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Friday, 2 September 2016

Day 1914 - It's a challenge

Our Mozzer, Broken and Dawn Mist all took to The Wrong Arms yesterday, but for two reasons I have decided to no longer document everything that they tweeted.

Firstly, I no longer have a feel for which words are actually Morrissey's from these so called pessoa accounts; Moz certainly cannot be the sole user of the Broken account, as that account has tweeted whilst Morrissey has been on stage, whilst the Dawn Mist account is littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which is VERY unMoz like... unless of course it is intentional, but I somehow don't think so.

 I am starting to think that the Dawn account could predominantly be the work of Damon, with perhaps Moz using it on occasion. I still have a hunch that Moz is mainly the person behind the straight talking Queen bitch, Broken, but maybe Damon plays the role too. It is, of course, all guess work.

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The second reason that I am no longer going to document the tweets is because, in the main, they are nothing more than meaningless small talk - boredom is a plague. Yesterday for instance we had: the scattiness of being a lighthouse keeper (Dawn), the importance of cute boys, butter and steak (Broken), and howling at the moon at lost causes (OM). There is one tweet worth documenting, as it is a beautiful piece of poetry. In response to OM tweeting about howling at lost causes, Broken tweeted, "This is my final howl. This is my final growl. I no longer prowl. I'm throwing in the towel." You wouldn't get that from the likes of Robert Smith, I can tell you.

There were a couple of Dawn's tweets of yesterday that were relevant to the MW story. Firstly, Dawn tweeted, "The destruction will not last. I sense part 2 will be more of (sic) the manner one is accustomed too (sic). Scatty is quite amusing though; (sic) mind you."

Dawn also added, "There are also parts 3 & 4. I may publish them in draft too. Why bother redrafting with such little readership?"

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Dawn has also paid a visit to my Twitter message box aka the toilets of The Wrong Arms. I asked her what was going, to which she replied, "I do not answer to you. But, but there has been many changes in the past 2 years." Another mystery.... and good comedic use of two 'buts' in a sentence.

Dawn also posted the following in my DM box, but I don't think it was meant for me, and I have no idea what it means: "I found all your confus. I found it hilarious. Where is it from? And who is it?" What the bloody hell is confus?

And finally, MerryAnne (MTearfull) took to the comments section of FTM yesterday to slag off MW; calling it "low quality work" and to also attack Broken and the other pessoa accounts by suggesting they are "missing wit". Dawn responded by writing, "Be gone, you are not what we are looking for.
MW was never meant to be uncomplicated and charming. It's a challenge. Many have found it provocative. Many have found it to be overabundant.
Your tirade is not welcome here.

In response to this exchange, Kerry the Cocktail managed to remove herself from the bottle for a brief moment, and decided to try and give me a kicking for some reason, by telling me; rather illiterately it must be said, that last year a MW chatroom was set up by Maren (Orangey Chuck) on Our Mozzer's instruction, which OM and a couple of the BRS members used in secret without me knowing about it. Poor old Kerry, does she really think that she can hurt me with such a revelation? Of course Morrissey needs places away from me and my constant blogging - I can be a pain in the backside.What-is-more, Moz has cast me out on numerous occasions during this journey, but I learnt to live with his rejection quite a few years ago. The fact that he keeps allowing me back in is far more important.

Kerry needs to realise that this is not a competition, whilst MerryAnne needs to stop trying to make everything about her, and realise that the sole reason we are all here is because this is ALL about Morrissey. As OM and Broken have often informed us, our lives are meaningless and trivial, whilst Morrissey's life on the other hand is VERY important. This is history. Morrissey is a VERY rare breed indeed... a living genius, and we BRS members/MW observers are lucky enough to be witnessing part of that genius life close up.

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*Goes off singing* I've been stabbed in the back, so many many times, I don't have any skin, but that's just the way it goes.


  1. Putting the content aside, there is quite a difference between Dawn’s DMs with you and the comment made on FTM yesterday. Looks like that slight mist may be lifting.

  2. OM's #Gangland tweet last night was a gem.
    Being a scatty air raid I rather enjoy the company of the scatty lighthouse keeper. Whoever they maybe.
    You are spot on Rats. We are blessed to be part of this journey.

  3. Robert Smith should write a rhyming thesaurus called Dream, Scream and other words.
    I concur that Morrissey is a genius, a misunderstood, enigmatic, blistering, scathing hunk of a genius.

  4. Well, 'confus' means 'confused' in French, which is how I feel most of the time lately. Recent happenings have been enough to put a lowly pleb such as I into a perpetual head spin, but that's all part of the fun.


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