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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day 1911 - LumpyWords

Yesterday, due to the arrival of the new MorrisseysWord blog,  I took FTM into 'Private Mode', but today I am taking it back into 'Public Mode', as I don't believe that the content on the new MW blog is being written by Morrissey.

A new article arrived today on the MW blog entitled, 'My Tour Diary 2016', but it is not only littered with grammatical errors, it is nowhere near the standard of writing that we are used to from Our Mozzer. It's as though Kerry 'the cocktail' Messenger has written it... perhaps she has. There are sentences such as the following:

"I retired to my room only venturing out once all week, mainly due to the constant drizzle, but the threat of bumping into any audience members is always apparent, but much worse still, my Norwegian fan base which I have always avoided." No semi colons being used, and the word 'but' appearing twice in one sentence. Dreadful.

There is also this:

"The old acid reflux has suffered from this too. So I was forced to borrow a loose fitting shirt off Boz, much to my shame." Starting a sentence with "so" and using the word "off" instead of "from" are schoolboy/girl errors. If Morrissey were dead, he would be turning in his grave.
Image result for morrissey head in hands

I beckoned Dawn Mist into the toilets of The Wrong Arms to point out all the errors and she had this to say:

"I know you have nothing better to do but my lighthouse and I do not care over these things. You are lucky to get a thing. One more petulant outburst like this and we will end it. You will have to go back to your fat wife and dreadful children."

I immediately pointed out that Mrs Whiskers doesn't have an ounce of fat on her... I didn't bother trying to defend the dreadful children.

A few of the regular MorrisseysWorlders also took to the loos of The Arms to discuss this new MW blog article, and they too are confused by the lumpy clumsiness of it all.

My only conclusion is that the article was written by someone else in the Morrissey camp. Damon? Jesse? Boz? Rustle Bland? Wossy? Morrissey's mum? I guess we'll never know, but Mikey Bracewell  is obviously no longer editing, and Dawn's secretarial skills aren't a patch on 'R's.... and the author of My Tour Diary 2016 is NOT Morrissey.


  1. alas most of us came to the same conclusion, a false dawn, if you'll pardon the pun

  2. All of the fakery is shameful. If it is fakery. And if it isn't fakery, it just becomes ever tedious & exhausting. Either way its already becoming tedious. That is all.


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