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Monday, 23 January 2017

Day 2057 - Death

I have no idea what I have done this time, but Heather has received word from OM that I have turned his parsnips sour. As a result; Our Mozzer, Dawn and Broken have all closed their Twitter accounts, and every article from the True Morrissey blog has been removed, bar a new entry which is just a series of death photos consisting of Oscar's tomb, Morrissey's headstone and a crucifixion scene.

It looks like we have reached the end of the journey, so I too have closed my Twitter account, and have also removed all articles on FTM.

I will see you in far-off places...


  1. they're just copying me, I always was a bit of a trendsetter

  2. Replies
    1. I agree -- though it's nice of Him to bring J.C. up to His level, why else include the crucifiction..?

  3. Forgive me for asking, is the Blue Rose Society why Morrissey accepted a blue rose on the Morrissey 25 Live DVD?
    How many of you are involved and how do you join? I'm sorry, but I find your website very confusing.

    1. You are instantly forgiven, and it is lovely that you ask.
      Morrissey accepted a blue rose at Hollywood High School (25 Live DVD) to once again draw attention to the Blue Rose Society that HE formed in 2011 - a shortened version of the story of the BRS can be read here:

      The full length version is contained within this 'confusing' blog of mine, but the vast majority of the entries have currently been taken down due to me, once again, having annoyed Morrissey. No doubt I will make them all public again one day, although perhaps our journey is now over for good - one never knows with old Mozzer.

      As for joining the BRS, I am pleased to inform you that there is no initiation ceremony that involves tar and feathers, you 'join' by simply taking a blue rose to a concert, and offering it to Morrissey - he has so far accepted 5 or 6 times to my knowledge, and it very much depends on his mood. It is very difficult to say how many members there are in the BRS as people tend to come and go. You may well ask why people would leave, but for some reason they start to doubt and question this whole thing, but I can whole heartedly assure you that it is real - Morrissey really DID start all this with a blogsite, but because he denied on True-To-You that he was involved, his fans ignored it, and hence the reason the Blue Rose Society has so few members....but we quite like that.

      If you are on twitter, may I suggest you follow @heathercat222 @AIRRAID25 @vulgar1mkela @Jazissey @MozFiend @OdysseyNumber5 @comradeharps @MOZISMYSHEPHERD - they have all taken blue roses to concerts and four of those listed have had them accepted. Morrissey himself has a number of Twitter accounts, but he has currently taken them down, as have I - For the record, Morrissey was last on Twitter as @seminalartiste. If he does return to Twitter, you should engage with him - he doesn't bite, but whatever you do, don't fawn, he hates that!

      Welcome aboard, and sorry that you have found us at a time when the wheels have fallen off the wagon. Hopefully it will be repaired soon.

      Kind regards



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