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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day 1909 - Riders on the storm

I ended my blog entry of yesterday with the Morrissey pessoa, Dawn Mist, saying that she may have a "trick up my SLEEVE" to bring the "New Dawn" website to the attention of Morrissey fans. This morning I awoke to find that the Solow website was abuzz with a supposed leaked 'Rider' from Morrissey's 2016 tour, but having read it, it looks to me like a parody; especially as it reads, "2 Bunches of Nice Flowers (no roses) in nice vases". WHAT THE FUCK IS A "NICE" VASE? I have spent my whole life in ruins... because of vases that are "nice"!

Is this the "trick" that Dawn spoke of? It still doesn't help us find the new MorrisseysWorld!

There has also been another bizarre occurrence. Yesterday morning, at 11.08am UK time, a rather odd comment was left on my blog as follows:

"Ain't Nancy Sinatra tweeting godspeed an awful lot recently?



I haven't been following @NancySinatra on Twitter lately, and didn't give any thought to the comment, but this morning I awoke to see that Morrissey had posted a TTY piece to offer a "loving goodbye" to Nancy Sinatra's daughter's dog, Sunny.

I took a quick peak at Nancy Sinatra's twitter feed, and discovered that last night, at  9.52pm UK time, Nancy tweeted, "We've lost family member Sunny Erlinger. 'If love could have saved you you would have lived forever.' godspeed Sunny". A coincidence that someone had left a comment on my blog about Nancy tweeting godspeed, and then 11 hours later, Nancy tweeting "godspeed"? Nancy KNOWS, you know.


Our Mozzer, Dawn and Broken all appeared in The Wrong Arms late last night, and again earlier this afternoon, but I don't have time to report their words now, as I am just about to go out to dinner with friends, and then onto the theatre to watch The Simon & Garfunkel Story. I shall return tomorrow.



  1. A touching tribute to Sunny on TTY and such a lovely photo. I'm really missing parody Boz now...

  2. Why the diary in Morrissey's room rider?

  3. Re SLEEVE is that a Joan of Arc reference?

  4. Such a warm & affectionate message from Morrissey on TTY.
    I had to smile at the nice flowers in nice vases. I don't know who wrote the rider, but it does have an inkling of parody about it.


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