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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Day 2051 - "Morrissey would never"....Yet again!

I awoke yesterday morning to find the following three tweets in my timeline from former BRS member, MerryAnne (@SadGlamour):

"I would like to die by the age of 40."
"I can't believe people still think that Chairman account (@seminalartiste) has anything to do with actual Morrissey"
"Anyone who knows anything about Moz would know he would never condone or contribute to bullying of fans. He is a sweet man."

The first tweet is an attention seeking lie; similar to many, many attention seeking tweets that MerryAnne constantly posts - which led to Morrissey to write the article False Victimhood on his True Morrissey blog last month - a piece I mentioned on Day 2026 of FTM. For those of us who have lost friends and family to suicide, seeing someone post false tweets about wanting to die irks to say the least, but the world is full of such attention seekers, and they can be ignored.

What irked me far more, was MerryAnne's second and third tweets, because they are misguided untruths, based on assumption. For the umpteenth time on this journey of ours, someone has decided that the online Morrissey can't possibly be the real Morrissey, because the online Morrissey has said something that they don't like, and which doesn't 'fit in' with that person's image of how they want Morrissey to be. MerryAnne's third tweet contains that classic line that we saw time and time again when MW first arrived on the scene, "Morrissey would never".

Image result for MORRISSEY

I have managed to ignore MerryAnne's attention seeking tweets in the past, and didn't bother to comment on her false claim that she wants to die by 40. I was also going to ignore her completely unfounded and false accusation about the online Morrissey being a bully, but when GOB (@GirlOnBike1102) tweeted to agree with MerryAnne - even though she admitted to not knowing what was going on - I could keep quiet no longer, and let them have it with both barrels. It wasn't long before Our Mozzer and Broken were joining in too.

In response to MerryAnne's tweet about not believing the online Mozzer to be the real Moz, Morrissey (@SeminalArtiste) tweeted:

"Oh but you did. You still do. It's not my fault you have an untrue picture of me. Start from the beginning and learn."

MerryAnne ought to read FTM from the beginning, because that would show her that we have been here before - her allay, GOB, knows that more than most having been involved in 'FagGate'  three years ago.

OM added other tweets during the ensuing debate, including these:

"Ask Solomon just how sweet I am."

"I've never personally bullied anyone as I know how it feels. I have offered a guide to self improvement however."

Broken also threw in his two penneth worth - well he would, wouldn't he - tweeting:

"Twitter is not a self help book or the psychiatrists office. Miserablists of the world unite and get followers."

When MerryAnne tweeted that she worked in the mental health field, Broken replied:

"I cannot imagine you providing much comfort. You probably relate all problems back to yourself."

MerryAnne replied that the world judges those with mental illness, to which Broken came back with:

"Well if you are the measurement of judgement I can see why." - there is nothing better on Twitter than Broken at his cutting best!

Having got bored of the attention seeker, OM invited people to join him in the True Morrissey chatroom, which myself, EARS, Chuck, Jaz and a couple of anons did. There were no great revelations this time, but it is always pleasant to spend time in his company. I even got invited into a private chat room, where OM asked me if I had read any Burroughs. I told him that I no longer read books as my memory is so bad that as soon as I have finished a book, I have forgotten what I have read. He suggested that he would write an article on the subject - although I don't know if he meant memory loss or Burroughs. The truth is, I doubt he'll write about either!

Image result for william burroughs

So, there we have it. I wonder if MerryAnne really no longer believes OM to be Morrissey, or if she is just trying to convince herself it is so because the alternative doesn't bare thinking about? One thing that is for sure, MerryAnne certainly never took a blue rose to a concert out of a love for Moz, she took one to try and get herself noticed.

To finish off, here is the parody that followed FagGate, written by Broken and posted in the comments section of Day 868 on FTM - January 29th 2014:

A scene in a coffee shop.

Our Mozzer and Broken are having a cup of tea with Jjaz and JB. Broken is admiring Justin's latest owl tattoo and nodding safely as he explains its deeper meaning.

"Fag!" comes a voice as a middle aged woman cackles on the table across the café.

"Pardon?" asks Broken.


"You just called me a fag-" says Broken. "Do you think that's very polite?"

"Prove she called you a fag!" says Chuck, sipping her latte with caramel.

"Prove it? She just said it!" says Broken.

