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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Day 1916 - Finalising Scotland, and the French correction

With all the uncertainty and mystery that has surrounded MorrisseysWor(l)d lately, it was nice to welcome Mademoiselle Fifi back to The Wrong Arms on Friday afternoon.

Mlle Fifi always manages to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to proceedings, and as he played his favourite songs on the jukebox, it was reassuring to realise that he hadn't been tampered with... ooh er mrs.... or mademoiselle as the case may be.

Image result for mademoiselle fifi

Mlle Fifi's songs of choice were: Tous Les Garçons, Oh Oh Cheri, Modern Style, Chez Les Ye-Ye, Brigitte Bardot and Mini Mini Mini.
Fifi also played a clip of Charles Aznavour in the film Les Dragueurs - a film released just a couple of weeks before Morrissey was born in 1959. Morrissey shares a birthday with Aznavour, which no doubt is one of the things that particularly drew Moz to him.... although there seems to have been no such draw to Katie Price!

I pointed out to Mlle Fifi that there had once been a cat of the same name, who was one of the three passengers on the first flight across the English Channel to take passengers. I posted a picture of the furry Mlle Fifi, perched on the shoulder of her pilot friend, John 'Captain Kitty' Moisant. I then added the similar photo of Morrissey with Fanny the Wonder Cat perched on his head.
Image result for mademoiselle fifi cat funeral

Image result for morrissey head cat

The non fluffy Mlle Fifi responded to my two pictures with the hashtag Timeless, and also posted a picture of the said cat, dressed in black whilst attending the funeral Moisant, and tweeted, "Friday Mourning".

Image result for mademoiselle fifi cat funeral

I expressed to Mlle Fifi that the photo would make a great backdrop.... so she made it her profile picture! Not quite what I meant, but still.

Before leaving, Fifi asked, "Qui set Fifi?", to which I replied that I didn't know. The response to this was, "Neither do I".

Astra (@SoStarkSoHaunt) has also made some recent appearances in The Wrong Arms of late, but I am confused as to why Astra both follows and has retreated @sorry_semi, when Broken has been SO insistent that the semi-sorry sod is a fraud. It is all so inconsistent... not that anyone should expect anything to be straight forward when it comes to Morrissey.

I won't repeat all of Astra's tweets, but in one exchange with Broken on Thursday night, she tweeted, "You can join me. I'm starting a new Twitter app next week. And everyone who is tedious will be BANNED." Today I have noticed that the original Astra account, @FadingGoldLeaf has returned, although I have no idea as yet if this is really Astra or yet another tedious hoax from Kerry/Rob/Chucky Maren. I guess time might tell. The @AlfsButton account has also reappeared, but again, I have no idea if this is real or not.

Dawn Mist has tweeted over the weekend, but nothing of note, so I shan't report anything here.

Broken has posted a few tweets over the past few days, one of which particularly grabbed my attention, as he was responding to a tweet of his own from Aug 8th, in which he had stated that he is "a slave for the Scottish accent". On Friday afternoon he added to this, "this remains true". I tweeted to ponder, "Are we about to get an announcement about Scottish tour dates in December?" (as hinted by Broken on August 22nd), and suddenly Our Mozzer popped up to tweet, "Finalising the Scotland dates as we speak. Although we are not currently speaking. On another planet perhaps we are." OM's only other tweet came a couple of hours later.... "Sorrow". 


  1. this broken chap appears to be most dashing, I think we should meet up.. perhaps we have.. perhaps we have.. although on the other hand, I am pretty sure we haven't

  2. I AM NOT ASTRA!!!
    And not only that, but I think she'd have something to say about it, if she ever read that you said that!!

    On the other hand, you're busy, you have two wives and a few children to worry about, plus a dog and a pool.

    I know I look like Astra, so people are easily confused.

    It's the all in the cheeks, you see.



    1. Yes, I can now see that you aren't Astra. In fact, you look more like Chuck. I apologise to Astra. Actually, I may edit this blog entry to get rid of all reference to you.

    2. Absolutely I will thank you to never, ever call me Chuck again. My patience to be insulted like that is unfortunately - none.

    3. Stop complaining, you're not the one who's been accused of being someone else's f***ing buttock.

    4. I think you'll find it's 'Not' buttock! And stop talking to yourself.

  3. That isn't broken
    Its not OM either.

    The genius left the building

    1. Ah, Jon, you're back.... and adding more confusion and mystery to the pot.

    2. Perhaps Broken just got lucky with that Australian prediction. Will he get lucky with Scotland too?

  4. The Ode à Francoise was completely beguiling, of course. I could have written it myself.

    Words are like cashmere. So easy to spin. I wrap my glittering web around anyone. I can wrap it around everyone.

    But the cerebrum? Cuts through the heart’s darkness to remind me, again and again

    That I am ever alone


    1. How delightful to see you here, Astra. Please feel free to stay a while and wrap us in your beguiling web once again.

    2. Astra. It is good to know you are still floating around. Your dazzling words are, as ever, beautiful. Come back soon if you can.

    3. Hello Star Maiden. Welcome back from your journeys through the cosmos and beyond. Your words and style are always intriguing and captivating. You were greatly missed by us commoners. No matter where you are, we all have special place in our hearts for you.

  5. Always a treat to see Fifi, and I loved reading about Moisant and the feline Fifi. Those photos are priceless. So many pessoas popping out of the woodwork now, I can barely keep up.


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