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Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 1910 - The New Dawn - MorrisseysWord

At 2.46pm this afternoon, a new MorrisseysWorld style blog arrived on the internet; it is called, - a very subtle change from the original - there is no 'L' in place for me and my friends.... I'll get my coat. It's arrival has prompted me to take FTM back into 'Private Mode', solely because a number of people blamed my constant blogging as being the reason that MorrisseysWorld didn't take off five years ago. Personally, I don't believe MW would have been accepted by the masses anyway, but let us see if things develop differently this time around without me reporting everything publicly. At least I shouldn't be accused of being the one behind it all this time... what am I saying, of course I will!

The first entry on this new MW blog is entitled, A Very Quick Welcome From OM - Typed by Dawn, and has the following wording:

Welcome to the New Dawn *OM did not actually say this but sometimes it is hard to tell what he saying after a few bottles of the expensive stuff*

Whilst I am officially on a much needed holiday I thought it would be rather entertaining, to restart this old blog of mine. Entertaining for me, not for you. Now before you start your bellyaching and saying “why does he need a holiday, he only works two hours a night on tour”, let me just say that do you know the mental breakdown I suffer when I have to change the setlist?

Talking of mental breakdowns today on so-low I saw that the c**t T***g had gone to the trouble of typing out a fake technical rider. Dear god that man is beyond help. He missed off the Bolly and the Grey Goose for starters. It is an outrage that he doesn't feel that a man of my stature (seminal artiste/iconic singer/poet/independently wealthy political commentator), would request such mundane commodities. *OM walks away muttering something profound about sticky chest lingerie* 

So we are back here again. Can we take so-low down?

And before you all ask, the b*****d tour diary is in production. Between that and playing Pokemon Go I am rather busy at the moment. I hope I don't burn myself out. But Riot Festival would be fine to cancel I suppose... Well it won't affect the old insurance and I will still get paid without having to reschedule. 

Dawn's typing skills aren't up to much, as she missed out the word 'is' in the very first sentence. Bring back 'R' I say.

The new blog was brought to the world's attention by Our Mozzer, who has changed his Twitter name. He is no longer BRSChairman (@BRSChairman), he has become OM (@SeminalArtiste).

Here are OM's recent tweets:

SUNDAY 4.11pm: "Another denial you say?" - Does this tweet mean that we are set to see a TTY  denial about Morrissey having "no connection" with the new MW blog, or perhaps a denial about the 'Tour Rider' being real? Will there even be a denial at all, or is OM just toying with us? He was certainly just toying with us with those tweets from Dawn Mist suggesting that the new site was already up and running, and that some had already found it, and it was right under my "ratty nose". Lying blogger!

SUNDAY 5.26pm: "Lonely is personal terrorism."

5.35pm: "The loneliness of the long distance stunner"

MONDAY 3.03pm: "There is something profound out there. That is my final word."

OM's only other recent tweet of note came in the early hours of Sunday, and was in response to the fact that at Morrissey's recent concert in Manchester, Moz paid tribute to some of those who had died this year - as I reported in my blog entry of Day 1908  - but didn't mention David Bowie, which led to some fans accusing him of being petty, and the NME even using a headline to say he'd been labelled a cunt. Our Mozzer took to Twitter to clarify why he hadn't mentioned Bowie:

"You wish to know why I didn't mention Bowie? It's because Bowie had been living off his legend for far too long." It would seem that as far as Moz is concerned, the legend burned out long before the candle, and when you take a close look at Bowie's career; as I did back in January, Moz has a point - Bowie didn't release anything that could be considered legendary past the age of about 32/33... although his deathbed album was a fairly clever way to check out.

[linked image]

Here for the record, are Broken's latest tweets of note:

SUNDAY 12.28am: "This is no time for enigmatic otherness. So let me say just one more thing. Fuck you all."

1.30pm: "On behalf of everyone associated, you have all been terribly dull."

1.32pm: "Before I'm arrested for verbal murder allow me to say that it has been a terrible five years. Boredom is a plague."

5.09pm: "There are those who make their apparent pain into attention seeking. Those truly in pain keep it within themselves."

And here are Dawn Mist's tweets of note:

SATURDAY 11.23pm: "The mind wonders. The habit falls. The failure feels the pain and disappointment. I've taken it all."

11.52pm: "Tonight I watched. Today I watched. Tomorrow I will skip. Skip with shallow steps of unfounded glee. Welcome. To nothing. Vice."

SUNDAY 3.43pm: "The reissue, may or may not have new bonus material. Don't say I NEVER predict anything."

Dawn also posted the song, Somewhere Else by Razorlight.

Right then, let's see what happens next. OM currently has 292 Twitter followers, but his account is locked. Will there be a TTY denial regarding MorrisseysWord? If there is, will anyone have the brain capacity to work out this time around exactly what is going on? Time, as ever...

*Foot Note* - I pointed out the missing 'IS' to Dawn, and it has now been added.

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