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Monday, 5 September 2016

Day 1917 - The house of frauds

Not Astra's Derrière took to the comments section of FTM yesterday afternoon to declare that she (@SoStarkSoHaunt) isn't Astra. Astra also took to the comments section at 2am this morning to post the following:

The Ode à Francoise was completely beguiling, of course. I could have written it myself.

Words are like cashmere. So easy to spin. I wrap my glittering web around anyone. I can wrap it around everyone.

But the cerebrum? Cuts through the heart's darkness to remind me, again and again

That I am ever alone


Hardy's love of stylish shades may have stemmed from her notorious shyness.

Longtime MorrisseysWorld 'observer', Jon ConMorrissey Theorist, also took to the comments section of FTM yesterday afternoon to declare that both Broken and OM were frauds. 

OM (@SeminalArtist) took to Twitter late yesterday evening, changing his name to Crankfraud (the name given to Morrissey by the Solowers), and tweeted emojis of knives and the Union flag. 🔪🇬🇧🔪

Half an hour after this, Alfs Button (@alfsbutton); who incidentally has changed his Twitter name to Morrissey, tweeted, "For the record, if anyone is keeping a record, @SeminalArtiste is a fraud and a terrible impersonation. it can only be the work of one man." I agree, it can only be the work of one man, but not necessarily the one man that Alf was trying to imply!

The Alf/Morrissey tweeter posted a number of other tweets, but as this person could be absolutely anyone, I won't bother repeating the tweets, and at any rate, it was all just small talk.

It could be that Morrissey has decided that it is time to 'change the guard'. If this Alf is Morrissey, he made it quite clear that I wasn't welcome the last time he was on the scene, so I  think this is a good time for me to take a break, and return only if something earth shattering occurs.


  1. The idea of the OM account being Benny from Solow gave me a chuckle, and I find the multiple fraud accusations quite entertaining. Lovely to hear from Astra, but I don't think that's exactly the ode she was referring to :)

  2. Hello Ratty, I'm very busy, so I just can say you will be back...soon! Ciao.

  3. Replies
    1. Godspeed to you, Dawn. I'll miss seeing you amidst the mist on twit.

    2. Keep shining your light Dawn. I shall keep a look out for you always.

  4. the finger bandage was alive and well in Kentucky

  5. fantastic, one of my fave cocktails was on sale at the philly concert.. try one, you'll love it


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