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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Day 2018 - Is that all there is?

This is my first blog entry in 77 days. Since my last offering back on September 27th, a number of things have happened relating to both the current world of Morrissey and his former world. From the former world, former writing partner and Smith, Johnny Marr has released his autobiography; which I have no interest in reading, and also former friend Pete 'Dead or Alive' Burns became a former, former friend aka Pete 'Dead not Alive' Burns. The celeb deaths just continue coming in 2016.

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In the current world of Morrissey, the tour continued, and BRS member, comrade herpes took a blue rose to a concert in Melbourne at the end of October. Unfortunately herpes was so excited to at last be at the front of the stage with blue rose in hand, that he prematurely off loaded after just two songs.


BRS members Angie Reyes and Jaz also took blue roses to a concert in Santa Barbara on November 5th, but their roses were ignored by Moz. For some reason Angie didn't take a rose to the concert in Salt Lake City on November 12th, but even so, she was rewarded for her devotion with an 'arm signature' mid-concert, which she promptly had made into a tattoo.

The concert in SLC turned out to be the last one of the tour; as firstly Gustavo Manzur fell ill, and then the touring money dried up. Morrissey's age on the day of that last concert was 57 years and 174 days.  Hopefully there will be plenty more concerts to come, but if not, Morrissey still managed to outlast David Bowie's performing days, as Bowie's final concert in Scheessel Germany on June 25th 2004 was at the age of 57 and 169 days.

David Bowie

There have been three reasons as to why I haven't continued with my blogging: 1) After 5 years I felt I should bring my 'Following the Mozziah' story to a close; particularly as it had taken over my life, 2) I had become increasingly confused as to which twitter accounts were Morrissey pessoas and which were impostors, and was therefore reluctant to blog about tweets that may well have been nothing whatsoever to do with Morrissey - Likewise, I also wasn't convinced that all the articles on the MorrisseysWord blog were the work of Morrissey himself, and therefore was reluctant to continue writing about those too and 3) Back in the Summer Morrissey shared with me some sad news that he asked me not to blog about, which last month I found out to be an outrageous lie, and left me thinking that this just wasn't the place for me anymore.

I now realise that: 1) It isn't up to me to bring to a close the story on Morrissey's secret life mingling with a handful of fans on the internet, so Following The Mozziah will continue as long as there is a Mozziah to follow - and my life will remain dedicated to it,  2) I am now fairly sure that both @AlfsButton and @SeminalArtiste aka @BRSChairman are both Morrissey pessoas, and if @SlightDawnMist isn't Morrissey himself, then it is probably his right hand man, Damon 'Kevin Philips' Anacreonte, and 3) Although he has stopped short of apologising to me about the outrageous lie, Morrissey has given me an explanation of sorts, which although I still find hard to accept, I do appreciate that Morrissey is not right in the head, but this is, after all, why....

So there we are, and here I am - Morrissey remains my God, and I continue to follow the Mozziah....but there is one slight problem. Yesterday, having published two very thought provoking new pieces on the MorrisseysWord blog about art and gender, Morrissey suddenly closed down the blog. He also shut down the two Moz twitter accounts, the Dawn Mist account, and even Broken's account. I feel that I may be to blame, because I had informed Our Mozzer that I wasn't going to report on the latest MW blog offerings - only because I felt that both he and other fans were sick and tired of my involvement. It seems that I can't do right for doing wrong.

So,  is that all there is?

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  1. Wonderful that you are back! I missed you.I know the feeling what happened to Comrade Herbes. That happened to me too. Morrissey did sing the Troble loves me but I was so excited about the concert that forgot to give him the roses during the song. It is kind of funny too.

  2. Here's hoping that the twit accounts and MW blog return soon. I barely had a chance to read the last blog entry and certainly hope that we'll get the chance to read similarly thought-provoking pieces in the future. Nice to have FTM back!

  3. Welcome home! Missed you the past few weeks. Thought maybe you'd show up December 9 as it was the 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas who was one of Moz's favourite actors.He is also a favorite of mine. As one of my children share his birthday it is easy for me to remember the date(we also have quite a few family members who have the name Douglas).Well, it's good to see you back and just hope it will be for a while. Wish all Happy Holidays.

  4. I am wondering why my comment has disappeared? Not that it was of great importance. I deleted the first one & re-posted.

  5. Me thinks Ratty doth protest about my timing too much.

    Good to have you back, though. I totally missed the new MW blog posts.


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