey has hurt his finger, we KNOW what is really going on.



Following on from singing The World is Full of Crashing Bores last night, Morrissey explained a lyric from Suedehead, telling the audience, "while I'm on the very dull subject of correcting certain things, in the song Suedehead there is the line, 'it was a good lay, it was a good lay, it was a good lay', people titter like that because they think it's S-E-X, but a good lai was originally a beautiful poem, and I'm afraid in Suedehead, that's what I meant." So there we have it!

Tonight, Morrissey and his band will play the jaw dropping ancient Roman amphitheater in Israel's Caesarea. I meanwhile shall wait to see if I am welcomed from my return from exile. If Our Mozzer, Broken or Dawn Mist ask me to leave, then I shall leave for good. I'm not really sure what I did to upset The Mozfather, but unlike a certain other Morrissey fan site owner, I have no bitterness towards The Mozziah, and instead of turning on him, I continue to worship at the alter....although not in The Wrong Arms if he bans me.

*Goes off singing* Oh yes, you can kick me, and you can punch me, and you can break my face but you won't change the way I feel... 'cause I love you.

*Changes song* And now I know how David Tseng felt, as the flames rose to his pug shaped nose and his Star Wars figures started to melt.


  1. ah.. it's the hotel California syndrome colonel, still I'm glad that you're back, not that my thoughts count for anything and now I must be off to the game

  2. Welcome back. Always miss your concert blogging and utube links.

  3. Welcome back! Missed you and the others who show up here. Hoping that none of the fans who visit here were not involved with the earthquake that hit Italy earlier today.

  4. So Ratty, you return today with a reference to Bigmouth and Moz decides to add Bigmouth to the set tonight. Hmm... I have to say, it's very nice to have the blog back and it's also nice to know there are still a few of us who aren't yet ready to give up on the BRS, whether we're still wanted or not.

    1. If I were completely deluded, I would claim that both Bigmouth and You're the One For Me, Ratty were added to the set last night because my blog had returned...but as my blog has received no hits from Israel, I will have to settle with a genuine coincidence. Great to see All the Lazy Dykes added too - WHAT A SONG THAT IS.

  5. We could use a bit of moxie here, good to see you haven't given up!

  6. I had planned to write a review after Stavanger but the moment has passed. I would just like to leave this comment.
    A Morrissey concert is so much more than going to see someone singing on a stage. For many of us it runs far deeper. It is a holistic & spiritual experience. A rich & warm embrace.

    Moz's generosity is unique. Each word & note is loaded with passion, emotion & fortitude. He radiates energy & true spirit.
    The rapport between Morrissey & his adoring fans is a very beautiful thing.

    I must also give a huge shout out to the band. Their cohesion, spirit & heart is palpable.

    My eternal thanks, love & appreciation to Morrissey for recharging my heart & leaving me with more cherished memories.

  7. Welcome back Ratty dear,I'm happy to read your blog once again!


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