"Prove it - I just want to see the proof, is all" says Chuck.

"But she did say it," says a tender voice; Heathercat is sitting with a pensive look and dewy eyes.

"Oh that doesn't sound like Sabine..." says Chuck. "Can I have some proof please?"

"You want me to prove Sabine called me a fag when your two friends heard her?" asks Broken.

"Stop bullying me!" shrieks Sabine, cowering under the table.

A plump man with a limp and a slightly ill-fitting t-shirt sashays up to the table. He speaks in a soft London accent and appears to be holding flyers for his latest film.

"I'm sorry, is this man bothering you?" asks the man.

"Yes!" screams Sabine. "What have I done? What?"

"You called me a fag!"

"Trouble maker," says the man.

"But..." says Broken.

"This witch-hunt has GOT to stop, besides you're not really real and the tree bark told me this morning that you're not even Morrissey."

Broken looks over to Jjaz who rolls her eyes. JB is rubbing his blue rose tattoo and Our Mozzer is jutting his jaw out and gazing out of the window.

Our Mozzer stands up.

"Is there a problem here?" He asks in a soft voice, grimacing and poking his tongue into his left cheek.

"Yes," says the man. "This c*** is harassing this woman and claiming she called him a fag!"

"But she did!" cries the whole table, except Sabine and Chuck.

"She wouldn't.... proof!" cries Chuck.

"She mocked my suicide attempt in 2011" adds Broken, looking quite serious.

"Non-existent people can't kill themselves" laughs the man, gazing down at his film-themed t-shirt and wondering what he can eat next.

"I didn't say that anyway!" shouts Sabine. "My son tweeted it!"

"Leave this woman alone, c***" shouts the man. "Here's my mobile, phone me, c***. If you dare, c***."

Our Mozzer licks his lips.

"I heard her say it, and I blocked her a few years ago for saying it, old son," says OM.

"But I didn't say it!" shrieks Sabine. "I wouldn't do something like that."

"You have said it and you've apologised for it," says Broken in a mellow voice. "There are witnesses."

"Look I've already apologised for that - stop raking up the past!" Sabine cries.

"Proof please!" shouts Chuck in floods of tears. "All I'm asking for is proof!"

"But your friends witnessed it - just ask them."

"It's true," says Heather and Lizzy in unison.

"Prove it! I'm only asking for proof!" cries Chuck, standing up and storming out of the café, before reappearing at the doorway.

"I want proof - is that too much to ask?" she screams.

Jjaz rolls her eyes.

"Look, Sabine admitted she mocked my suicide. It's even on the MW archives. But we don't need to post that because Heather and Lizzy witnessed it!"

"My son logged on and made that comment!" cries Sabine.

"See! You lying scum!" screams Chuck. "You bully! Leave us alone!"

"Your son?" laughs OM, stroking his chin.

"Stop this at once," mutters the man, gazing at his t-shirt and wondering what to eat next.

"OK chaps, we'll move over there," says Broken quite calmly.

Our Mozzer nods softly, grimacing and licking his lips.

"Stop right there, b*****!" comes a loud voice from the other side of the café.

"You can't b******d leave! You b******d treating Chuck like this!"

"Pardon?" asks Broken.

"Bullying a helpless woman because she'd defending another helpless woman, who was probably only defending another helpless-"

"I'm just moving away from the homophobic abuse and rudeness," interrupts Broken.

"You can't leave! You can't leave! Don't you dare go! And don't you DARE close down the blog, you cruel b******d!"

"OK let's go home. This is insane," says Broken. He, OM, Jjaz and JB stand up and leave.

"I knew there was something not right about him," murmurs Lizzy, looking at Broken.

"Not a very nice man," says the man. "And your aweful grammer!"

As they leave, someone throws a piece of fruit at Broken.

"Perhaps now the bullying will stop" says Chuck to Sabine.

"Don't count on it," she says, with a roll of the eyes. "The f*g is a right c***."

"All I asked for was proof!" shrieks Chuck, in tears. "Is that TOO much to ask?"

Sabine nods, her eyes closing as she downs her tea.

"I hope this isn't the end," says Heather. "I love the BRS."

"I know... it's awful," says Lizzy. "After we've spent all these years following the blog and twitter too! All the time and effort we've expended. Where's the loyalty? Where?"

