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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Day 1908 - Hidden in the mist

Lighthouse keeping tweeter, Dawn Mist (@slightdawnmist), spent yesterday evening in the public bar of The Wrong Arms, interacting with a number of her 34 followers and playing the jukebox.

Dawn arrived at 5.30pm (UK time) and immediately headed to the jukebox, playing Prince's cover version of Creep and Joan Jett's cover of Personality Crisis. Dawn later played No More 'I Love You's' by Annie Lennox.

When I tweeted to Dawn that Creep was one of my favourite songs of all time, she replied, "One of your favourite songs of all time? Tut Tut. Like a dagger to my heart". As to why some scatty old lighthouse keeper would be so upset at me liking a Radiohead song, I have no idea. I suggested to Dawn that she cover it, to which she replied, "It'll be on the b side to Boredom Is A Plague." (Ed - for those who haven't been reading this blog of mine from the very beginning, Bordeom Is A Plague is a fictitious(?) song title that has been mentioned a number of times during the MorrisseysWorld journey.

I responded to Dawn's tweet about Boredom being a future b side by saying, "Oh good, that means it's a vinyl release", to which Dawn came back with, "Now, now. Don't get too carried away. I presume even a cover of 'Creep' wouldn't chart." Dawn is mistaken of course, a Morrissey cover of Creep would DEFINITELY chart, especially in the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart, where David Brent is currently Number 1 with the highly amusing song, Lady Gypsy. And on the subject of Brent, this week I went to the cinema to watch the Ricky Gervais/David Brent film, Life on the Road, which is absolutely hilarious. There is one song, Ooh La La, that for some reason reminds me of Boz Boorer's new song, El Camino Real. I shall say no more on the subject.

I hadn't previously heard Prince's version of Creep - which was performed at the Coachella Festival in 2008 - and although I wasn't instantly grabbed by it when Dawn put it on the jukebox, I have been playing it on repeat this morning, and I now absolutely love it. I was lucky enough to see Prince play live at his 3121 club in Las Vegas in 2007, and it he truly was an unbelievable live experience. Morrissey took the time to pay tribute to Prince last Saturday at his concert in Manchester saying, "In this year of the reaper, we would like to remember Victoria Wood, we would like to remember Caroline Aherne, we would like to remember Muhammad Ali, we would like to remember Prince; too soon, too soon, too soon." This was followed by the singing of Oboe Concerto.
Image result for prince blue rose singer

Here are Dawn's highlights from her session in the bar:

"The New Dawn appears to be gathering momentum. A comment has been received."

This was obviously a reference to the, "new dawn for MW" which Dawn first told me about on August 8th. I replied by telling Dawn she was a tease, and I asked for a clue to help me find the website. She replied, "It really is right under your ratty nose" and added, "Some have managed to find from the clues already provided. No more. It's to grow organically like the original MW. No one is excluded." Heather pointed out that perhaps a TTY denial might help us find it, to which Dawn replied, "Well that barely worked last time. Maybe I have another trick up my SLEEVE."

"@sadglamour You may or may not have missed a recent cardigan. Keep your eyes peeled and your feet skipping."

If there really is a new MorrisseysWorld style website out there, then no doubt we will find in at some time, and then of course, I will have the dilemma as to whether to blog about it or not. I will probably resort to 'Private Mode' and see if this time around, the masses actually realise that it really IS Morrissey.


  1. Creep is one of my all time favourite songs too... it seems to gnaw at my heartstrings.
    Just the mention of a cardigan of course has me in spheres of delight... not only are my feet skipping but my heart as well

    1. That's exactly how the prospect of a new MW blog makes me feel - I'm positively giddy at the thought of it. Where, oh where, could it be?

  2. I did click on a link that took me to the lighthouse but I cant remember how I got there that alcohol abuse tends to payback with no exceptions, it was in the same format as your blog whiskers, or was that not the right place, confusion is alive in well in this pre pensioners head

  3. of course I meant alive AND well, but you all know me

  4. funny enough the link is attached to the old where I keep the concert dates, I'm sure colonel whiskers will tell me off and tell me who is behind it but they do post as our mozzer

  5. does that mean keep your 00s peeled on the new record sleeve or have we to rip the sleeves off his cardy to solve the mystery

  6. A new MW blog would be delicious. Where on earth do you start look if its hidden in the depths of the inter web? I am sure one of you bright sparks will find it.

    1. this is the link I am talking about comrade and detective GWO are already there

    2. Manc lad, you CANNOT be as out of touch with what goes on around here as you make out, it's impossible.

      EARS, I have googled and googled, but can find NOTHING.

    3. apols, I went on to update the tour calendar last week and when you click on the part that says part of the mw blog at the top of the page, it takes you to a blog, sorry if I am out of touch I have been working extra days to get some time off for the tour


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