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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Day 2053 - Pure Greek

Two more articles have been published on the True Morrissey blog, one yesterday and one today. Here is the first, entitled Symbol and Surface, which is all about Oscar Wilde and the role of the artist as seen by Our Mozzer:

18 January 2017
Symbol and Surface 

There is no explanation needed of the works of Wilde. Even the most sexually stringent sexually minded Victorian saw the metaphors and understood. Perhaps the most complex of characters was not so complex at all. He had Victorian society in awe when he ripped into the sky that they sheltered themselves under in regards to morality and ‘sexual correctness’. He showed the contradictions and utter absurdity of the time in which they found themselves and in which they conned themselves into thinking they were actually living. When Wilde finished his many masterpieces the jokes did not need explaining, people simply laughed because it was true. Since his tragic passing Oscar has become an icon. We trot him out to explain a plethora of situations. In essence Oscar has become in our time what he should have been in his own time. He is no longer looked upon as the criminal par excellence but as a maladjusted malcontent who could not fit into a society which quite frankly was not worth fitting into.

The event that would befall Oscar and rip to shreds his legacy and tarnish the varnish of his name was the act then called sodomy but what we now call Pure Greek. Rumours were of course persistent before the tragic unveiling of Oscar as the Victorian persona non grata but his talent outweighed the maliciousness. Once the 'sordid', sordid by Victorian standards not ours, details were revealed the public almost choked on their potato dinner. The fact is the personal life of the public artist shocked those who had once been enthralled. The message here? Do not take things at face value.

The artists image or indeed the public image presented by the artist does not match with the true person. As Oscar himself told us 'All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril." Those who take public statements as the truth are very simple. The artist lies. Why? To present a more rounded and decent picture of themselves usually. Or simply that the artist is forever changing and adapting to the times. Sometimes they even shape the times. The artist constantly evolves. But the artist is devoid from the person for it is true that creation truly begins when you are born and only ends when you die.

It is an interesting and thought provoking piece, which once again shows that those three denials made by Morrissey on TTY regarding him having a blog should NOT have been taken at face value - "THE ARTIST LIES".

Even more interesting than the actual article, was the photo that accompanied it - a photo of Oscar that Morrissey has previously used with the words 'Smiths is Dead' written on it, but most noticeably the word 'dead' has been blanked out. It ain't rocket science, and as OM said to me in the confines of his chat room yesterday evening, "it is one for the archives". Oh the secrets this little blog of mine holds.

Image result for smiths is dead

Also whilst in the chat room last night, OM took the trouble to explain to me what 'Pure Greek' meant, as I had no idea - after all, I am an uneducated and unread philistine. He said:

Pure Greek my dear rat is what Oscar Wilde quipped to a vicar when he was playing in a garden with Alfred Douglas and the vicar took issue. "What is all this?" the vicar said. "This my child is Pure Greek" replied Oscar.

Further research has led me to realise that the Greeks were rather keen on their man love. I really, really am SO poorly educated. Whilst researching, I found an interesting piece by a now deceased french author called Michel Foucault, who wrote in his book The History of Sexuality, "Greece as the historical memory of a treasured past was romanticised and idealised as a time and a culture when love between males was not only tolerated but actually encouraged, and expressed as high ideal of same-sex camaraderie." So now I know!

Image result for two ancient greek male bonding

The only other revelation from last night's time in the chat room, is that OM declared, "Johnny and I are on better terms, this is true." 

The other new piece on the True Morrissey blog is a diary entry entitled January 4th - January 9th:

19 January 2017

January 4th - January 9th 

Crawled into bed on the 4th and did not crawl out again until the 9th. Purchased thermal vest and undergarments from the internet. This cold is blistering and I refuse to pay for central heating. It annoys my skin but more importantly it costs money that diminishes the piggy bank. I could always turn up at Boz’s house with a depressed eyebrow. He will show sympathy and let me in. I notice his central heating is always on, how does he afford it? *** Consider lowering wages in 2017.* 

Played online monopoly against a user called ‘Drummerboysmith’, I suspect Joyce of course and play an outstanding defensive game of monopoly. He was the bank. Well I was not surprised.

Looked at so-low. They are debating whether I have a twitter account or not. Joyce again. He probably posted this thread as he wants to see if he was blocked by the real Morrissey. He is no doubt stalking all possible Morrissey accounts to see if they are spending any of his money.

Fax machine was non-stop noise. I refuse to answer. I am an icon and do things on my own terms. Anyway it will only be my b****** lawyer.

Fell asleep to the sounds of Nico. Beautiful voice, beautiful face, ugly toes.

And finally, Manc Lad left a great little story in the comments section of yesterdays FTM, that he claims to be true. Apparently Morrissey was overheard in the Altrincham WH Smith asking the lad behind the counter if he had any stamps without the Queen's head on. Comedy gold.


  1. Oh Ratty dear, you're always the best! After Morrissey of course!

  2. Came here just now to see if anyone else had noticed 'Smiths is ' - I'm alwaYs one step behind..

    My friend's mum claims she was choosing champagne in waitrose when morrissey crept up behind her & told her to buy both & after explaining it was for a gift he told her to forget gifts & get both for herself.

  3. Interesting insight into the meaning of Pure Greek. I loved the Symbol & Surface entry yesterday. A new favourite for me.

  4. We've been most fortunate to receive two new blog posts from OM within two days. The Wilde piece is a real gem. Here's hoping we might see more entries in the near future.

  5. I personally like Pure Spanish. I haven't tried the other. Lack of opportunity.


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