Sabine nods.

"Nasty bullies!" says Chuck.

Lizzy runs to the door and shouts down the street: "You scum have no loyalty to your loyal readers! How dare you close the blog down after upsetting my friend Sabine! I tell you what! I don't give a fig for your blog anymore! You've ruined it all!"


  1. I too have lost a family member to suicide. Many people die feeling entirely unheard. Depression can be – and often is - a terminal illness.
    4 years ago, my cousin died of suicide at the age of 19, and many of the people in my family didn't want that fact announced. However, they went ahead and at his memorial said that he did take his own life, because my uncle believed it's something that should be spoken about. It was only this past December, on talking to my uncle, I found out that because this was talked about openly at his memorial, a friend of my cousin's came forward to say he too was suicidal. The point of this is, some people are afraid to speak openly because they are afraid of being ridiculed or that they should just ‘toughen up.’ So if other people are seen expressing this feeling, or we openly speak about suicide, be it action or ideation, maybe it makes others feel more comfortable talking about it themselves.

    I do work in mental health - which may seem amusing to some people, because I admittedly can be a downer, but I also feel this gives me the perspective to help them. The depressed people I speak with never say they find me to be a downer, because they just usually want someone to listen, more than anything else.
    Why wouldn't they?
    A lot of people misguidedly believe when someone says they are depressed or suicidal that they are 'attention seeking.' There's a stigma that persists, even in the 21st century.
    Morrissey, in his art, has sung about suicide and depression beautifully, with empathy, and it comes from the heart with personal understanding. He also weaves some pretty brilliant humour into it.

    Perhaps this is why my gut tells me real Moz didn't tweet those things - or write that piece. I could be totally wrong, as you say, it is my assumption. Your assumption is that my tweets are false, but you can’t see inside my head or heart, and you haven’t lived the same life as me. That’s fine, but I worry about sending out the message that someone saying openly they are depressed or suicidal is “attention-seeking”, because that attitude might make people frightened to talk about it.

    1. Let us forget about depression, and get back to the REAL subject matter here - whether or not it is the real Morrissey or not on Twitter and the blog. Marianne, you have been on this journey with us for the past year or two (forgive me, I forget when or how you arrived here), and yet now, having previously believed whole heartedly that you were interacting with the real Moz, you now decide that it isn't him after all. You have clearly forgotten EVERYTHING that has passed up to this point, casting off all sense of rationale. You are dismissing ALL the evidence purely because you don't like what you are now seeing, and you tweet to mock those of us who haven't taken complete leave of our senses.

      Well, it is your choice. I have enjoyed our previous interactions, but will now bid you farewell - this is obviously not the place for you. I wonder if one day you will regret turning your back on Morrissey.

  2. Good morning Ratface! You were right about one thing - people either talk about suicide, or they do it. With that in mind, you might want to stop attacking people for talking about suicide you idiot.

    P.S. So far your Chuck impersonations are insultingly boring, please make a bit more effort. I certainly don't lack the sarcasm to call myself "Triumph", but I still wouldn't do it because I associate it with underwear. Might be a German thing.

    1. Chuck, I have no idea what on earth you are going on about regarding impersonating you. I can wholeheartedly assure you that whatever you are referring to is not me - I have no interest in trying to be you whatsoever. It all sounds like childish playground activity.
      As to which subjects I am or am not allowed to talk about, I will not be censored by you or anyone else for that matter. All subjects are up for discussion.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Manc, this is hilarious. Thanks for sharing this little gem.

      I would like to comment on the main thread when I have more time.

    2. rat as your readers have now had a gander at my little piece (ooh err) can you kindly not put it back up.. thanks

  4. Marianne, having met you I know you are not as selfish as most truly suicidal people. You have life inside of you, albeit well guarded but you socialize, you smile, you take time to yourself and you return to the people who validate you. That's alright, I'm not worried about you, I know you'll be fine.
    However what shook me, was how you could just dismiss that any of this ever happened.
    That every sign or what I witnessed was all in my head. In reading your tweet I felt a bit isolated even from the fringe group! What else is left but myself. The torch I carry dims slightly with your departure.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have worked in mental health for 30 years this year. Thankfully we are (slowly) moving away from the medical model & have greater focus on the individual & their strengths rather than the diagnoses & symptoms. I hate how people are put in boxes & labelled because it destroys individualism & autonomy which is always such a strength & gives scope for development.
    I am always far more concerned about people who are quiet, withdrawn & not communicating. In my experience people who vocalise suicidal thoughts are far less likely to take their lives. I am not saying I am right, its just what I have observed .
    Of course we should challenge the stigma. I feel this is best achieved with a focus on the positive rather than concentrating on the symptoms which can perpetuate the negative feelings.

    As for the old chestnut of Moz would never... Its interesting how people are prepared to dismiss all the evidence, encounters & experiences from their journey here, rather than challenge their perception of Morrissey.

    1. During our five-year journey here, I've learned that the only safe assumption one can make is that there are no safe assumptions. Moz always has been and always will be an enigma. As someone once wrote: "The only certainty, if you can call certainty completely certain, is that there is no such thing as certainty."

    2. He is as human as the rest of us. Indeed, I suggest that it is his contradictions, his strengths and his weaknesses, that we find so appealing, as we can identify with his struggles, triumphs and failings.

  7. Hi Rat,
    It would mean a lot to me if you reverted this to draft or at least took my Twitter username out of this. Is that possible? I feel constantly upset about it and I'm hoping you'll at least consider. My mind has been made such a mess by my depression but it also makes me feel horrendously guilty; I don't want to be like this - I want to appreciate life - I just don't always know how because my mental illness makes me feel lonely and sad. I know things could be worse but I also know it's an invisible illness so there's not much I can do to convince anyone it's real. I just wanted people to feel less alone when I wrote about it - I genuinely never meant it to be about attention. I do have issues and take meds and have been in the hospital but I do appreciate other people have it much worse. I'm sorry if it bothered people but I felt like my twitter feed and my blog were my own to talk about how I feel. Anyway, I spoke my mind - you spoke yours, but I do hope that you'd consider taking this down.

    1. Rodent's not available apparently, Rat why do you always HAVE to be such a jerk?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why do you want to censor me? This blog is the story of Morrissey on the Internet. For a period of time, you were an integral part of that story as you interacted with Morrissey, but when he wrote something that you didn't like, you denounced the Internet Moz as a fake, and mocked those of us who continue to be involved. You were not the first to behave in this way, as the likes of Rosy Mires, Still.Cling and a number of others have at various times 'walked away' when the online Morrissey did something that they perceived he would "never" do.
      This story is history. It is intriguing.
      I am guessing that the reason you want me to take this article down, is because you now feel foolish for denouncing the online Moz. You are an intelligent woman, and I know that you know that the online Moz is the real Moz - how could it possibly not be after all we have seen!
      Perhaps you should think twice before you tweet - people tend to forget that it is a public arena. I cannot take back what you tweeted, and this whole episode happened. It was an event. And this blog entry is merely a record of that event.

    2. Your guess is a tad off... January of this year was a hideous month for me and I'd rather forget it, to be honest. Having my mental health picked apart on a public forum isn't exactly at the top of my hobby list; that said, you're right - Twitter is a public arena. You win Rat - my tweets about my own suicidal ideation are etched forever in time online, in black print and this blah beige background colour... and then I can enjoy my very own bound copy of it all in 2035 or whatever. History will be made! Events have been recorded! The intrigue and mystere can be passed down for generations. Sigh...

      It's very easy to dismiss and dissect someone's feelings when they are not your own... especially if you're not particularly attuned to empathy... but... hey... I can't censor you, I was just asking if you wouldn't mind taking it down.

      I don't know why you're so desperate to convince me Moz is behind all of this still. You must like breaking people's hearts when things get boring on the Isle of Wight, which I imagine is fairly often. Anyway, I'll let you get back to your interviews. Maybe one day you will be so kind as to see it from my perspective.

    3. Actually I don't want to argue any more; life is very short. Whatevs. I'm done. Just thought I'd ask.

    4. "blah beige background"?!?! How very dare you. I did once change the background to black, but it just wasn't me. Beige is the new black.

      Anyway, back to matters in hand. Once again you are trying to place the blame on me, when all I have done is make a record of tweets that YOU posted, in PUBLIC, but I really don't know why you are concerned, why on earth would there be a book published of this ridiculous fantasy blog? I've made the whole thing up, haven't I?

      Before I go, I must make one thing absolutely clear, and that is that I am certainly not "desperate" to convince you that Morrissey is behind this. I couldn't give a flying fig what you think about it, but I do enjoy observing human behaviour - it's fascinating. Do I like breaking people's hearts? I don't know that I've ever broken one, and I rarely get bored - I don't live in the Canadian Victoria island you know!

      And now I shall leave you to go back to the "sweet" Morrissey that you KNOW is the real him.


      Ps I don't want to come across as nasty or bitter, because that just isn't me *coughs*, but as you have had no comments left on your review of the Tucson concert, I thought I would give you an honest critique:

      "Well, no, he's Morrissey - he's unique - and I love him!" - sycophantically cringeworthy

      "An ache of concern stabs through me and I wonder if he is okay - his health is the most important thing" - sycophantically cringeworthy

      "Concern strikes me, and I immediately wonder if he is okay. It's not even about whether or not the concert continues, as much as I want it to, because I feel very worried for his well-being." - excruciatingly sycophantic

      "Seeing Moz always feels like a gift. More than anything, I just want him to be okay." - hardly a gift, those tickets cost a fortune, and seeing as the b*****d won't play Canada, the money on flights must be crippling! More sycophantia (made up word, but I like it)

      "He is human. And I can't help but think some people forget that sometimes." - Yes, and humans are flawed, and aren't always nice about other humans.... but you don't believe that of Moz, do you! Yet more sycophantia.

      No need to thank me, I am here to help.

    5. Oh you can be an unreasonable thing, Rat; I did ask quite nicely.

      Anyway, thank you for reading my blog and for all of your 'help'. I'm not tremendously concerned about number of comments; as I've said many times, I write for my own enjoyment, and anyway, I've had a number of people say nice things to me about my blog already. It's really not a contest. As for your completely unbiased critique...

      I am not the first person to say Morrissey is unique. Many people agree he developed his own archetype, and stylistically I can't think of anyone who compares. Think of how Rustle describes him, for example.

      I wouldn't say being concerned about someone's health is being sycophantic. As an empathetic human, if you care about someone's well-being, of course you will want them to be both physically and mentally healthy. Health is clearly the most important thing. Concerts can be rescheduled.

      As for the gift part, not all gifts are monetary or material. I do think seeing Moz in concert is a gift to the soul, yes. That's my personal view, and you don't have to share it.

      Yes, yes humans are flawed, etc etc. I'm not caring to argue about who is behind this any more, don't worry. We've already gone there.

      'Cringeworthy' as my writing may be, it's not as cringeworthy as posting the same link to the same interview two dozen times or whatever it's at by now.

      Anyway, thanks again for your continued readership!

    6. A) If you genuinely don't believe that Morrissey is among us, then why on earth do you still come here, or worry about the ramblings of a fantasist rat?

      B) How do you know that the Moz interview has been posted two dozen times on Twitter by @BlueRoseSociety when you blocked that account in January?

      You can deny to yourself as much as you like, but you KNOW the truth.


      Ps I am not a regular reader of your blog, and had completely forgotten about you, but was reminded of you by a friend the other day. Long live the Dead Cats Society.

    7. MerryAnne, it has been brought to my attention that you have taken to Twitter to say that I am 'mocking the death of your cat'. This is yet another lie. As you can see from the words above, I simply wrote 'Long live the Dead Cats Society'. Let me explain what I meant.

      I and others tweet publicly about Morrissey secretly(?) being on the internet, and a society has been created through this, called Morrissey's Blue Rose Society. You tweet publicly about your dead cat, which is obviously to get into discussion with others who want to discuss dead cats. There is nothing wrong with this, and I haven't 'mocked' it, merely observed that you would rather tweet about dead cats than Morrissey being on the internet/twitter. I have lost more cats than I care to remember. I have lost more family members than I care to remember. I have also lost more friends than I care to remember, but I don't tweet about any of these subjects, as they are something I choose to keep private, or at least not discuss on a public forum in an attempt to gain empathy or form a group around me discussing such matters i.e. a society.

      If you don't like me, don't look at me.

  9. "Its interesting how people are prepared to dismiss all the evidence, encounters & experiences from their journey here, rather than challenge their perception of Morrissey." - EARS. And there we have it, in a nutshell.


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